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Lindsay ... I Love Mom

I'm DONE with Michael

10/11/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


It's the interview everyone wanted ... Lindsay Lohan joined us live to talk about her nightmare limo ride with Dina Lohan -- and to announce she's finally fed up with her father.

What exactly happened in the back of that car? LiLo confesses she lied about some details. Now, you've gotta hear her tearful explanation of life with Dina and Michael.

Plus, Michael Vick admits he now owns a dog -- and a lot of people are pissed! Legally, he's allowed to have the pet ... but should he have it?

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan joins us live -- and we promise ... you've never heard her talk like this. To start off, we ask her about the explosive fight she had with her mom Dina ... and she says she LIED about mom being high on cocaine.
(2:00) This is shocking ... Lindsay gets emotional as she says she's done with her father for releasing an audio recording of the frantic phone call she made to him during her fight with her mom.
(4:45) Lindsay explains why she hasn't cut her father off before now.
(7:10) Harvey doesn't pull any punches -- he asks Lindsay if Dina was drunk during the fight.
(10:00) Lindsay goes on the offensive ... she attacks Dr. Phil for his interview with Dina.
(13:00) Lindsay has advice for her dad -- go to therapy.
(15:10) Lindsay rips Michael again for betraying her ... and insists she's cutting ties with him for good.
(18:00) We hear your reactions to our interview with Lindsay.
(27:00) Michael Vick admits he owns a dog now -- and people are outraged.
(33:45) This is unbelievable -- rapper Nelly's tour bus was busted for drugs at the SAME checkpoint in Texas that also nabbed Willie Nelson, Snoop Dog, Chase Crawford, Army Hammer, and Fiona Apple.
(39:00) We talk to you!

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Sammwells Pariss    


711 days ago


Right, Skyper needs to come on and claim to believe Lindsay. No one is falling for that.

711 days ago


Speak for yourself Harvey I am taking delight in this.

711 days ago


Can we just ignore the Lohan family, I think if the media and tmz just ignores them they will just fade away and we dont have to hear this bs anymore and maybe they will even get better and stop behaving like idiots , while we are ignoring people, can we also ignore the Kardashians, please get them off the air. You guys are just slowing yourself down by keeping this idiots on air, while the next best thing is just waiting around the corner, stop being lazy and look for better talent thank you.

711 days ago


So, we're all hearing the same crap over and over. Can we move on before you guys shut down?

711 days ago


Really?!? She cried! She's an actress for goodness sake. Not a good one I'll add. Crocodile any one???.

711 days ago


Harvey there is a lot of background noise that is distracting can you filter it out?

711 days ago


Micheal Lohan made a big mistake by giving TMZ a private phone call he recorded of his daughter. She reached out to him and he totally betrayed her trust. Its not up to him to inform the public about such matters. Perhaps he was worried, but it was a serious lack of judgment on his part. I would be very hurt if I were her. Can't even call my dad when I need him without it making news? Bad dad on this day. BTW, does he pay child support? Let's get to the bottom of that already with some proof.

710 days ago

Rick Flare23    

I think Lindsay should just focus on herself for a while, it's obvious that her parents are no strangers to being selfish. So there is nothing wrong with working on one's self alone it's hard but it can be done.

710 days ago

Jeff Thomas    

Lindsay and her mom, a textbook case of codependency.

710 days ago

Wendy Ryan    

I feel sick to my stomach with all this that she is going through. I say just leave the poor girl alone! She has made mistakes who hasn't?

710 days ago


Sorry Lindsey but I do not believe any of your NEW story. Harvey, she never directly answered your questions. like on who was driving on PCH? Evade and avoid, are the classic tactics of a person who is an addict. Addicts are also the BEST liars around. They think they have the answer to every question, but never really answer anything. Well Truthful that is. As far as the Father Im not so sure he was trying to sell her out. Sure the way he went about it was wrong however, every one has been saying he is such a horrible person, I think maybe he was trying to get evidence to support what he has been claiming all along. No he is not Dad of the year, but I really think he is now trying to mend for his past mistakes. Some of his methods are questionable, but who in that family can throw a stone and not break something? None of them. Word Out... Counselling...

710 days ago

Wendy Ryan    

This is so sad how she is be exploited by her family and the media. I realize it is your job to tell the stories we all want to hear but cant you all just give her a little support for a change? We all have been in situations that we wouldn't look so good but most of us just never got caught.

710 days ago


..honestly i feel bad hearing all these things about lindsay i grew up with a lot of her movies as a kid i mean im 17 now but i used to look up to her and now with everything that has happend i cant say i look up to her anymore and it makes me sad because i lost a person who i could look up to i mean when herbie fully loaded was out i loved it i was about 8 or so and it was before she started messing up and it crushed me seeing all the bad news i mean its hard losing an ideal now i just i cant look up to anymore stars its depressing

710 days ago
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