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Lindsay Lohan

Bailed Mama

Out of Foreclosure

10/11/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
was telling the truth when she said her mom was on the verge of losing her house ...and Dina Lohan is not out of the woods yet ... TMZ has learned.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ ... JPMorgan Chase Bank filed documents in 2010 to foreclose on Dina's Long Island home because she had fallen behind on payments.

Now here's where it gets interesting ...The bank and Dina cut some sort of deal in which mama Lohan agreed to a new payment agreement that would prevent her home from going on the auction block.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... Dina didn't ante up on her own -- she got money from Lindsay to make the payments. 

We're told Lindsay made payments that helped Dina dig out of the hole, but recently she fell behind again and Lindsay had to give her MORE bailout money -- $40,000.  And that's the 40 grand that Lindsay and her mom were arguing over when things erupted in the limo early Wednesday.

One final thing.  We're told Dina withdrew lots of other money from the Bank of Lindsay, including money to help pay for her kid brother's tuition.



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Today Govenor Romney is realesing an add to let the Bank of Lindsay go Bankrupt and President Obama is releasing 3 billion dollars from the TARP funds to keep the Bank of Lindsay going until it goes bankrupt and taxpayers loose all there money.

741 days ago


Dina is starting to make Joe Simpson look down right respectable.

741 days ago


Lindsay, how's the move from Los Angeles to New York working out for you?
It's convenient for Dina to make cash withdrawals from the Bank of Lindsay. Lindsay is Dina's CashCow.

741 days ago


What is the time frame that Dina was suppose to pay back the 40 thousand and how much intrest was the Bank of Lindsay Charging,

741 days ago


Has OctoSlut applied for a home mortgage from the Bank of Lindsay or was OctoSlut Shut down there too,

741 days ago


Besides Michael and Dina Lohan are there any other celebrities that use the Bank of Lindsay?

741 days ago


Does the Federal Reserve Back the Bank of Lindsay or TMZ?

741 days ago


As a taxpayer i demand to know how much federal money went in to the Bank of Lindsay to support lindsay drug and alcahol habbit.

741 days ago


No sh*t TMZ!!! Everyone knows the BOL(Bank of Lindsay) has been paying Dina's bills since was 4 yrs old. Thats when the dynamics of this family changed to where Crackie, as the SOLE breadwinner was indulged in her every whim and could do as she pleased. This fight is a result of an incompacitated, drunk and coked up Dina being unable to censor her comments to her equally coked up and drunk daughter. No one escapes Crackie's wrath when she hears something she doesn't like. Step out of line and you pay the price. Hence, that's why she demanded the 40 grand back. Oh, to be the driver of the limo during this latest drama!!! Can you imagine? That why I want the reality show "ROLLIN WITH THE LOHANS" to happen. All of these famewhores would be gainfully employed and we could tune in weekly for a condensed hour long cracked out version of the Brady Bunch. Is Hollywood listening?

741 days ago


Where's that 50K that DiLo received from the Dr. Phil fiasco?

741 days ago


Hey Lindsay, how about you pay your bills first, just to name a couple like that 50K tab over at Chateau Marmont or pay for that Porsche you totaled when you were wasted and crashed into the back of a truck on the shoulder of the highway.

741 days ago


Just gets more sad every time something new is revealed. Her parents are such **** ups, have they ever been decent parents? I feel for the kids, I'm hoping they had some good, respectful adult influences in their lives but most signs point to that being highly unlikely.

741 days ago


Dina needs to get a job instead of mooching off her daughter all the time.

741 days ago


Lindsay is a "HOMELESS HOTEL HOOKER!" that has THREE rich pimps she works for. Who do you think brought her those three movie roles and ALWAYS pays off her victims, judges, PO, and law enforcement.
Thats why Lindsay never goes to jail. She got the 40k from domingo or chatwal

741 days ago


Michael Lohan should be also responsible for the tuition fees for his son, why hasn't Michael Lohan paid his share? oh I forgot, he has 3 outstanding arrest warrants in NY Nassau County for unpaid child support. When Lindsay reached out to her father in desperation what did he do? he recorded the conversation and sold it to TMZ. He is a dispicable douche. He is doing the rounds with his sick betrayal of Lindsay AGAIN.

Lindsay is definitely supporting her mother and younger brother, she has supported the entire family from a very young age. This is too much pressure for any 26 year old woman.

741 days ago
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