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Hulk Hogan

Yes, I Banged Bubba's Wife

10/9/2012 6:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Hulk Hogan just appeared on the Howard Stern show ... and admitted the woman in his sex tape is the estranged wife of his best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge ... who gave Hulk his blessing to nail her.

Hulk spilled his guts to Stern ... saying Bubba -- a nationally syndicated radio DJ -- allowed Hogan to have sex with Heather Clem six years ago.

During the interview, Hogan says he was still married to Linda at the time of the sex tape ...  but says she drove him to have sex outside the marriage because she was so verbally and emotionally abusive to him.

Hulk also admitted his performance wasn't exactly tip top.

Hogan says he's working with officials to find out who released the tape ... because he swears he didn't know he was being recorded ... and vows to press charges against the perpetrator.

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really! really?    

Can't think of anything less sexy than being naked with Hulk Hogan. Who would/could be turned on by this nasty man? [urp]

708 days ago

Jack Asserson    

I saw the tape. It was like a business transaction or some sort of sick wife sharing deal. I bet Bubba and his ex get's off on this sort of thing. There are probably lots more of these tapes with other strange guys.

708 days ago


What kind of pig lets her husband pass her around like that?

708 days ago

lisazthats me    

I knew Hogan back about 20 years ago. I was seeing a pro wrestler that worked for WWE/WWF at the time. He was sleeping around then and even long before that. So what was the excuss then. Brutus Beefcake and the other guys would pick girls for him and bring them backstage. He would pick which one(s) he wanted for the night and the others would get the leftovers, if you get my drift. When I first went to one of the shows with the guy I was seeing before they knew me, I was waiting for him and they asked me to meet with him. I had to let them know I was with someone. Once they knew who I was with, they left me alone and apologized to my friend, but he was new with the company and they had not seen me before with him.

708 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

How the hell did Hogan land a spot on the now craptastic 2 days a month Stern show.

707 days ago


Hulk you are a sick SOB and try that with my Wife I guaranty you won't live to talk about it

707 days ago


Hulk either knows he was taped or is a dumbass - OK he's probably a dumbass. When he f'd Bubba's wife he did it in her bedroom. The dirty had some preliminary pict's on their site:
I'd say Heather looked pretty disappointed after the 'act'. Not surprising.

707 days ago



707 days ago


in other news "bubba" is a bi-homosexual and ate the ex when hogan was done saying its not bad , they have been having 3 ways on tape for years...

707 days ago


These people are so disgusting swapping and banging each others spouses etc. She must have been on drugs to let Hulk Hogan hit that! Gross!

707 days ago


Yup, Just as I suspected.................... I still say Bubba the Love Sponge was and is so very fat he probably can't do anything. And his wife is a very good looking woman. They probably had a deal with the Hulk. How embarrassing for her. Now I wonder who leaked the tape.... I still say it might be Bubba because now he is divorced and needs money. So this is his opportunity to make some money and embarrass his ex-wife. Unfortunately he is throwing his good friend the Hulk under the bus in the process. I hope the Hulk does find out who leaked the tape and goes after them.

707 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

I been were Hulk is, woman in marriages and long term relationships can influence men to cheat and vice versa! Men can influence woman to cheat as well, wanted to clearly state that so its not one sided! In some relationships one person starts to get turned of or mistreat the other, were does the spouse go for sex/love/support from the opposite sex. Hulk is a person who was in love and his wife as we saw went and got a man half her age! Doesn't that tell us possibly Hulk is truthful about how his wife treated him? Men being wrong is a stereotype, both sexes can abuse the other. When a woman starts treating you wrong or vice versa maybe your not feeling them and that hurts, men or women and Hulk didnt deserve it nor no woman deserves to be treated that way!

707 days ago


This is one of the saddest stories on TMZ. Hulk needs to face up to the fact he's not the young stud any more (if ever). Others may have created a career or revived one with a sex tape, but it's not happening here.

The whole story is too sleazy for anyone but TMZ. Hulk and his "best friend" are pretty sad excuses for human beings. The best friend's wife doesn't sound like a prize, either. Her husband gives friends permission to have sex with her? Is he her husband or her pimp?

Please, Hulk, take your sex tape and go away. You're soooo embarrassed by it -- yeah, right. The only person who keeps talking about it is YOU.

704 days ago

George Jefferson    

Belen Rodriguez Argentina girl video sexy:


704 days ago


Heather Clem is a bigger slut than Jessica Simpson and Tara Reid combined.

388 days ago
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