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Dr. Paul Nassif

I Won't Be Satisfied

'Til I Get 50/50 Custody

10/9/2012 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Paul Nassif wants way more than the custody arrangement he just settled for -- which gives Adrienne Maloof the lion's share of time with their 3 kids -- we've learned he's gunning for a 50/50 split.

We broke the story, Nassif and Adrienne Maloof reached a temporary deal Monday ... in which Adrienne gets weekdays and every other weekend with the children.

As part of the deal, Maloof agreed to drop the temporary restraining order against Nassif that barred him from interacting with the kids without a monitor present.

Short story -- while Adrienne's allegations were pending, Paul was in a tight spot. Although he denies the claims ... he had to cut a deal now, or not see the kids.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Paul is getting his ducks in a row to fight any lingering allegations against him, and he's going back to court in January with the end game of joint custody.

As for whether the war between Paul and Adrienne will erupt again ... it depends on 2 things.  Will Adrienne continue to make child abuse allegations against Paul, and will she concede 50/50 is fair.


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News Flash     

I'm tired of their story.

742 days ago


Why shouldn't you get 50/50custody? You're a wonderful person, father and were a wonderful husband. Adrienne has really changed and not for the best. What's wrong with her...she's being unreasonable! Bad on the kids.

742 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

This ain't over. This shi.t is just beginning. She's going to fight her plastic face off and Dr Paul is not going to stop. You can tell they both want it there waaaaaayyyyyyy.

742 days ago


When these two people talk about "children" are they talking about humans or animals?

742 days ago


Almost EVERY dude says this in a divorce. It is like they all have the same script. Of course! So they can get out of paying child support.

742 days ago


Grow up crap bags and work it out for the kids. They won't be little for long. They will resent the both of you if they havn't started to already. SAD.

742 days ago


There you go Dr. Paul. Don't let this manfaced mean bitch take your kids from you. You deserve a 50/50 split, at the very least. Especially after she lied to the courts about you already.

742 days ago


By the time they settel this the kids well be grown.
It does sound like two spoiled brats fighting over a toy.
Both parents are to money and fame obssed to realy consider whats best for th kids witch are humans not property.

742 days ago


Who cares? Nannies will be taking care of their kids 100% of the time anyway.

741 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

It's good he's standing his ground. All she did was henpeck him. Not saying he's a saint, but after watching someone's private life for years you get the idea he's a good person and she's about the same caliber as Kate Gosselin.

741 days ago

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