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Dr. Conrad Murray

Moved into Bigger Cell

... Still Complaining

10/12/2012 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The L.A. County Sheriff has moved Dr. Conrad Murray into a larger cell -- but the good doc still ain't happy with the upgrade, telling his lawyer, "I'm dying. You gotta save me."

Murray was transferred from a 5'x7' cell to a 8'x10' cell yesterday -- the biggest in the jail -- but he spoke to his lawyer soon after, saying, "I am a condemned prisoner right now. I look in the mirror and I don't even know who I'm looking at."

As we reported, Murray -- who is 6'5" -- has been griping constantly about his living conditions behind bars, claiming he's dying a slow death due to the cramped spaces. 

Murray says the new cell doesn't have bars to elevate his leg -- which has become swollen due to a lack of movement. He says the new cell is also more isolated, and he still isn't getting more exercise.

We're told Murray is grateful for the attention -- but it's just not enough.

Calls to the L.A. County Sheriff were not returned.


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This guy should have thought about living conditions before he commited the crime. He did not get sentenced to the hilton. It is jail dumb ass. Get over your entitled self and do the time and shut up.

739 days ago


Let's give the good (sic) doctor what MJ got....COFFIN SPACE!

739 days ago


Its not him that needs the larger cell....its his ego and isn't his 90 day period up?? Why isn't he in genpop?? He deserves whatever he has coming to him with being one of the boys in genpop. You do the do the time.Now shut your mouth, pull up your big girl panties and serve your time.

739 days ago


Why in the he** would the LA Sheriffs office give in to this guys demands and complaints......if he doesn't like his cell, maybe LA should ship him off to Phoenix and let Joe Arpaio house him in tent city

739 days ago


LOL LOL LOL awww poor little pissant. Just like freakshow Jackson..he must pray the price for his nasty actions. Jackson was a thief, a deadbeat in paying his bills and and liar. Murray is an enablers to the addiction Jackson had. Too damn bad. He needs to deal with it. Murray got MORE than he deserved to get. If true justice was given..he'd be with Jackson...6 feet under.

739 days ago


He killed a child molester he should be called a hero!

739 days ago


I hope he's getting lot's of uninvited conjugal inmate visits!

739 days ago


"I'm dying. You gotta save me.".......Ironic.....I bet those were the very same words Michael Jackson said to him before the last prescription was written.

739 days ago


WTF?? he's in jail not the hilton! He caused the death of a person & he gets to live & he is complaining? Stuff his ass in a 4X4 cell, lock it up & throw him some bread every now & then & be done with him!!

739 days ago


who do you think you are. Dr. Murray??? YOU have been found guilty by a Court of Law and as such you do not deserve any special treatments or considerations

739 days ago


He sure doesn't need a bigger cell - he's there as punishment - I thought. Would bet he's no doctor any more - no doubt was stripped of his license.

739 days ago


Murray's trial and conviction has all the earmarks of a miscarraige of justice.

Hollywood medicine has been scandalous for decades with doctors often acting as dope dealers. This long standing patter of abuse led to a stereotype. This was the steroetyoe the media invoked at every stage of the trial. But Murray was probably negiglent but manslaughter did not make sense.

What the media case leaves out is that Jackson was already addicted to propofol before Murray came on the scene. And it is entirely unclear how Michael Jackson actually died. There were just too many unanswered questions.

The reason they were not answered is because the media created such a drumbeat of persecution the furor and anger of the public became overwhelming. He was convicted in the headlines long before he got to trial.

739 days ago


Cry me a river!

739 days ago


He's delusional and thinks he's a celebrity because he caused the death of Michael Jackson? That's WHY you're in jail, dummy! it's not meant to be the Waldorf-Astoria, Connie!

739 days ago


Be happy you are not getting picked on or others trying to kill you right now. Stay and be quiet in the larger cell you got which you did not deserve.
You should not have been convicted in the first place.

739 days ago
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