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'Real Housewives of Miami' Star


For Nut-Punching Hobo

10/10/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

"Real Housewives of Miami" star Peter Rosello was arrested for battery today after socking a homeless man in the balls last week, this according to law enforcement.

20-year-old Rosello -- the son of housewife Alexia Echevarria -- was arrested for simple battery, which was categorized as a felony on the police report because Rosello attacked a homeless person.

As we reported, Florida has a law that classifies attacks on homeless people as hate crimes, meaning they carry stricter penalties.

He's currently being held on $5,000 bond.

TMZ broke the story ... Rosello stupidly posted video of the incident online last week, showing him sneaking up on a sleeping homeless man and punching him in the groin. The homeless man was contacted by police shortly after and the man decided to press charges.


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Someone needs to kick this gutless punk in the junk repeatedly. What a POS.

741 days ago


First of all, this man is not a star. He is a nobody who happened to be born to a woman who is on a reality TV show. Second, he is a violent criminal who preys upon the weak and helpless. Third, he really thinks his actions are humorous and posts them to gain publicity. Glad he is not my son.

741 days ago



741 days ago


Nothing will happen to him. He'll get the "do some community service". If her was joe average from a working class family he'd go to jail and do the max. He's another spoiled rich guy who will get off. There's two kinds of justice "the rich" which means they'll get off. and there is "the rest of us" which means actually doing time for the crime. This guy should do time, alot of time. Let him punch a dude in prison, they'll he'll find out what happens in the real world. What he did was a 'HATE CRIME" and should do the MAX!

741 days ago


This makes me sick to my stomach. What a worthless excuse for a man. My son would NEVER do something like this. He was raised better. Disgusting!!

741 days ago


He needs to go into the general population at jail and be bubba's "friend" for a few years. What a poor excuse of a male. He is not and never will be a man.

741 days ago


Who is this? He's no celebrity. Are the Housewives really considered celebrities?! He should be charged with assault just like anyone else would. This is ridiculous to even report.

741 days ago


James Franco sure is a lowlife.

741 days ago


I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that this dirt bag got caught! I hope he repents and changes his ways.

741 days ago


I suppose there's just a few things worse then hitting a person while they're down on their luck. But this comes very close. What would cause a person to do that to another? Goodness.

741 days ago


Tacky, TMZ. It's bad enough that the homeless guy was punched, but why do you have to refer to him as a hobo? You're just identifying with the mindset of a guy who goes around beating homeless people up by using that term.

741 days ago


The homeless are unproductive members of society. If kicking a sleeping homeless man in the testicles can provide a little entertainment to the reality television viewing public then I am all for it. Before this man was kicked in the testicles he was just a drain on the economy. Now that he has been kicked in the testicles he is providing entertainment to all. Thank you TMZ for facilitating that entertainment and for your “False outrage" over the incident.

741 days ago


JUSTICE. Now hopefully this over-privileged piece of **** will get a heaping spoonful of his own medicine when he has like 500 hobos punching him in the nuts while he's trying to sleep in jail.

741 days ago


HARDLY A "STAR", just some spoiled mama's boy with testicles that havent even dropped yet. This little punk bit%ch needs to sit and rot so he can think about how much of a useless waste of space he is. His mom im sure is enjoying the tiny bit of negative "press". I hope someone rips his face open and breaks him in half, throws him in a ditch.

741 days ago

Wow ...    

Hopefully he has to do his community service with the homeless. They can teach him a few things. Like what the rest of the world learned in pre K, keep you hands and feet to yourself.

His victim might be homeless, but he is a worthless POS!

741 days ago
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