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Lohan's Alleged Attacker

I'm THRILLED the Charges Were Dropped

10/8/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


There are two things we learned from the following clip:

1) The man who allegedly attacked Lindsay Lohan in a hotel room last month is glad the charges were dropped.

2) Our photog is really, REALLY out of shape.

We spotted Christian LaBella at LAX this weekend ... and of course, our guy wanted to ask about the alleged NYC incident -- when LiLo had him arrested after telling cops he attacked her when she confronted him about secretly taking pictures and video of her in the hotel room.

(Officials eventually dropped the case after investigators determined there was not enough evidence to support LiLo's claims.)

Problem is, Christian was walking up some stairs in the parking garage ... and our guy is usually an escalator type of guy ... because he's large. 

So, when our guy finally caught up to LaBella ... the question came out like this ...

"Have you talked to [Lindsay] ... (deep breath) ... since the charges were dropped ... that's the one question ... (deeper breath) ... are you guys sill friends (gasping for air)."

Fortunately, our guy eventually caught his breath ... oh, and Christian answered the question.

Check out the clip.


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Guys, get your photog a gym membership. It was the 2nd floor and this guy could barely speak! Note to self; if bothered by TMZ, accelerate to brisk walk and you'll leave them behind.

713 days ago

OH NO!    

Christian LaBella is a giant douche. Lindsay should have kicked his Vagina in.

713 days ago


Pretty funny how worn out that guy is... Well, kudos for not giving up! Eat a few less twinkies, homeboy!

713 days ago

Ellie G    

Drug deal gone bad. He was there to buy her "Sea Jasper" and she probably tried to sell him crushed up chalk.

713 days ago


IT WAS ONLY TWO FLIGHT OF STAIRS!!!! Or was it just one? Bro, seriously. Get medical help.

713 days ago


That radar story is aready flipped down to page two..still no hits ...even LeeAnn Rimes"dental infection" is beating her story.... Funny thing about LeeAnn she has more "dental problems" the one one I ever saw...two last year and two this year ....makes you wonder don't it.....what in the hell she doing with them teeth..........

Anyway ...we did ask for another story and this is as close as they could go without having to pay her for it....this way they get the hits from the haturds without paying for them to Lohan Inc....
but never worry ...she will do something this week because its still two weeks to the court date and she's got to have party know to pay for all that bottled water...and flowers for he hair...and stuff.......or maybe she will just screw Vike for it why hes in she ain't at mommie dearest house anymore......LOL...

713 days ago


This Dude Is A Joke For Trying To Take Pics. Lindsay Needs To Not Associate With Losers & Old Men With Kids!

713 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

LOL at Mr Poop Culture who says Lindsay does not do drugs that much. Way to throw her under the bus! Keep it up, we like it!

713 days ago



713 days ago


Fat bastard!

713 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

This guy looks like Kramer.

713 days ago


Funny coming from Lohan who has pushed her way into anything that could get her pics taken was upset over a cell phone photos? No way she wanted those seen. Hmmm... Wonder why?

She even had a "friend" on Huff Post how people throw Lohan under the bus and how people should focus on her "ART" not her personal life. How funny is that. The Huff post took it down and shoved it in the back.

This guy did nothing wrong. Lohan was pissed because the cops dropped the charges. There goes her attention. There was not a shred of evidence to support her charges. Bottom line is they didn't believe her just like everyone else didn't believe her. They were too busy laughing at her.

713 days ago


purplehazen555 ‏@pridepower2011
Lindsay Lohan Wears See-Through Shirt Shopping In NY
Tottering on her FM platforms and sporting the preggers look, Blo is loose on the streets of NYC again.

713 days ago


Lindsay's own friend stated Lindsay had a drink or two which we all know really means 3 or 4. Now If Lindsay is an addict/alcoholic who has been to rehab 6 times why oh why is she drinking?

I thought she told Life and Style she didnt drink and alcohol is no longer part of her life?

I thought she told Mat Laurer that no longer clubs and that she feels uncomfortable in them?

Why does she feel the need to life. If she wants to be a drunk club goer so be it but to lie as though we are all idiots is just plain dumb on her part.

713 days ago


@upyours...good morning still love the boots.

Seems the 23rd is not really going to make a difference per reports there really isn't a clear cut photo of her hitting the guy. Another he said she said. So that really probally wont do anything with her probation. Too bad. Probally just get a fine for leaving the scene of an accident.

713 days ago
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