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Sarah Palin

Hey Katie, Ask Me What

I'm Reading Now!

10/8/2012 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1008_sarah_palin_fameflynet2It's been 4 years since Katie Couric grilled Sarah Palin about where she gets her news ... and now, we finally know -- the National Enquirer.

The former Vice Presidential candidate was hangin' out with her daughter Willow in a Kmart in L.A. this weekend ... when she decided to check out the magazine stand.

Palin eventually picked up the latest copy of the Enquirer ... possibly because the cover featured a photo of Bristol under the headline, "Plastic Surgery Shockers."

In related news, Palin also bought some toilet paper.



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chesty larue    


691 days ago


Pfft. Because wearing shades while you shop indoors is such a cool look....her whole outfit is screaming midlife crisis-please-some-guy-loooookkk-at-me.

691 days ago


she's trying to look young but she looks ridiculous! And ummm Jeff...FU! lol

691 days ago


She looks like Jema from SOA....

691 days ago


Never mind what she's reading. What is she wearing????

691 days ago


1st, that's pretty funny. She saw her family name, she picked up the magazine. I'm sure that will help sales.
Why not? What else can you read in the bathroom?

2nd, is it news she actually shops by herself? Is it news she hangs out at a Kmart to buy toilet paper?
Is it a slow news day or something?

3rd, it's funny.She would laugh at TMZ for printing it, & then laugh at herself over it. Or she saw that close up of Bruce Jenner & couldn't believe it. What did that guy do to himself? Kenny Rogers, yikes.

4th, TMZ needs to find some new stories. At least, we know her name and face. The stories about band members from bands no one has heard of, or has not been popular in 20 years, who cares. Stories about non-star plastic surgery people from reality shows, not that cool either.

Three Mile Zone, are there no real famous people to cover anymore?

I do love the classy anti-Palin comments....all the sweet words, classy phrases, intelligent banter. You represent your side well folks. 2nd grade level attacks w/ some locker room slander & slurs. Wow.

Palin is laughing all the way to the bank...............

I rather enjoy seeing her existence tear up the left so much. It's fun.

691 days ago


Is she on her way to the Milli Vanilli concert or shopping for a vcr tape of "Grease"? Talk about stuck in the 80's! EWWWWWWW

691 days ago

some guy    

When's the 'Moms And Daughters' franchise going to tap this gold mine of talent.

691 days ago

Nosy and Concerned    

Why does Sarah look like a punk rocker now?! What's up with that outfit? She IS a grandma...HULLO! fyi: those shoes don't get with the clothes

691 days ago


There's no instructions on the toilet paper - so do I wipe with the Enquirer or the toilet paper?

Inquiring minds need to know!!

And no - most people by the age of 20 have NOT had their entire faces reupholstered... that's why its featured on the front cover of the Freak Show magazine.

691 days ago


she has how many millions of dollars and shes shopping at KMart?

691 days ago

I Was About To Say    

First of all, I am not jealous, I think she is very pretty. But, while I don't agree she looks like a hooker, I do think she is trying to dress like a 20yr old, and I think that while you don't have to dress like an old hag, you should (at the same time) make sure you don't dress like your trying to be 20 again because it shows, lol She clearly wants all the attention and she definately wants to stay in the limelight and thats why she is dressed like that. From suits to bar outfit is funny. But, if you think she looks like a hooker then you are nuts.

691 days ago


Does she remind anyone else of Olivia Newton John's character "Sandy" from "Grease" ... at the end of the movie... tell me about it, stud.

691 days ago


Sarah Palin is over. She has no political clout of anykind. Her bus tour was a complete flop. Shooting moose from a helicopter didn't go over well. She really doesn't have anything else to do.

She's not relevant in anyway. Not on any talk shows not on any political news shows. Nobody want's her endorsement. Bristols stupid show tanked. This is such a joke.

691 days ago

I Was About To Say    

The "off the shoulder" look at her age is kinda funny tho, lol

691 days ago
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