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Lohan's Alleged Attacker

I'm THRILLED the Charges Were Dropped

10/8/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


There are two things we learned from the following clip:

1) The man who allegedly attacked Lindsay Lohan in a hotel room last month is glad the charges were dropped.

2) Our photog is really, REALLY out of shape.

We spotted Christian LaBella at LAX this weekend ... and of course, our guy wanted to ask about the alleged NYC incident -- when LiLo had him arrested after telling cops he attacked her when she confronted him about secretly taking pictures and video of her in the hotel room.

(Officials eventually dropped the case after investigators determined there was not enough evidence to support LiLo's claims.)

Problem is, Christian was walking up some stairs in the parking garage ... and our guy is usually an escalator type of guy ... because he's large. 

So, when our guy finally caught up to LaBella ... the question came out like this ...

"Have you talked to [Lindsay] ... (deep breath) ... since the charges were dropped ... that's the one question ... (deeper breath) ... are you guys sill friends (gasping for air)."

Fortunately, our guy eventually caught his breath ... oh, and Christian answered the question.

Check out the clip.


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@upyours and llsez...This is NYC there won't be a perp walk for Lohan. They don't give a crap who the hell Lohan "thinks" she is. This ain't LA.

Yeah, I agree another notch in her steller reputation belt.

This is actually better than jail (providing she doesn't kill anyone) she's a laughing stock.Hollywood poison. With this current BS backfire bomb, now she's sinking so low (didn't know that was even possible) she accused this man of assult and attacking her and has him arrested. This is not funny. This is her desperate and that makes her very scary and dangerous.

683 days ago


Will tmz send a pap to witness her NY perp walk?

683 days ago


@upyours...nah, don't change the pig, the boots and lips are too funny.

683 days ago


Nic-Hole cant wait for the Next PERP walk..she is trying to artificially make her Niece cream in her underoos

683 days ago


Damn these threads have gotten weak..
is lindsay still in the NON Mansion?
And what happened to the lady GAGA video?

683 days ago


It is what it is with Lindsay. She'll always be a shytbag, lying, thief junkie. She was set for multiple lifetimes with the money she made and pi$$ed every cent away. That fact always stuns me. But plain and simple, she won't make it to 30. I know that's hard for some to accept but to me she mirrors Dana Plato to a T. She doesn't want to get her life in order. She thinks it's in order when it's clear as day to anyone, her life is in shambles.

683 days ago


Well it sounds like its been sorted. Good for them.

683 days ago


New traier out for Liz and Dick.....chopper even then the first new key word "violence" but a couple of new shots with even worse looking wardrobe then the other and not dialoge again...and a oddly awkward looking glimpse of Lindsay slinging something in a white nightgown that is so clumsy looking.... its funny....and that turban it God awful yes it really bad.....LOL

683 days ago


canadian friend is here..time to mombo..
have a good one dont let your meatloaf

683 days ago


This guy's only crime was likely just getting within ten feet of Lohan. Police and the DA there are quite willing to run with charges against guys who beat up women, no matter what their status. The fact that the police dropped the charges means it was just another Lohan fairy tale. She refused to be examined at a hospital, meaning the guy never touched her. She pulled a fire alarm despite a roomful of buds and cell phones at hand, meaning she once again thought the extra drama would convince everybody it was real. None of the roomful of witnesses would back her up, so I guess she really is running out of bribe money. This is so lather rinse repeat for her. She's been following the same pattern for years - I've been reading back archives elsewhere starting in 2005 or 2006 while supervising a rowdy cat's exercise period. She attacks someone and then tries to turn it around to claim she was the one one attacked. When authorities disagree, she goes on a media smear campaign against the victim. I only hope he had his phone set up for automatic backup of photos snd videos to the cloud... and passworded so she couldn't delete the backups when she stole his phone. She's done this phone grabbing routine before, also. She must be an expert at finding other people's photos on their phones and deleting before they can get it out of her sticky little fingers.

683 days ago


I know Andy,,,,,,,LOL
On my pin board site I won't mention becasue they will delete me...on of my followers has a Elizabeth Taylor collection a big on... and nowhere in all that huge amount of photos is their one that looks remotely like Lindsay Lohan......They got her air sooooooooo wrong in that movie it remarkable how dense that stylist was....and the clothes are not even in the right era for the movie.....but you what to know whats really funny you can find about anyone in hollywood in people pins boards from the roaring twenties stars on to today....but you won't find....."wait for it " Lindsay Lohan listed under stars or famous people or starlets but somebody does have her under their nortorious board.....LOL

683 days ago


attacker: I'm glad the charges were dropped..... and that the sky is blue, grass is green, earth is round........

683 days ago


WTF!! Why isnt Lindsay Lohan in the Columbus day parade in NYC?? Why, why why??
Why didn't her pimp daddy buy her a float??
Thats what I wanna know. She is such a huge star, eh?

683 days ago


Hey is Dina scheduled to reappear on Dr. Phil or appear on Dr. Drew Penske's show? Or is she in talks to see how much money she can take them from rather than try to make a good second appearance. Get lost worst mother of the year, first impressions are everything and we've seen many before you showed up wasted on Dr. Phil anyhow.

683 days ago


This might have already been posted. I'll be happy when, and not if, she is finally behind bars.

Following Jay-Z’s eighth and final show at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn Saturday night, a crew of about 40 headed to club 1Oak to celebrate with the rapper. Spies say that a VIP group arrived a little after 2 a.m. at the Manhattan club that included Jay-Z, wife Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kelly Rowland, Usher, models Irina Shayk, Jessica White and Tyson Beckford, hip-hop mogul Steve Stout and Lindsay Lohan. Jay and his guests drank D’usse, the rapper’s new Bacardi-produced cognac, a spy said, adding that, “Everyone partied till after 4 a.m.” Earlier, Beyoncé had joined her husband onstage for booty-shaking renditions of “Crazy in Love” and “Young Forever.”

683 days ago
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