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Lohan's Alleged Attacker

I'm THRILLED the Charges Were Dropped

10/8/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


There are two things we learned from the following clip:

1) The man who allegedly attacked Lindsay Lohan in a hotel room last month is glad the charges were dropped.

2) Our photog is really, REALLY out of shape.

We spotted Christian LaBella at LAX this weekend ... and of course, our guy wanted to ask about the alleged NYC incident -- when LiLo had him arrested after telling cops he attacked her when she confronted him about secretly taking pictures and video of her in the hotel room.

(Officials eventually dropped the case after investigators determined there was not enough evidence to support LiLo's claims.)

Problem is, Christian was walking up some stairs in the parking garage ... and our guy is usually an escalator type of guy ... because he's large. 

So, when our guy finally caught up to LaBella ... the question came out like this ...

"Have you talked to [Lindsay] ... (deep breath) ... since the charges were dropped ... that's the one question ... (deeper breath) ... are you guys sill friends (gasping for air)."

Fortunately, our guy eventually caught his breath ... oh, and Christian answered the question.

Check out the clip.


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Lindsay:"Girls love Shoes"...Actually she meant:"Sluts love Sugar Daddy's who buy them Shoes"

683 days ago


Lindsay: "Deen OMG your penis speaks volumes on film"

Deen:"Well good thing, with your voice, volumes will be on mute"

683 days ago


This is probally going stright to DVD. That was really bad. The good thing is they only paid Lohan scale.

683 days ago


While Lindsay is back in LA, will she have another mug shot taken???

683 days ago


Oct 9
Lindsay Lohan in the new trailer for ‘The Canyons’: campy, fun or awful?

Prepare yourselves. The first real trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons is out. There was a teaser trailer a few months ago, but there was no Cracken in that one, so I consider this the first “real” trailer. The Canyons is that dumb micro-budget film written by Bret Easton Ellis, which stars Lindsay and p0rn star James Deen. We already knew it was going to involve many cheap, tawdry sex scenes. But I guess I didn’t realize that this was actually a 1970s throwback exploitation film?

I actually giggled at the closeup of Lindsay’s character crying. Is it just me or does it seem like James Deen might be acting circles around LL? You know that’s rough. When a p0rn star has a better acting “Method” than the star of Herbie: Fully Loaded. Bret Easton Ellis described the film as “five twenty-something’s quest for power, love, sex and success in 2012 Hollywood.”Blah.

In other Lohan news, that GOP congressional staffer Christian LaBella spoke to TMZ about how happy he is that LL’s charges against him were dropped. Oh, and Lindsay is still spending time with Vikram Chatwal. He was buying her shoes last week, and she tweeted this Instagram photo:

683 days ago


Let's make something clear about Sheeraz Hasan, the man taking Lindsay to LA for the Mr. Pink event. He is British, he was born and raised in England and there is nothing to indicate his relationship with Lindsay is anything but professional.

683 days ago


After reading all the posts regarding the "teaser/trailer" from The Clamyon's, I am AUDIBLY GASPING. Not only is Diz and Lick a complete failure, so is The Clamyon's? How shocking. With that great actress (tongue is firmly in cheek when I typed that and I think I barely escaped projective vomiting on my computer) Lindsay Lohan, how can it POSSIBLY be a failure? Ok Linds, time to put your applications for work in at any and all fast food restaurants. But beware, even fast food joints have their standards and you don't meet them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

683 days ago


@delmar...morning guys. So that's why she's going back to LA. Silly me, I thought she was going back to pay her CM 47k hotel bill. Kidding.

What the hell is this guy even doing with her? Oh, maybe she getting him to pay her bill.

Her artist friend also made it clear there is nothing going on between them. Funny you don't see her driving his porsche anymore.

Isn't it amazing how Lohan always over exaggerates how tight she is with all of 'her self-proclaimed friends' yet, not one of her 'friends' ever stepped in to back her. Quite the opposite, they go in the other direction.

683 days ago

LA Native    

wait...I figured it out.
Lady V is a "professional" and she is british.
Is that what you mean?

683 days ago


@la native...sorry I don't get it.

683 days ago


@la native..ok.

683 days ago


I believe Delmar also said that she believes that Lindsay and Domingo are 'just friends'...

683 days ago


Thank about it people.......Hookers who have regular clients call them friends so Lindsay has lots of "Friends"..........
Yes Delmar ...we don't have Eye witness proof they are more then friends....I wasn't a eye witness to the towers falling down but I saw pictures and believe them....I wasn't a witness to the shooter in the theater but I know he did it from the evidence presisted.....I wasn't present when Kennedy was shot but I saw the evidence....
You don't have to be a eye witness before you believe anything....the perponderance of evidence to proof you guilty as hell....and the evidence against Lindsay Lohan in a huge ......using common sence and past activities she is guilty as hell.....
Is this man her latest Mark he paying out for her call it company....Hell yes because Lindsay Lohan doesn't take a shyt without see what's in it for herself.....And I gearanette if he was a poor regular guy on the street she would give him the time of day.......ITs MONEY>>MONEY >>>>MONEY>>>>and what it can get her ...period...

683 days ago


Yes, Lindsay is such a Likiable Girl.....why all the boys want to be her friend and the girls can't wait to have a sleepover with Lindsay so they can play board games and eat popcorn and watch old movies on TV and take about boys and fashion.................."AT LEAST THIS IS WHAT LOHAN INC WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE" about a 26 almost 27 yr old woman........only 27 yr olds I know still do that are riding the short bus to the Goodwill everyday to work and home again.....and they are the sweetest , big hearted darlings in the world ...nothing like Lindsay ....they know how to love and be happy with nothing....not like Lindsay............
But I a sorry but having Male "just friends" who are single playboys is a myth........they don't exist outside Lohan Inc simple mind.......

683 days ago

LA Native    


683 days ago
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