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Big Bird Blasts Obama



10/9/2012 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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This article is brought to you by the letter P ... as in Sesame Street is PISSED that Barack Obama used Big Bird in an anti-Romney attack ad without permission!

In case you haven't seen it ... Team Obama released the ad following the debate, in which they mock Mitt Romney's vow to cut off government funding to PBS. The ad portrays Big Bird as an enemy of America who towered over criminals like Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay.

But Big Bird isn't laughing ... and neither is Ernie, Bert, Oscar or Elmo (and that dude laughs at EVERYTHING) ... claiming Team Obama never asked for permission before using the Sesame Street character.

In fact, Sesame Workshop released a statement saying, "We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down."

SW also explains, "Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns."

Obama's camp says they have heard Sesame Street's complaints and will be reviewing SS's concerns.


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Throwback kid    

The Obama administration lied to us about the 4 Americans murdered in the Benghazi attack. They knew all along that it was a terrorist attack but they knew it would hurt Obama in the election so they came up wuth this silly story about a video that insulted Muslims. Hillary Clinton lied through her teeth when she already knew what happened, she should resign, she is a disgrace. The Obama people think Romney is a lier? The Obama administration has the blood of 4 dead Americans on their hands, These people begged for security time and time again and they were told no

709 days ago


Childish ad...does the Obama team understand 6 year olds can't vote?

709 days ago


It's not about Big Bird, It's the $$$$$...Cable companies,Comcast and Dish Networks are pissed that so many ,like me, have not had a cable bill in 4yrs. Internet TV has replaced cable in my house and this with a ton of more access to pay channels, Showtime, HBO etc.....It is PUBLIC Broadcast, the public donate, a public forum that is not controlled by mainstream media. We cannot have that..?? PBS and Planned parenthood are the ONLY resources some Americans have. Gonna lose a lot of jobs there, but not enough to dent the dept. Which means it's a control, suppression and $$$ issue. It is hard to believe that people don't see this.. good bye, cp

709 days ago


PBS is the issue..PUBLIC Broadcast...Romney used Big Bird to distract ,you not Me, that he was bought by Cable companies and at the same time eliminating a PUBLIC forum. Please open your brainwashed eyes....

709 days ago


PBS and Planned Parenthood employeesvwill all be in the Unemployment line. Who's gonna pay for that???

709 days ago


As if we have privileges to white house reality...The first 2yrs, was cleaning Bushs mess, war, natural disasters, world wide, 10000s+ troops HOME!! More than once Obama asked for our help in the form of standings up for our rights..Did U? Did you take your $$$ out of Big Banks??? Have you stopped buying "made in China" wE have the Power, USE IT.

709 days ago


Someone has to pay + Middle class = +2000.00 more a year, OR there is one % for all Americans. WE ALL PAY THE SAME...The deficit black hole should be re filled by All ...We all pay the same..!!!!The tax breaks R the black hole...AND they HIDE their wealth in foreign banks to AVOID taxes..Romney Does That...Obama keeps his money Home, No Hiding ... WAKE UP, we should ALL PAY THE SAME!!!!!!!

709 days ago


"Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization and we do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns."

Read more:

709 days ago

Spicy mag    

Big bird is looking for trouble now. Just keep your ass on seseme street and shut your beak.

709 days ago


Why is Big Bird mad at Obama???? Romney's the one who wants to take him away..Kinda stupid..

709 days ago


You reported tonight along the lines that Mormons probably don't approve of the message Sesame Street sends out and that Mormons banned viewing of Winnie the Pooh because they felt Christopher Robin was gay. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? I've never heard anything SO RIDICULOUS IN MY LIFE! I grew up on Sesame Street and Winnie the Pooh. I 'm a huge fan of your show - and I AM a Mormon - however I'm totally appauled at your discriminatory and untrue remarks against Mormons. Even worse is that your comments come at a crucial point in the election and create false perceptions of the church to which Mitt Romney belongs. Mormons are Christian and don't put out "mass advisements" warning against shows, movies, books, etc. And BTW, the church is not endorsing Mitt Romney because like Sesame Street, they are a nonpartisan group. So check your facts with the public relations for the Mormon church headquartered in SLC (not some ass wipe that doesn't know what he's talking about nor the Polygamists that give us all bad names...they are not Mormon nor recognized by the Mormon church, while they may add words like "reorganized" or other before the word "Mormon").

TMZ - You're better than this!!! I'll be watching tomorrow night to see if you offer an apology for your comments!!!

