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La Toya Jackson

I Didn't LOOT MJ's House

Threatens Lawsuit

10/11/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson insists ... she did not raid Michael Jackson's home just hours after his death, pillaging plastic bags filled with cash -- and now, she's threatening to sue a major magazine for saying otherwise.

La Toya has fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Vanity Fair, claiming its recent article entitled "Estate of Siege" is "replete with misstatements of fact, false innuendos, and defamatory insinuations."

According to La Toya's letter, the article falsely claims she showed up at MJ's Carolwood mansion shortly after his death and loaded plastic bags filled with cash into a duffel bag. The VF article goes on to describe La Toya's bf leaving the home in a moving van.

La Toya claims the article describes her visit as a "mad scramble for money" -- strongly insinuating she stole large sums of cash from MJ's house.

According to La Toya ... the allegations are nothing but lies and she wants a full retraction asap.

If Vanity Fair doesn't oblige, La Toya says she'll sue.


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The idea that Michael Jackson had bags filled with cash at his house is simply ridiculous, as are most of the allegations in Vanity Fair's article.
La Toya's telling the truth in this instance, and I hope she sues the magazine for its libelous claims.

713 days ago

Loretta Love    

Vanity Fair is nothing but a glossy rag...and I LoVe that glossy rag dearly~

713 days ago


Hah! How will she prove something she DIDN'T do?

713 days ago


Yea right, and that's your real nose........Hahahahaha

713 days ago


Why do you still cover that trash?

713 days ago

What I Think    

What she did was remove evidence of pedophilia so that the now dead cash cow could keep bringing in the moola.

713 days ago


I recall there being footage of a U-Haul type truck being driven away from the estate post-death. It was said to have been loaded with black trash bags. Who rented the truck and did anyone think to follow it?

713 days ago


La Toya if you're telling the truth then sue the person who wrote the book. Vanity Fair does not need to retract because they talk about recent books or books soon to be release in their magazine. You and your sister, Janet are trying to clean up the families images but the families images is stuck in the mud.

713 days ago


La Toya is too busy to sue. She's going to be doing her best Michael Jackson impersonation on Celebrity Apprentice All Stars!

712 days ago


She can't sue. She's too busy doing Celeb Apprentice All Stars acting like she's Michael Jackson resurrected.

712 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Clobird - I am not very fond of Janet since she joined her greedy siblings on the claim that Michael's will is fraudulent...
I'm just the opposite. I was never keen on Janet as I'm anti-fur, but I have to respect her stance against the executors. I too believe the executors are imposters and hope the family can find some justice for MJ.

However, I'm disgusted that La Toya didn't sign the letter to the estate. In her book she makes constant references to Michael having been murdered. She relates how she cried over MJs body and promise him that she would not rest until those responsible were brought to justice. She tells how she found the 'I hate Branca' notes at Carolwood.

Yet she would not sign the letter against the estate. She is a hypocrite and has no loyalty to her brother. She betrayed him in the past and will do so again if given the chance.

It makes me very uncomfortable to think that LaToya has become so significant to the kids. Paris in particular is showing the effects of that influence.
I wish Janet could have had more say in the childrens' upbringing. At least she knows about the dangers of fame, and I believe she is not motivated by money.
The kids and LaToya have been tweeting recently about a 'MrPink' launch party. Seems like LaToya is getting them into the spotlight at every opportunity.

712 days ago


we lost a great man that jest shows his family don't care about anything but the buck but I'm sure old joe is the cause of all of it anyway

712 days ago

Michael Payton    

Man it would be the least talented of the family to do something like this. Hey didn't she agree that ( her own brother ) Michael was a child molester?

712 days ago


Michael Jackson's Kids: Red Carpet Shills For Vitamin DrinkMichael Jackson's Kids: Red Carpet Shills For Vitamin Drink 17 10

Posted on Oct 12, 2012 @ 02:30AM print it send it
Getty ImagesBy Radar Staff

We have to ask -- would their dad be rolling over in his grave? Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson walked a red carpet Thursday night at a launch party for Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink, and the three of them actually posed holding up cans of the concoction.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson's Kids Help Launch Vitamin Drink

Blanket, 10, even posed chugging down a can!

The drink markets itself as something that can "promote longevity" and "restore youthfulness" -- just what every 10-year-old needs.

Paris 14, was decked out in a very grown-up gown and extensions in her hair.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids: Three Years After His Death

The Jackson trio was accompanied by their aunt La Toya to the event held at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, and Lindsay Lohan was among the other guests.

711 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Hi SaraJane and Pegasus - Hope you are well.
Re the estate: I know my view is unpopular, but I've been suspicious since MJ first died, and everything that has happened since that time has only served to reinforce my suspicions. There is evidence out there, but it is slowly being withdrawn from the media/internet (and being replaced by stories demeaning the Jackson family). I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I feel that an estate worth billions can motivate the most 'respectable' people.
As for the letter to the executors. Even if the will was declared invalid the beneficiaries remain the same. The family simply want the executors replaced. If MJ were my brother, I would fight for this too, as Michael himself warned us about Branca.
Please look at this site (before the estate shut it down!)

As for LaToya, I think she did accuse MJ, both in her first book and in the Tel Aviv interview. Did MJ forgive her? According to LaToya the answer is yes, but MJ seemed to really distance himself from her after that. Imagine the betrayal he felt - his own sister! It does not compare to Jermaines 'Word to the Badd' spat. That was simple sibling rivalry. But I think LaToya would have gone all the way in order to be in the spotlight for a change. So, IMO she is not only a flake but a Judas of the worst kind. Even if MJ forgave her (which I doubt) then I can't.
That is why it is so upsetting to see her turn those kids into Hollywood brats. Michael would be turning in his grave.

711 days ago
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