Brittany Kerr Jason Aldean's Fling Gets Reality Show Offer

10/12/2012 4:00 AM PDT
Brittany Kerr has been called a lot of things since she was spotted getting hot and heavy with country star Jason Aldean -- most of which we can't repeat -- but now she has a chance to cash in on that infamy ... as a reality TV star.

TMZ has learned the former "American Idol" contestant has received an offer from Wag TV -- the company behind shows like "How Do They Do It?" and "Ancient X Files" -- to star in her very own show.

We're told Wag sent an offer letter to Brittany, touting their relationships with TLC and A&E, in an effort to lure her into doing a show with them.

We're told the basic premise would be to follow Brittany's efforts to break into the music biz.

Don't hold your breath though -- our sources say Brittany will likely turn down the proposition.

First time for everything.