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Jerry Sandusky

I'm the VICTIM

of Child Sex Conspiracy

10/8/2012 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Jerry Sandusky recorded a dramatic statement from his jail cell -- on the eve of his sentencing for the Penn State child sex abuse scandal -- and accused everyone from his victims to the media ... to the university for orchestrating his conviction.

In his statement, the disgraced ex football coach says, "A young man who was dramatic, a veteran accuser, and always sought attention, started everything."

Sandusky goes on to say the initial accuser "was joined by a well-orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. They won. I've wondered what they really won: Attention, financial gain, prestige… will all be temporary."

Sandusky also rambles about his attorneys not having enough time to prepare for the trial -- in which the jury found him guilty of 45 counts of child sex deviance -- and insinuates all his accusers came forward purely for financial gain.

And there's this odd claim -- on the recording, for PSU's ComRadio, Sandusky says his wife "has been his only sex partner that was after marriage. Our love continues."

Sandusky is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow morning ... and faces up to 400 years in prison.

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I too thought his comment "my wife has been my only sex partner that was after marriage. Our love continues" seemed random and oddly worded. I had already made that same comment on the Patriot News (pennlive) website. That's the Harrisburg, PA local news site. They broke the Sandusky story, and have quite a bit of follow up stories.

747 days ago


Why hasn't anybody set this piece of s*** on fire yet?

747 days ago


what color is the sky in your f'ing world????? wow, you are outta touch! (prob a bad word to be using for a kid toucher) what a douche. you'll get all the man on man contact you want in prison freak!

746 days ago


If he lost his case in court, it is much to late to attempt a retrial in the court of public opinion.

746 days ago


Well, there ya go. He is no man. A man takes responsibility for what he does, he mans up, faces the consequences and says he's sorry to whomever he hurt and stops the bad behavior. Ol' Jerry has no heart. His wife is no better, imo.

746 days ago


I hope whatever time he gets he has to serve it in general population so he knows what it feels like to be preyed upon and to be made helpless while someone dips his wick because he "loves you." I hope someone turns your bottom parts inside out you sick bastard. I also want to say that you, your despicable acts and crimes against children and the people who decided that your reputation wasn't worth protecting children brought down a stellar university. You know who is trying to get the rep back at Penn State? The students! Probably the same people who you would have been trying to screw 10 or 15 years ago. I hope someone turns you inside out and leaves your entrails dragging on the cell floor.

746 days ago


We should start exporting prisoners to other countries. A nice Turkish prison would be more befitting for this pedo.

746 days ago


Shut up, go to jail, and don't bend over in the shower.

746 days ago


What a complete douch bag!

746 days ago


You are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You ruined lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prison is your heaven enjoy while it lasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

746 days ago

jimmy d    

jerry or how i call him, juicy jerry is the only man that after he would rape my ass ,he would give me a full pack of gum....god bless you juicy

746 days ago


not only is he REVOLTING, now he's also PATHETIC!!!

746 days ago


EFFING PIG. And that is ALL.

746 days ago


This fool would probably enjoy being ass raped in prison...he needs his little pee pee sliced off in paper thin pieces and left to bleed to death while someone kicks his **** eating grin in, knocking out those beaver teefs

746 days ago


Sandusky is the lowest form of s***. He says his accusers had many more experiences (in life) than what they experienced with him. What he is implying is his victims were not credible. That's a clue into his devious and deceitful mind; he chose them precisiely because they were beleagured. He also says he's only had one sex partner. Really? He never said such a thing leading up to trial. How does that marry up with Mike McQueary hearing a rythmic slapping and seeing him with a ten year old against a shower wall? It's all a grand conspiracy, huh? Lastly, his own son, Matt Sandusky was ready to testify against him. This life form (Sandusky) is evil to the core. Sanducky is a narcissistic pedophile liar. On his way to sentencing, he looked like he is possessed with an evil spirit; how else could one smile in the face of such a proceeding. Pure evil.

746 days ago
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