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Dina Lohan

4 Glasses of Wine

Before Fight with Lindsay

10/10/2012 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan had been boozing heavily ... on an empty stomach ... before her nuclear blowout with Lindsay last night ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lindsay and Dina were clubbing in NYC before they got into a screaming match in a limo.

But while they were partying, we're told Dina was constantly sipping on wine ... and by the time they were ready to leave, she had been through at least 4 glasses and was so trashed she could barely speak.

One source tells us Dina hadn't had anything to eat that night ... which couldn't have helped the situation.

As we previously reported, Lindsay claimed Dina got physical during the argument ... and cops were eventually called to Dina's home.

The two were seen hugging it out this morning -- but we're told Dina has yet to apologize for her actions.


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4 glasses of wine?? I could drink that while teaching a driving class! Who gets wasted off 4 glasses of wine... that's barely a bottle!

710 days ago


Milo Jr. is stuck babysitting that bitch Now..he is the new LNOR...good luck on that one.
the other 15 failed before him and he is no difference.
I guess his Techno Faeg band isnt doing so hot

710 days ago


FU, just saw your girlfriend Ali at the store.

709 days ago


Four glasses of wine? Dayum, Dina is one cheap drunk!

709 days ago


White oprah & the orange sunbaked turtle are the worst parents EVER. They're both so arrogant & self centered that they ALWAYS put themselves first ahead of their kids. They both deserve each other...

709 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Disgusting dirty fingernails.... again

I wonder when was the last time she bathed...

709 days ago


So I'm watching XFactor and the previews for the news comes on. Give you one guess whats in for the news at 10pm?

Dina and Lindsay fight and Micheal Lohan revealing the phone call....Bwahhhahaha!
Dina is going to trip the fvk out, cause now every news station will pick it up that phone call and air it all over every station tomorrow morning
Can't wait for Rosanna Scotto and Dave Price in the AM..

709 days ago


99 bottles of wine on the wall, 99 bottles of wine. Take one down beat the ho down, 98 bottles of wine on......

709 days ago


Poop, now I have to stay up and watch TMZ online late. "101012_tmzlive
Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan's night of partying ended with a fight, police, allegations of cocaine use ... and a frantic phone call to Daddy dearest, Michael Lohan. Now, we break down the tape of that call, and play the part you haven't heard yet -- LiLo ripping into her father!"

709 days ago


Lindsay and Dina were probably hugging because Lindsay is leaving NY, as in a goodbye hug. It probably wasn't a "I'm sorry for being a crazy bitch last night" hug.

709 days ago


Why are people trying to make excuses for either of these two? "Oh, she didn't have anything to eat blah blah blah" like that matters! These are two ADULT women, both of whom are responsible for their own actions, nothing excuses what either of them did. They both drink, they both use drugs, they're both complete train wrecks. How could this have gone any other way? It was only a matter of time before these two white trash queens had it out.

709 days ago


I love when she says she has to go to work in the morning!!!!! It is morning moron! These people are beyond white trash.they need to lose everything and maybe then they will get their act together! What 50 plus year old woman goes out and parties with her drunk, druggie kid till 4 am! Also, why would anyone hire Lindsey? The only one who sounds some what normal is the father.

709 days ago


One of the neighbors said that the 40k is the back taxes Dina owes.
She was b!tching about it the other day. YES! The house is in forecloser, has been for a while now. There is also three leins on the house.
Dina is spinning downwards fast. Think she will OD before Lindsay does

709 days ago


4 glasses? Oh my goodness!

709 days ago


4 glasses? Oh my goodness!

709 days ago
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