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Lindsay Lohan, Dina



10/10/2012 8:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 10/10/2012 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1:00 PM PT --
TMZ just posted explosive audio of Lindsay's phone conversation with her father during the fight, in which Lindsay says, "Dad, she's on cocaine."

7:08 AM PDT 
Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Dina was "wasted" at the nightclub.  We're told the fight started when Lindsay wanted to take her limo to her NYC hotel, but Dina wanted to take it to her home in Long Island, to avoid paying for a taxi.  Somehow Dina prevailed, over the intense protests of her daughter.   We're told Dina scratched Lindsay's leg in the process.

6:26 AM PDT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops took a Domestic Incident Report but no arrests were made.

6:11AM PDT -- 
We're told the 911 call was a domestic violence call.  Sources say in one of the 911 calls to cops ... the caller said Lindsay was being held against her will by Dina and the driver.

Lindsay Lohan
and mama Dina were in a blowout, violent fight early this morning, that ended in a 911 call with cops rushing to the scene ... TMZ has learned.

It started last night when the duo went to a nightclub in New York City.  Our photog says they left the club at around 4 AM and headed back to Dina's home on Long Island.

Lindsay and Dina started arguing in the car and it escalated when they got home.  We're told it became physical with Lindsay sustaining a cut on her leg.  We're also told there was property damage -- including a broken bracelet of Lindsay's -- that occurred during the scuffle.

Cops are still on scene. 

The pic below (Lindsay with a random clubgoer) was taken before the fight started ... at Electric Room, the nightclub inside the Dream Downtown -- the hotel where Lindsay allegedly hit a dude while pulling into the garage.



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Ok, picture # 1, here's the deal.....
Dina is caught going down on one of Lindsay's sugar daddys. Lindsay comes up and grabs Dina by the back of her hair and pulls her away, screaming that's mine bitch. that is why the suprised look on Dina's face and the mouth still in the position while she is pointing to the unfinished business. That is what the fight was really about. The look on Lindsay's face says it all.

744 days ago


I just wish the two of them would just dissapear. I am so sick of hearing about these loosers.

744 days ago


their both toxic, they need help, there a mother and daughter train wreck, who even cares about them,
there all used up....lock them up and throw away the key. total trash

744 days ago


Where's crazy susan saying its a nonstory for hits and jill666 blaming milo and munchie saying he fvcked them both?

744 days ago


you should not party with your daughter..

744 days ago


Although Lindsay is responsible for her own actions, I think anyone would be screwed up if Michael and Dina Lohan were their parents.

744 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Honing just broke another phone, throwing it at a wall. How long before he quits??

744 days ago


picture # 2,
Are they in the mens room? Lindsay comes in to take a coke break and sees some innocent young man in there taking care of business. She distracts him by giving him a kiss on the cheek that he doesn't want while she steals his wallet and anything else she can get her hands on. Her accomplice is taking the pictures to keep him distracted also. Poor guy doesn't even know what hit him until he goes to pay his bill. By then sticky fingers Lohan has blown the joint. (pun intended)

744 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

It all started when DUIna told Blohan her new blue platform Frankenstein shoes looked stupid and that next time she blows anyone for footwear to make sure they are sensible shoes - ones you can walk the streets at night for.

744 days ago


What can you say anymore, every week one of the Lohan publicity whores make the news doing something stupid. Who is taking care of the younger kid while Ma and Pa are partying? Does Ma really need to ask why her children are royally screwed up? Look in the mirror, Dina.

744 days ago


This is crazy....look at this...and read it.....

744 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, I guess now Jr and Ali have to start paying all of Mommy's bills@strong, amazing Mommy.
Family first!

744 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Lindsay has been in NY for what a month, and has had THREE run ins with the police.

WAY TO GO LINDSAY!!!! You will be in jail real soon.

Oct 23rd your next court date is just around the cornor

744 days ago


RIP Alex Karras

744 days ago


DUIna Lowlife needs to grow the hell up going clubbing and getting wasted?? Your 50 years old not 21 and even worst shes going clubbing with her daughter who is a serious junkie and alcoholic and been to rehab about 6 times already its no wonder her kids are so messed up. They were most likely coked up fighting over who could have the last line. That whole family is pure trash, druggys and criminals. The sooner tmz and other media sites stop reporting on these losers the better it is.

744 days ago
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