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Romney Disses Little Kids

Over Nickelodeon Prez Show

10/8/2012 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Obama's peeps say Mitt Romney is gonna be sorry for blowing off a bunch of kids who participated in the Nickelodeon show, "Kids Pick the President."

The premise of the show -- kids submit questions to each candidate and based on the answers they make their pick for leader of the free world. 

Obama answered the kids' questions, but Romney said he didn't have the time.

Deputy National Press Secretary Adam Fetcher tells TMZ, "It's no surprise Romney decided to play hookey. Kids demand details, and I'm sure they want some answers on why Romney could increase their class sizes, eliminate their teacher's jobs, raise taxes on their families and slash funding for Big Bird."

Fetcher ends with this zinger: "'The dog ate my homework' just doesn't cut it when you're running for President."


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The characters on Sesame Street have generated many many many HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars from merchandising! According to the 990 tax form all nonprofits are required to file, Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell received $956,513 in compensation in 2008 alone, as he does every year. And, from 2003 to 2006 alone, ‘Sesame Street’ made more than $211 million from toy and consumer product sales.”

Are you Democrats sure that you want to pay this particular businessman millions every year using OUR TAX DOLLARS when they could produce the show on TV with other shows that get sponsorship from many advertisers? Why must the taxpayer be on the hook for this guys show? Why must the taxpayers continue to get fleeced for this guy?

754 days ago


Let's not forget how Obama missed the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Boy Scouts to appear on The View!!! Oh wait, that wasn't an election year so his priorities were different then....

754 days ago


I'm sorry, but crap like this is why Romney is the better man for the job! Obama takes advantage of the PR opportunity and talks to a bunch of kids when Romney knows that his time is better spent tackling the issues and working on his campaign. When will Obama fanatics realize that this guy is all show? What has he really done for you? (I'm not talking to you if you're on welfare.)

754 days ago


obama plays with kids rather than doing anything to help the country or world

754 days ago


Pot meet kettle. Obama didn't meet with the leaders of the world because he was too busy being interviewed on The View. Now he's putting down Romney for not meeting with children?!?! C'mon...

754 days ago


Let's not forget how Obama missed the 100th anniversary of Boy Scouts of America to appear on The View. Oh wait, that wasn't an election year so his priorities were different....

754 days ago


Romney does not care because they cannot vote. Bye bye Big Bird.

754 days ago


Obummer has no time for Israel's prime minister, but he has plenty of time for the kids.

754 days ago


Dear TMZ STOP being a Pimp for OBAMA since he has been in office the economy is the dumpster and Gasoline has doubled in price.

754 days ago


Romney, the sleazy, lying car salesman, is a disgusting human being.

754 days ago

kit carson hamm    

Nick just doings that so they can win obama back in the white house but I do not want him back in the white house and obama is a skunkbag he can't run this country Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan 2012 believes in America

754 days ago

Big Gay Al    

Indoctrinating children into politics is absolutely effing ridiculous.

754 days ago


TMZ, I did tell you that the majority of Trolls on your website are racist, Conservative Republicans. I asked you not to pander to their losers. Can't wait for election night when Republicans/Conservatives commit MASS suicide. The country will better off.

754 days ago


TMZ you should stay out of politics, you have no clue what you're saying or why...stick to harrassing people on the street.

754 days ago

go home!    

Oh please. Romney is interesting in saving our country & campaigning to VOTERS. Unlike our President who doesn't pass up an opportunity to be on a talk show & flash his smile, hobbnobb with Jay Z & Beyonce even though it's less than a month before the election. Obama should have been focusing on the terrorist attacks in Libya instead.

754 days ago
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