709 days ago


Jobs report drop to 7.8. Housing up looking good working to re-elect Obama 2012 as promised to move forward after Bush. Reagan's was 7.9 and lost his first debate didn't have to follow Bush or Romney flip lie to the country in the debates flop flipper Willard Romney tries to cover his A.. with 47%. Get a clue folks vote Obama 2012. More to come on Ratboy Willard Romney's taxes are coming out now right? First of all I'm in the middle and vote for the best candidate Reagan and Clinton. Obama over McCain who chose Palin over Romney because of what's in his taxes he won't show. Ask yourself after getting the people who hurt us after 911 and cleaning up the mess left by the republican President Bush. What do you want from your President? We are moving forward to care about 100% of the country and world. Which is domestic and foreign policy. Romney spells it out in the Video behind close doors. " I don't care about 47% of the country. They are victims and moocher's" if he doesn't care about people in his own country. How can he care about people in another. ( has anyone seen Hunger Games) there's nothing wrong about being rich It's the American Dream to achieve and it's awesome. But Romney's fires, outsources, lies, changes is campaign to lie and win. Dude I can't trust someone he is Flip Flip Flipper and not The one I loved as a kid. His family was on welfare and he calls people who need help moocher's and victim. I don't know about you but right now I need help and I trust President Obama with helping all of us in his own words then Romney in his on that video behind close doors 47%. Show us your Taxes 12, 10 , 5 come on dude what else are you lying about. Listen our President is not perfect but name one that is. But he has recovered us from Bush and first worried about our health, which is life. Please vote and when you do know it effects your future and your children's future which is life. President Obama cares about now and won't change his mind or direction. Romney's reasons are, Just to say I'm Rich and bought the White House another Notch in my belt and I have 5 sons who will never fight for this country , neither will I. Those who voted for me saw color and not Red, White and Blue.. I hate to sound mean but if this is true behind close doors of the 47% which government supply's food and hosing for or Military, elder, students and anyone who is unemployed especially during the Holidays. Where does the 47% of the Country come from. Saturday night live Joked Black people. We know Black people are not 47% of the country. If so that's news to us and you. Minority's nope then what. The middle class? Please think you gave Bush two terms for what he made up. Weapons of Mass destruction. More lies from GOP to keep war going 9 years of our sons and daughters dying. They put us in worse conditions sense the Great Depression and You think they care about the middle class or anyone 100%. Their friends make the weapons for war and get richer by making sure ones going and got us in the worse war ever. Wikipedia will tell you almost everytime there is A Republican President we go to war and send our troops out. Questions have any of Romney's son served our country? I don't know but Wikipedia does lol. Even in Jr ROTC. Even Prince William, Prince Harry and Vice President Biden son has.What about you and me in this country. Whose going to protect us here and build us up here where our money is in the United States of America and not on some island or oversea's like Romney's. President Barrack Obama keeps his money here protects us in this country and others 100%. Please vote for the person who cares about all of us and has proven it and every struggle the Congress and GOP put up he is still moving forward as promised. Wikipedia gives full details like the Clinton's would be behind someone who doesn't protect and build our Country think and study. Don't be fooled by a man like Romney that will lie to get anything he wants. I would vote for Palin like McCain did over this guy Romney and we know what Saturday Night Live did to her. Excuse me for letting you know with all the typo's and punctuation errors. Got excited cause this is to important. Obama will win November 6, 2012 but get behind him and show him. Mr President Obama, Dude it's amazing that you would risk your life for us with all the problems left to you all over the world left by Bush, Republicans and the GOP. Frankly your awesome and are kicking A.. Please keep it up we at least owe you that. I feel safe and see progress I haven't seen or felt that way sense 911. God Bless you and your family Mr. President. 4 more years. The President of the United States of America is Barrack Obama and he is fighting for you. (911 after Bush in every way possible.) Why do you think he won the Nobel Peace Prize for more information look him up on Wikipedia stop believing rumors or lies. Obama cares about all races and all people 100% and our families are mixed like the United States of America. By the way no matter how you vote I love and respect you now and always. God bless you allow keep you safe, wise and rich in all ways. I will pray for, support and respect anyone chosen as President and vote that way for the best Candidate. I'm just saying will you? Romney supporters did Romney Outsource your website and pages. God Bless you anyway. I apologize if you misunderstand or are offended in anyway. But after November 6, 2012 will all be behind the President right people, congress, GOP?

709 days ago


Obamas desperate,he'll use any tool he can and that includes the bird. rofl!

709 days ago


Sesame Street is the right speed for Democrats minds.

709 days ago


Dang. How desparate is Obama that he is using Big Bird illegally?
And someone should tell Big Bird that Dora the Explorer is doing okay without government assistance so maybe he should think about free enterprise and getting off the welfare train.

709 days ago
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