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'Real Housewives of Miami' Star


For Nut-Punching Hobo

10/10/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

"Real Housewives of Miami" star Peter Rosello was arrested for battery today after socking a homeless man in the balls last week, this according to law enforcement.

20-year-old Rosello -- the son of housewife Alexia Echevarria -- was arrested for simple battery, which was categorized as a felony on the police report because Rosello attacked a homeless person.

As we reported, Florida has a law that classifies attacks on homeless people as hate crimes, meaning they carry stricter penalties.

He's currently being held on $5,000 bond.

TMZ broke the story ... Rosello stupidly posted video of the incident online last week, showing him sneaking up on a sleeping homeless man and punching him in the groin. The homeless man was contacted by police shortly after and the man decided to press charges.


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711 days ago


Although prison is certainly the place for this freak I believe his true justice lies in the fact that he has to be who he is for the rest of his life. This kind of behavior is so beyond normal and obviously this person is hate filled and demented and beyond any form of redemption. He believes that what he did was how you treat other people because it's all he knows and never will he understand how bizarre what he did was.

711 days ago


Take his ass to jail, let his hair down and put some lipstick on. Pretty sure there is a salad or two that needs to be tossed where he'll be staying.

711 days ago


what's funny is all these people with hateful comments to someone they don't even know would have probably been right there helping with this stunt if it was their friend doing the stunt. maybe holding the camera or watching look out. i mean with all the hate coming so hard on someone you don't even know a lil nut smack down stunt pales in comparison !

711 days ago


Thanks GOD! This dude is evil, people who attack the most vulnerable people of our society, Homeless, are truly evil.

711 days ago


Punk-ass bitch! I hope he gets raped in prison.

711 days ago


STUPID and take a video of doing a crime. You need bashed in the nutts.

711 days ago


I hope this dirtbag does time and gets to experience a sexual attack in prison. There is no excuse for randomly assaulting anyone.. even filthy bums.

711 days ago


What a low life, I hope there was a line of homeless guys waiting to punch that douche in the nuts!!!!!!!,

711 days ago


What an a$$. A good punishment would be to let this little twerp pay room and board for the homeless man for a year.

711 days ago


Where do these people come from?

711 days ago


That is a pitiful shame. Poor homeless man. That little b@tch deserves to go to jail. Entitled,spoiled, pampered little punk, hope someone kicks him in the balls when he is in jail.

711 days ago


Americans are basically dead inside. No emotions. No compassion. No respect for human life. Just arrogance and greed and anger and abuse. And you think you are the greatest country in the world. You are the s*** of the world.

711 days ago


Absolutely disgusting. F'cking disgusting and everything in this world that is messed up and wrong. This self-entitled sad sack of sh*t should be shot and pissed on. You think you're entitled to treat people who are down on their luck like they are sub-human? You're better than him because you are an insufferable, spoiled little assh*le who had everything handed to you in life? People like this are the reason for moral decay... vile, disgusting piece of trash...People who have everything handed to them in life walk around with a huge sense of self-entitlement and ZERO integrity. Empty, shallow, classless and probably lacks a tolerable personality. Congratulations, you're the worst type of trash. Your plastic fake mommy must be so proud of her empty, shallow, sick-fck son. It's a good thing you're a spoiled little trust fund baby because a half-wit like you wouldn't be able to make it in this world without mommy and daddy buying everything for you.

711 days ago


are you kidding? has anyone seen his fb page recently? flaunts him and his friends doing coke, smoking pot, sippin sizzurp. dude the kid is rich and hot but hes a s***bag

711 days ago
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