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Sheriff's Dept. to Dr. Murray


You Get What You Deserve

10/11/2012 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. is pooh-poohing a letter it received from Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer, saying claims that Murray is being treated inhumanely are just plain false.

Murray's lawyers, J. Michael Flanagan and Valerie Wass, fired off the letter, obtained by TMZ, in which he claims the 5' by 7' cell in which Murray has been confined is so small -- given his 6'5" height -- that he may have developed permanent and uncorrectable blood circulation issues that could lead to a fatal embolism. 

Flanagan and Wass go even further, saying, "Dr. Murray's cell is proportional to that of a travel cage used for short term transportation of an animal.  If one were to keep a dog in a space just a few inches larger than the dog's length, for any extended period of time, contentions of animal cruelty possibly leading to prosecution would likely result."

But the Sheriff's Dept. tells TMZ, "Mr. Murray is receiving the appropriate level of care and we are taking into consideration his medical concerns and working with him."

And there's this ... Murray's lawyers note their client may not need to be in isolation any longer, because he looks shockingly different from his famous booking photo.



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hank the tank    

MJ was an abuse victim who turned into a pedophilic drug abuser. So many people are blinded to this fact because his music was awesome. Murray is the fall guy for the death of the king of pop, gotta blame somebody.

709 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

J. Michael Flanagan and Valerie Wass, if your client had not murdered Michael Jackson he would not be concerned abouth is 5" by 7" jail cell. He would be enjoying life in the free world and we would be enjoying Michael. However, since Dr. Murray took the life of Michael Jackson; I think that his 5" x 7" cell is very fitting, since he was not given the dealth penalty. Me personaly, do not feel that he was given enough time for the murder of Michael Jackson, I think his sentence should have included daily shots of propifal (I hope I spelled that right) so that he would be in an enduced state, like he keep Michael in. I fugure, you get what you give.

I have no sympathy for this man. He is a cry baby and needs to just do his time quietly, and hopes that he doesn't piss anyone off.

709 days ago


Stop your bitching. Do some push ups.

709 days ago


It's called JAIL. It's not a resort, it's not a retreat, it's not a country club and it's funded by taxes paid by law-abiding citizens that feel it should be looked at as a deterrent. You were a doctor! The first rule of medicine is "Do No Harm." You killed someone...shut the f*ck up!

709 days ago


Hey Connie-you killed Michael Jackson. It was an accident but you are still a murderer.
It's Karma baby.

709 days ago


He is where he needs to be for negligence, but if the case had been studied harder, I am sure they will find that one of the money hungry Jackson sibling was in that house that night and don't forget the surv tape. Murray did not know enough about MJJ's home to mess with the tape. If you love MJJ, then don't you want to find out the truth?

709 days ago


Murray is in jail, not a hotel. He is in jail because his gross incompetence killed a patient. Murray needs to sit down, be quiet and serve his time. He is being housed in the same kind of facilities that other prisoners use.

709 days ago

really! really?    

Every time this POS opens his non-remorseful mouth, he makes it more and more likely that someone will permanently shut his pie-hole for him once he's released from prison. Never was a fan of MJ's but there are millions of die-hard MJ fans that are sick of Mr. Murray's constant whining and crying that his treatment is unfair.

709 days ago

Rex Feral FBI    

Maybe he should try to sleep diagnally. That would give him a little more room.

709 days ago

Rainbow Heydrich    

Yeah, go ahead, release him to the general prison populace. Ask Jeffrey Dahmer what a great idea that was.

-slams hands on table- I'm game with this decision, I say, let's do it. >:D

Hopefully we will witness similar results to what Mr. Dahmer experienced with Murray.

As for this "letter," that hideous cow Valerie Wass can go stuff it. She sucks at life. v.v

709 days ago


BOO HOO ! He should think twice before he kills someone! Does he think he should be in a mansion or something?? What a friggin spoiled idiot....and the lawyers never cease to amaze me with what they can pull out of their as@#$ !!!!! SUCK IT UP AND QUIT WHNING YOU BIG COWARD !!!

709 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Michael Jackson is in a box.


709 days ago

Rainbow Heydrich    

‎"Dr. Murray acknowledges that his notoriety may involve the necessity for isolation for his safety. Death or injury at the hands of another prisoner however (god damn you and your grammar, Flanny), is no worse than a slow death caused by a loss of circulation and atrophy resulting from inhumane confinement of a large man in a tiny space."

Challenge Accepted, Mr. Flanagan. :3

Let Murray out into the general prison populace, arm them with shanks, and let us put your hypothesis to the test. :D

709 days ago


Lets see, Murray put Michael Jackson down like he was a dog, and they are equating his cell with animal cruelty..
I will bet MJ casket isnt too roomy either.
This guy just wants out.,.and is coming out with BS excuses
What an arrogant piece of trash

709 days ago
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