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Miami Dolphins

Rookies Foot Dinner Tab

... at $740 a HEAD!!!

10/10/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the LAST tab you'd ever wanna pick up -- a bill for a lavish steak dinner consumed by the heavyweights on the Miami Dolphins offensive line -- but Monday night, several unlucky rookies did just that ... and it cost 'em $7,400.

All told, there were 10 players at the dinner at Prime One Twelve steakhouse in Miami Beach -- fresh off their Sunday night victory over the Bengals -- meaning the average cost per head was $740.

Dolphins guard Richie Incognito tells us, they ordered practically everything on the menu -- including Wagyu beef, which runs $35 AN OUNCE ... in addition to a full array of appetizers, expensive wines, and of course ... lemon drop shots.

Incognito tells us, the guys go out for dinner several times a year as a bonding experience -- and it's a tradition to make the rookies pay for one of those meals.

We're told the rooks split the bill based on their salaries -- which means starting right tackle Jonathan Martin paid the most.

Champagne problems ... in this case, Dom Perignon.

The crazy spending didn't end at dinner -- sources tell TMZ, the crew dropped by the FDR lounge at the Delano hotel following their feast ... where the rookies dropped over $2,000 on a table and drinks.

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People out of work, kids hungry and these FOOLS pull this stunt?
Shame on them; happy that they can afford it but shows piss poor class.

746 days ago


Gotta love you AMERICANS and your sports going into excess. And, its a wonder why NFL players making multi-million dollars a year are broke four years later. THese kids, the ROOKIES get signed at big contracts. They go hard core not thinking within one year they could suffer an injury that is career ending they just want to BRAG about how much they spent on ONE DINNER or one night. 740 dollars a person, on dinner, that is almost my RENT for one month. If anyone reading this, sees my arse on a NFL player, or NHL players thread crying POVERTY when being paid over a mil a year, um yeah, WHATEVER....another NFL PLAYER about to become broke, whether with a baby mama, several baby mamas, a wife, or NONE OF THAT but declaring bankruptcy this is WHY!!!!

746 days ago


Wow don't feed the homeless feed the hungry players who don't get free food to often? Sure let those lazy homeless go back to their luxury tents with outdoor pluming. Please stop this insane upside down country we become.

746 days ago


Could one of you guys give me a call? There are a few totally kick_ass sushi restaurants I have been wanting to go to but with the holidays coming up there is no way I can spend that much money on a fish dinner. Could any of you help a girl out?

746 days ago


That's actually cheap. Rookies sometimes take the team out and it costs them in the 10's of thousands.

746 days ago


What a bunch of clowns. I hope they all go broke.

746 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

They spent $7,400.00 and there were no tittties involved? What up wit dat!
Phishie from Philly

746 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

That's nice. $740.00 pays for my food for 3 months and there is 4 people in my family. Coupons help too. These guys will be broke in a few years.

746 days ago


If the fans did not support this obscene excess that football has become, these over-indulgent meat heads would be dining at the golden arches super club. We have met the enemy, and they are us.

746 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

It's good to see those guys believe in giving back and feeding the hungry. Really heartwarming. I'm sure the food bank was delighted at the steak dinners.

746 days ago

Jeff Becker    


746 days ago


These are the same fools that are going to be broke in a few years!

746 days ago


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24th of Dec, 2008 by Tim_the_Bald -1 Votes
Good grief! Do your own term papers and quit whining!

746 days ago


All atheletes get paid way too much to play a freakin sport they enjoy. My husband and I work our asses off 50-60... hours a week for just a small percent of what these fools make for one game. $7400 would pay my families groceries for 2 YEARS!! It's nothing but greed that drives these people. Even if I had money coming out my ears, I wouldn't blow it like these idiots. There is no way they ate $7400 worth of food in one sitting. I'm struggling now trying to figure out how to keep my bills paid and buy xmas presents this year. It's so horrible how the majority of american's struggle with paying their necessary bills and then you hear about these people who blow money like it's nothing. Very sad.

746 days ago


GREAT!!! Families are out of work practically living in boxes and underpasses, innocent children are STARVING not knowing why MOMMIE CAN'T FEED THEM, and yet, we have these overpaid jackasses who are an insult to humanity, going around BRAGGING about a $740. dinner plate! It is citizens like these coldblooded , selfish individuals who have contributed to the lowered standards our country has become. Yet, we keep stuffing their wallets just because they throw a ball a little better than most They should go and visit some shelters and explain to the children why daddy has no job and mommy cries. WAY TO GO, you BALLPLAYERS!!! As the saying goes, "YOU DONE GOOD!!!"

746 days ago
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