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Kim & Kanye

Hunting for $10 Million

Miami Mansion

10/9/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian is ready to MOVE IN with Kanye West ... and the two are now officially on the hunt for a home together in Miami ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the couple tell us ... K&K have been talking about getting their own place for a couple of months ... and believe Miami is the perfect location because they both love the city.

Plus, Kim will be in town for the next couple of months to shoot a reality show with Kourtney.

We're told the Ks checked out 4 homes yesterday -- all waterfront properties -- and the mansions all ranged between $7 and $10 MILLION.

It's good to be rich.


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Damn do you see her face? That sh*t is going to be more wind blown than Joan Rivers or the cat lady. F*ck she ruined her face, sad. She is going to look more horribly plastic than she already does. Tbhat being said, she is trying so hard to seem like she is so into Kanye, what a f*cking tool. Lol And buying a home in Miami for what? To waste money? She is all about California, isn't that what she used as an excuse to get out of her marriage with Kris too? She is so fukll of ****, I hope she is jealous as f*ck over Reggies news. The skank deserves to rot with her douche of a gay BF. Hilarious she thinks she looks good. And tmz or kmz, you f*ckin suck with all your up-kim's-@ss comments.

742 days ago


Shopping for a 10 million dollar mansion? Well, we all know they don't need too many bathrooms considering Kimmie loves the "golden shower". Wonder if the bowl breaks when she sits that cheese on it....

741 days ago


I wonder would he do this for a black woman???

741 days ago


So -- I guess this is Kim's response to Reggie's pregnancy announcement? Look at me, look at me -- says Kim.

741 days ago


This is a test for Kanye. Just before Kris H proposed to Kim, she wanted him to purchase Avril's $8 mill house. He nearly flipped as he was only earning 3 mill a year at the time. Since Kris wasn't rich enough to maintain her lifestyle she used him for the tv show and cut her losses. She is trying the same thing with Kanye, if he can buy her the house then she will stay with him for a while and even marry him as she sees dollars. She is greedy enough to want all of it. Has Kanye forgetten about the Golddigger tune he made? Remember when Kris Jenner told Khloe she had to make Lamar purchase a 5 million dollar house? If they were so rich Khloe would have bought a house like that by herself before she got married but they needed Lamar's money to buy the house. It is the same trick they are pulling with Kanye, he better keep his eyes open as they will pick his pocket without Mercy.

741 days ago


Not believing this at all. We saw how Khloe could hardly stand to move to Texas, it's definite that Kimmy couldn't be away from her Mommy, they are joined at the hip. Kim can't have a thought in her head that her Mom didn't put there.

741 days ago

KOR Fitness    

These two losers deserve each other. Look how cute they look.

741 days ago


I have to agree with the person who said Kim chose Florida,hoping to flaunt her relationship in Reggie's face. She was not expecting the news that he impregnated someone. Poor Kim.

741 days ago


Is there a house big enough for her big fat ass?

741 days ago


Pathetic narcissistic waste of humans. pfft..Find another planet and move there.

741 days ago

tbarnard come on people, this girl ( as she was when she and RayJ made this movie) has made heaps of $$$ from being a camera happy soft porn want a be.., now her family are loaded...good for them, ride the back of the pony ...her lovely sisters Khole and Koutney are much more on to the life experiences than Kim , it;s ALWAYS all about HER, clothes, shoes and now the big Kanye...or that could also be the big K ???. depends on how ya want to spell it :-) who ever that may be at the time.. , Kim K...your a cloud in your own sky, god help you when the storm comes

741 days ago


Kim.K what can ya say ??? but sad..sad ...sad ...made ya self famous from a bad..bad..bad soft porn DVD,your famous because your mother is smart :-) and saw that there was something bigger than Paris Hilton...that's not hard :-) your back botton is bigger then Paris all round,.. be proud of that even tho that is ya biggest for upstairs( your brain ) seems like its not working for you at the careful he might jump up in the middle of one or your shows, throw ya under the game .. :-(, but then again he;s got loads of cash:-) new wardbrobe every 6 month...

Sister know best :-) keep on checking ladies.

741 days ago


Will enjoy

741 days ago

joe gillis    

hands up everyone whose actually moron enough to have bought a kanye record

741 days ago


He definitely has more control over her than pimpmom.

741 days ago
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