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Lindsay Lohan

My Mom Was NOT on Coke

My Dad Is Dead to Me

10/12/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
deeply regrets her blowout argument with her mother Dina Lohan -- telling TMZ, what she said on the audio recording was NOT true ... her mother was NOT on cocaine during the fight.

Lindsay called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago -- telling us, "I told my dad a really hurtful and untruthful lie about my mom. She was not on cocaine."

Lindsay says her father Michael Lohan betrayed her trust by releasing a recording of her desperate phone call to the media.

Lindsay tells us, turning to her father in a moment of desperation was a massive mistake and she is now "done" with him forever -- adding, Michael "doesn't know what it means to be a father. He doesn't want to be a dad."

Lindsay minimized yesterday's argument, saying, "Daughters have fights with their moms. It happens a lot. It's normal."

Lindsay also RIPS Dr. Phil for the way he conducted his interview with Dina -- calling it "vile" and "disgusting."

TMZ posted audio of Lindsay's phone call to her father, in which she accuses her mother of being on cocaine and acting "like the devil." Lindsay and Dina were on their way home from an NYC nightclub at the time.

During the call, Lindsay also says she gave her mom $40,000 to save Dina's home -- but Lindsay wouldn't comment on that today.


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Who gives a **** about Lindsay Lohan or or parents! People are unemployed, gas prices are higher than ever and you constantly report on her! I DON'T CARE! SHE DESERVES WHAT SHE GETS and that is whatever she decides when she is going to contribute to society!!!!!!

720 days ago


87% know what LiLo is all about.We know she's a liar and yesterdays old news. These days she gets her kicks out of thinking she's some kind of star. Yeah right, she's a "star" alright, on Lifetime playing someone who's life she's imitating.

Real celebrities with class don't need to air their dirty secrets in public, much less behave this way toward their parents. Not to stick up for Michael Lohan but he really shouldn't have been careless in spilling his seed when he helped create this lowlife chick. .

TMZ, please stop reporting every little thing this junkie and her mom say and do. It's not news when parents and children fight.

720 days ago


The Lohans makes the Hogans looks like saints.

720 days ago


Real mature, Lindsay

720 days ago

Peter Sc    

Basically she is still a child in her mind. Children do play each parent out against each other from time to time.
I believe that she should grow up. It is easy for me to say when her parents and the entire industry has tried to keep her as a child and teenage star for as long as possible to milk the cow.
But it is the transition she needs to make. It seems that she has to move away from both parents in order to find herself. Maybe she should move to Europe and only stay in the States when she is working.
I wish her Gods speed because with those two as parents it is no wonder that she made the wrong choices she did in the past. It is a difficult road she has in front of her.

720 days ago


Michael keeps saying Dina is on drugs and drinks a lot and is bad influence on his daughter and no one really believed him so he got it all on tape.

720 days ago


At what point does a "mother" (and I use that term loosely, say to herself, I'm not going to keep clubbing with my addict of a daughter? Dina just did an interview where everyone's said she was messed up. Stay away from your daughter if you want her to have a chance! I agree that she has been brought up horribly, but at what point does she take control of her own life and cut them out of it? At least until they are both healthy! She honestly needs Britney's father to come and be a conservator for her. She can't keep wasting money on her mothers house payments when it's either going down her throat or in her nose! At some point she needs to stop blaming them, go to therapy, take ownership of her life, and cut out the negative BS. I don't think Michael should have recorded this, but he did seem to have her nest interests in mind when he was on the phone. She also seems to call him every time something goes wrong. He can't be all bad. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a bad father, but there is also no doubt in my mind that Dina is using. For her health she needs to stay the heck away from her, bars, and any negative friends! Work, work, work... Keeping yourself busy can help!

720 days ago

News Flash     

It was wrong of her dad to record her! That's pretty low handed.

720 days ago

Mike Huntsarry    

Why do i have to see that ugly ass picture of her everyday just about

720 days ago

Mike Huntsarry    

Do we all really have to look at her drug hangover picture everyday. The picture of her thats always on the huff post looks like shes been tweeking out chewing on her lips all night on E, coke or meth take your pick. Can we get a different picture if i have to see it everyday.

720 days ago


Gee, was hoping Buffoon would come on so I could make a serious confession to him. DARN. Guess I should make it anyway? Hey Buff, every time I left out of here then came back? I voted on the poll. Every time I refreshed a page or went back/forward a page? I voted on the poll. Now tell me TRUTHFULLY just how SCIENTIFIC and REAL these polls are again??? Oh yeah, I am going to keep doing it tomorrow too. The numbers are just as skewed as the twitter numbers you spout and the previous Lohan poll you spouted about. Does it make you ANGRY that I have been doing this? Does it make you just FURIOUS? I doubt it. So, now you know how much the rest of us gave a hairy rats a$$ for all the BS numbers YOU spout. Oh yeah, every single time I made a comment and clicked? I went and voted then, too. So, YOU are probably angry. Unlike YOU, I was never angry. Why waste the emotion and energy. Ok, now I have to do this next. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are SUCH an ass

720 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey FU, check out my cool new avi...........

720 days ago


Too late, Linds. We all heard what you thought and I believe you the first go around. Mama is your biggest problem.

720 days ago


She's hit yet another new low. Imagine a "big star" like she thinks she is calling up tmz to lie up a storm for 20 minutes, trying to put some spin on yet another fiasco. She piled the sh*t real high this time, flip flopping like a fish, but it didn't work, because anyone who knows her track record knows better.
She can't NOT lie. She has to lie and she has to use people. She confirmed that by saying again that she wasn't driving in the Pacific Coast higway accident!! When asked again, she "didn't want to talk about it." LOL These people are all grifters, all liars, and all users. They feed off each other like bugs.

720 days ago


I have nothing but sadness and dread for Lindsay. She is 26. Most celebrities who chose her path don't live past 27. How much longer does she have?

720 days ago
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