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Original Charlie Brown

New 'Peanuts' Movie

Is a 'Horrible Idea'

10/12/2012 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The original voice behind Charlie Brown is pissed Hollywood is attempting to remake the classic comic strip "Peanuts" into a movie -- telling TMZ, it's a "horrible idea" comparable to a "knock-off band."

56-year-old Peter Robbins -- who voiced Charlie in the 1960s "Peanuts" specials -- telling us, "What's the point? If it's to reintroduce the character of Charlie Brown to a new generation, it's been passed on successfully for 46 years. That's the beauty of it."

Robbins -- famous for voicing Charlie's trademark "AAUGGGHH!!" -- says, "If they were so creative why don't they come up with some new characters."

He adds, "It just seems to me they're trying to steal the thunder of these great classics, and from what I can tell, they're not qualified."

"It's perfect the way it is."

But not every former member of the "Peanuts" gallery is a hater -- the original voice of Pig-Pen (Geoffrey Ornstein) tells us, he can't wait to see it.

But he'll have to wait a while -- it's not due out til 2015. Good grief.


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Lighten up Peter, you may be too old to play Charlie Brown, but they could bring you in to do the teacher's "wah wah...wah wah wah"

743 days ago

Mabel Schwartz    

Charlie, you say? His name is Charlie BROWN! Nobody ever calls him just "Charlie"!

743 days ago


have a bnig hunk of cheese, it will go well with all that whine.

743 days ago

some guy    

Not sure if the "Peanuts" really has been that successfully passed down the generations. Doubt many kids read the newspapers anymore. Not sure if this is a good idea IMO. The "Peanuts" were mildly entertaining at best.

743 days ago

Latch Johnson    

Every remake of a classic cartoon has been crap. End of story. Hollywood won't be happy till they ruin everything like they did Yogi Bear. Come on, that was terrible!!!!

743 days ago


Hollywood is lazy... instead of coming up with fresh ideas, they just want to go the simplest way and take ideas that have already been done. There are like five billion would be screen writers working in coffee shops and waiting tables in Hollywood, yet instead of going out to find ideas, they'd rather rehash the same stuff over and over again or make 15 sequels to the same movie. Why would they care really, they get millions even if their movies suck.

743 days ago


Most of Hollywood's idea's are horrible, that's why nobody's going to the movies anymore. Overpaid actors in s@@ty movies, Hollywood….we're done with ya's! You people can't relate to real America anymore.

743 days ago


I would not want to try and bring Charlie Brown to the big screen... it is such a beloved franchise on TV, even with the imperfections in the animation. I hope they company doing it will try and keep the original spirit in the movie.

743 days ago

It's Dave    

Peanuts creator Charles Schultz is dead. Nobody but Schultz should be able to add characters. Since he's not around to do so then it shouldn't be done.
I'd like a new Peanut's movie. As much as I enjoy the original holiday specials, they are getting old.

743 days ago


The Peanuts are ageless - no remake is necessary, needed, warranted or DESIRED. That's part of their beauty. Why must Hollywood F**k with everything - they only mess things up.

743 days ago


Seems odd a man that is 56 now, voiced Charlie Brown in the 1960's. What was he 8?

743 days ago


I agree with Peter Robbins. Don't do it. It's a classic for a reason.
"It just seems to me they're trying to steal the thunder of these great classics, and from what I can tell, they're not qualified. It's perfect the way it is." I couldn't have said it better......
I grew up with the Peanuts gang and I do NOT want to see ANY type of remake. Plus, almost every single time Hollywood decides to take a classic, such as Peanuts, and do a 'remake', it's usually a big flop.
If they do decide to go through with it, it is NOT something I would waste the money on to see.

742 days ago


Hollywood should leave Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang alone. There is no need for updates. The original cartoon shows and movies are perfect the way they are.

742 days ago


I agree with him!! I'm 25 and I hate remakes for the most part! It's so sad how there's hardly any talent today! Originality is fading out very fast! Why do these douchebags have to **** everything up?! Just leave the classics alone!! Come up with your own ideas!!

742 days ago


Hollywood is NOTHIG but a DESTROYER! THEY have RUINED ALL OUR KIDS CARTOONS into SEX, VIOLANCE, HATE & DRUGS! Where are ALL the cute cartoons we use to watch? The LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD that RUN EVERYTHING have RUINED EVERYTHING with there TRASH MOVIES! They LIVE in a FANTASY WORLD and don't care who they HURT its ALL for MONEY! SHAME ON YOU! EVERYTHING they MAKE IS TRASH AND DARK! Then you wonder why peopel commit these crimes take RESPONSIBILITY HOLLYWOOD!

742 days ago
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