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Lindsay Lohan

Hauls Ass to L.A.

After Dina Fight

10/11/2012 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after the blowout fight with her mother Dina in NYC, Lindsay Lohan got the hell outta Dodge -- hopping a private jet to L.A. yesterday -- and TMZ has a photo inside the plane.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lindsay's hosting a launch party tonight at the Beverly Wilshire hotel for an energy drink called Mr. Pink. LiLo had scheduled the gig long before the incident with Dina ... and the guys behind the drink offered their jet to make sure she made it back in time.

Lindsay's brother Michael Jr. was along for the ride.

Gotta say ... pretty impressive Linds managed to make the trip -- considering how nasty the fight was with Dina. If you've already forgotten, take another listen to the crazy audio.


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712 days ago

Suzy Q     

In her rant, Lindsay actually said that she "and Michael" lent her mother 40k. Translation: Michael lent her $40, 995.

712 days ago


LANative, she wont be in LA for a week. Thatmadonnagirl, says they will be back on Monday :(
BIG Boooooooo! To that.

712 days ago


Again Delmar, ONE person makes an 'Ali' comment and you make an issue of it. Your comment generated several comments that would have otherwise not been made and the initial comment would have been forgotten had you not coming rushing in the MINUTE someone DARE mention Ali. Shame you don't get it.

712 days ago


Mr. Pink? Sounds like another name for male genitalia.

712 days ago


THIS is the best spin Lohan Inc could come up with:


Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina have kissed and made up after a recent nasty fight that resulted in the cops being called. However, the roots of the problems in this mother/daughter relationship have not been addressed. And until they are, friends warn we should expect more fireworks.

“It all comes down to money and partying,” a Lohan family friend tells me. “Dina is a party girl and Lindsay has begged her to get help. She is trying very hard to change her life and has not been drinking. Now she wants her mom to do the same."

712 days ago


online comment/contact form for Mr Pink Beverages

comments welcome

712 days ago

LA Native    

there are some excellent comments in here

712 days ago


Mr Pink Mr Pink what did you think,
By hiring Lohan we'd buy your lousy drink?
I'm afraid it won't work, you're going to loose your shirt,
Your company will fall flat and end up in the dirt.
I hope you think it's worth it, and is it really true,
That your not paying Lohan, that she is paying you?
By giving you blow jobs she hopes it brings more work,
But if you're really playing her, you really are a jerk.
I'd change the name, it's really weird, really don't you think,
For who would put into their mouths a thing called MR Pink.

712 days ago


Blohan is calling in to tmz live today to explain 'what really went down'. BWHAHAHAH Whatever Blohan says, just imagine the opposite and you'll have a clear picture of the events as they unfolded. If you're not already listening, set your tvs peeps.

712 days ago

LA Native    

On the local channel 5 news I just saw the hug again, but it was a video! We've only seen screen grabs of it. It is the most uncomfortable exit and hug I have ever seen.

712 days ago


I just saw your comment, refreshed and missed it. Did anyone catch it. How bad did she lie? I heard Harvey say she said she lied about the scraches ( just like she lied about the hotel attack)

712 days ago


NOW THAT WAS plain pitiful !!!!!!
Lindsay Lohan twikkng and croaking away to Harvey ...highter then a kite cause if she wasn't then the girl really has problems and can't carry on a descent conversation....cuase her brain is fried....
You west coaster got to listen to it.....It is awful.....She blames everything on Daddy ......and blames him for everything....she dances around,every question Harvey or Mike asks her and dodges ,dances ,,evades, and twist, and finelly outright lies about everyything... She has bee working hard trying to get in a good place....and back to work...she wants to work, yaha yada yada........
That voice it go god awful it hurts you to listen to her talk its worse the MA Barker down at the truck stop and a foghorn stuck in her thoat.......
That is truly one of the worst interview I have ever head....
PRoofs one thing though.....She as bad as she appears......

712 days ago


LANative see 83

712 days ago


I listen Nikki turn it on half way thru with her declaring her mother a Saint and Micheal as the Devil......She and mommie was only have a friendly mother/daughter fight.......and Micheal edited and fakes that call etc etc...She loves mommie !!!...and when he tried to ask her about any trouble she has been in she danced , denied, and out right lied about everything...Ashed about the the car crash with the truck she said its was all distoreted she wasn't even driving..........
Nikki it was pitiful....she was so up on something that she could not even articulate her sentences and jumping around like a record skipping.....
I know one thing if she thought that was going to help her ....she is in for a big surpirse.....!!!!

712 days ago
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