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Lindsay Lohan

She's Baaaack

at the Chateau Marmont

10/12/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan at the the Chateau MarmontIt seems Lindsay Lohan has been UNBANNED from the Chateau Marmont ... 'cause she returned to the legendary L.A. hotel last night ... months after she was kicked out for stiffing the place on a $46k bill.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan got the heave-ho earlier this year after she ran up a crazy $46,350.04 tab on a 47 day bender that included 49 packs of cigarettes and more than $3k in minibar items.

LiLo had told friends the producers of her upcoming Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick," had agreed to pay her bill ... but our sources say that was never the case.

It's unclear if the bill was ever resolved ... but it seems it's all water under the bridge ... 'cause last night she was allowed back on the premises without a problem.


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She looks like Sharon Stone in Casino after she pi$$ed away all her cash and jewels and dropped dead.

741 days ago


@teri...I don't think she has a place to go. So she will use anyone she can. She burned her so called 'self-proclaimed' friends by stealing from them. Burned herself out of her 7k per month apartment burnes the CM for 47k. Get's caught stealing from her good friend Sam Magid home then goes to NYC. In essence she burned herself right out of LA.

Says she's in NYC for fashion week, she wasn't caught anywhere near fashion week what a surprise. Couldn't get an apartment with her assistant in NYC, borrows a friends porsche supposedly clips a guy and arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. So wasted in her hotel room she couldn't make the shoot in Atlanta, for a lousy cameo. Partying probally loaded gets pissed over cell phone photos gets a man arrested for assulting and attacking her. That lie backfired on her.

Now this current Lohan BS thats backfiring on her big time. Mommy is over 1 million in debt. Good chance the house will be forclosed on. It was reported the forclosure letter was sent on wednesday right there with the Lindsay and Dina drunking and stoned fight. It doesn't stop.

Dina your pushing 51, 25 years old was 25 years ago. You look like a fool. Lindsay is just as bad.

741 days ago


lol..yeah the woman in the right that some have mentioned. Is she laughing in hysterics or gonna puke all over Lohan??? LOL!

741 days ago

Suzy Q     

Well, what were they going to do when she just showed up? Call the Bad Actress Police? She's a classless bully. No surprise there. Let's see how long they let her stay.

741 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I am sure that her "just friends" Domingo settled her bill. He maintains an art studio there and probably had it crunched down and added to his tab.
"Just friends"do that all the time for each other.

741 days ago


Lohan does what she always does. Get's caught tripping over her own lies she can never keep up with and when that backfires on her and always does. She goes right to pitting Dina and Michael against each other. That doesn't work either.

741 days ago


She probably arranged to give blow jobs to all the bus boys to pay off the bill. That or one big lesbian romp with all the maids. Or wait, probably both happened.

741 days ago


did you get my email?

741 days ago

Rolex sucks    

Lindsay should go back to her father and face her addiction problems as he did. Her mother will never change and she's running out of time. Eventually we'll be reading about her overdose death one day. Mike has every right to slander her bitch mother in an effort to stop the addiction freight train. The last stop on that Train is on a metal coroners slab.

741 days ago


My vote for comment of the Year!!!!
Shoutout to Lindsay, for swallowing all those unborn Taliban babies last night

741 days ago


Dina Lohan ‏@dinalohan
TGIF to all ;)

741 days ago


LOL my God does she look like a hooker or what?!?

Can't stop laughing....

741 days ago


You TMZ guys have been sucking on Lindsay's tits all week. Please give it a rest...

741 days ago


Texas Sugar ‏@Texas_Sugar
Mitt Romney Wins "Crucial"Lindsay Lohan Vote | TheWrap TV

....and Blo is not even registered to vote. QUUUACCCK!

741 days ago


She actually looks pretty hot in that photo. But she has a strange flat flabby butt.
I'd hit it.
But I doubt she would hit me with anything, well, maybe her purse, or a shoe.

741 days ago
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