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The Ataris

Singer ATTACKS Drummer

... On Stage!

10/9/2012 11:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Crazy moment at The Ataris concert in Jersey this weekend ... when the lead singer FLIPPED OUT and attacked his drummer ... firing his guitar at the guy and then throwing the drum kit off the stage.

It was a pretty glorious meltdown ... the band -- famous for their 2003 hit "Boys of Summer" -- was in the middle of a song when singer Kris Roe decided he HATED the way the drummer was playing.

Roe finally reaches his breaking point ... unstrapping his guitar and launching it at the drummer.

When the drummer continued to play, Roe grabbed pieces of the drum set ... lifted them over his head ... and threw them off the stage, until the drummer got the message.

Roe then went to the mic and tried to explain himself -- "Our drummer is f**king failing it tonight ... I don't know what his f**king problem is ... but I'm gonna finish the set by myself."

He added, "It's f**king embarrassing ... I can't handle it."

"I apologize ... but there's a certain amount of f**king sh*t I can take ... hopefully you guys understand ... sh*t happens."

2:04 PM PT -- Kris -- along with the rest of the band (sans drummer) -- has issued a video statement explaining why he flipped out on stage.

Kris says the drummer had been drinking heavily before the show ... "for like 6 hours probably" ... and was a mess on stage, missing beats and playing like crap.

Kris says he would have liked to have handled the situation differently ... "but c'mon ... it's rock 'n roll."



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Yeah such high standards. Uh, douchebag, your big hit is a focking cover.

712 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

First of all you NEVER pull that crap in front of an audience. Give him a talk between songs like when managers in MLB go to the mound to talk to their pitchers. AFTER it's over and they're backstage, then you beat the crap out of him and fire him. You don't do that to the fans while performing. That's one of the many reasons I dumped G&R in the '90s; just got tired of Axle's crap.
Second of all, the fans are just glad to be there live and are probably drunk anyway and don't even notice.
Third and last, never heard of the Ataris before this story.

712 days ago


from the 34. mark onward this idiot spends the entire time making excuses for his behaviour. The entire "response" video was just him shifting blame for his behaviour on the drummer. The entire video contradicts what he is trying to prove, as he states numerous times that he would "never talk sh*t about my friend" and "wont throw my friend under the bus" and yet spends the ENTIRE time throwing his friend under the bus. You're so embarrassed about you're drummer's behaviour that you neglect to see how badly you have embarrassed yourself. Forget the embarrassment your drummer caused by having one too many drinks and take a LONG HARD LOOK IN THE MIRROR. You caused more embarrassment to yourself and to your band than your drummer ever did. I cannot believe this guy spent the ENTIRE video pissing and moaning about how embarrassed he was of his drummer. This guy has the nerve to say "And then, you sit there and make ME look like an a**hole" Um, hello, newsflash you halfwit, you made YOURSELF look like an ******* all on your own, no one had to help you with that, you did a FINE job of that yourself. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS you f'cking child. The video of you having a sh*t fit was bad enough in itself, but this absolutely pitiful explanation for your behaviour takes the cake! No one can MAKE you feel or do anything. This guy needs to grow the hell up and stop this sad pathetic blame game. It's clear that he just doesn't get it, he was the one that caused the band embarrassment, and now he won't even take responsibility for being an asshat, he has to blame someone else. I don't know what the point was for this idiot to mumble out some lame stupid excuse for his behaviour but if he thought he would score brownie points with the public for this mess of an explanation he was dead wrong. What a moron.

712 days ago


The entire band sucks and as far as musicians go, everybody has an "off" night at some point, you don't go attacking them when they do. He was just trying to be "cool."

712 days ago


As unprofessional as it is, It is real. I've been there a few times and it is one of the most annoying things to see someone butcher your art and your craft. It is embarrassing. I've done international gigs and brought musicians for free who did the same thing and it's ****ing mind blowing and frustrating. It truly is

712 days ago


Youre better off without him... dont call him... HES BREAKING YOUR HEART!

712 days ago


Apparently the drummer slept with the guitarist's boyfriend.

712 days ago


Was his response to what happened a filibuster? A 6 minute statement saying the guy was drunk.

712 days ago


Publicity stunt. But I guess even that set up isn't enough to bring attention to a crap band that should have finished long time ago.

712 days ago


Two things that are more embarrassing than a drunken drummer: 1) Your music sucks ... 2) The 50 people that showed up for the show

712 days ago


Who are they playing for, five people? Losers.

712 days ago


I've met Kris a couple of times and he's always been a really cool dude! I think he just lost his temper like we all do. Ataris Rule!

712 days ago


Well, somebody's fedora was on a little too tight

712 days ago


I'll just go along with the in crowd here, Yeah screw this guy! Unprofessional jerk!

712 days ago


The Ataris haven't been relevant since mike left in 2005 check out Versus The World at least they write new songs

712 days ago
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