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Justin Bieber

Beer Pong

10/9/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber playing beer pong
He might not be enrolled in school ... but Justin Bieber is definitely getting a taste of the college experience ... 'cause we got a photo of the Biebs playing an intense game of BEER PONG.

Even though he's underage, we know Bieber pounded some beer during the game ... just like every other underage college kid across the country.

The question -- which country?

One source connected with Bieber -- who was not there -- says the game went down on Canadian soil ... or in Georgia (he travels a lot, it's hard to keep track). Either way, the source says it happened a year and a half ago, which would have made Bieber 17-years-old ... and too young to legally booze in either country.

Another source -- who was there -- swears it happened in Alabama back in June ... which still makes Biebs too young to booze.

Still, one question remains -- why the hell is he wearing a backpack?



No Avatar


That's not beer in his backpack, that's his smoke.

741 days ago


I am not gonna talk crap about him, he makes more money than I do and gets a ton more ass than I do! Power to him. Too many jealous a-holes on here!

741 days ago


Why would anyone care about a no talent little girl who passes for a boy. He is just a product of marketing to little girls!

741 days ago


ok well i think people should just leave him alone he is 18 already and i think the press should stop chasing him. Im not just saying this because im a Justin Bieber fan im saying it because i would not want to be in those shoes of his. People need to get in his shoes so they can feel what its like. I bet he wasnt even drinking he was probablyy watching what is sooo wrong about that!!!!!! bye

741 days ago

Keiren Hays    

For starters. That was in London, UK on June 8-9 this year. You see that mask he has just below his chin? he threw it out when he left. TMZ should email me if they want some REAL source about justin.

741 days ago


I don't understand some peoples' hatred towards him. He was a kid who was bullied and poor and he had a dream, worked hard, and acheived it. The fact that his face is on TMZ a lot is not his fault and he probably doesn't like being plastered all over the place, as most normal people wouldn't. His fame is not fading, I just looked it up and he sold out Madison Square Garden in 4 minutes. That's not "has-been" material. This is a picture of a kid at a party. Who cares. Let him live his life.

741 days ago

quit hating    

I dont understand why all of you are hating, most of you are probably 12 year olds who drink booze. Just because hes one fo the most popular person in the world doesnt mean hes still not a regular kid. Half of you probably drink booze underage, so what makes you sepcial?

740 days ago


you idiots! hes LEGAL in canada!!! MONTREAL IS 18YEARS OLD TO DRINK n everywhere else is 19 sooo get over it!

740 days ago

Wrong age    

Justin Bieber is 18... i would know because he was born the same year, a month after me. He's almost 19 now, which is legal.

740 days ago


Do they have a video or photo of him actually drinking? He may not have been..
I'm 17 and I play beer pong for the fun of it (LOL). We don't fill our cups with beer. My sister and her friends drink during the whole time because they are of age. But we play to be competitive because it's funny.
Also, it could of been a Celebrity Shot (When a person who isn't playing takes a shot for you.)

740 days ago


Backpacks to partys are what Canadians do, I don't think I've ever been to one where there hasn't been at least 5 backpacks

740 days ago


In Canada we carry are dranks in backpacks cause high school parties are filled with chincey people who will try and steal them if you put them down.

That is all.

740 days ago


What I don't understand is why this is supposed to be news to anyones ears?!? He's at the age where you do stuff like this. Everyone needs to quite acting like they never did it, everyone did it unless you were a lame and sat in the house all day long. Hes a normal kid that just so happens to be rich and can sign-big whoop...Everyone that sits around talking **** about him is jealous that hes where they arent or hes so young and makes more money than they would dream. I feel sorry for famous people, its either they are being bothered 24/7 by fans trying to grab at them or "just catch that one picture" or they are being talked **** about constantly. Money cannot buy happiness...

739 days ago


oh cry me a river....

739 days ago


An 18 year old guy playing beer pong?!?!?!

Sure you jest!!

739 days ago
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