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Michael Lohan


With Lindsay's Head

10/12/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan has played mind games on her daughter to cover her own misdeeds ... this according to Michael Lohan.

TMZ had Lindsay Lohan on TMZ Live Thursday for 18 minutes.  During the interview, in addition to saying she lied to Michael when she said Dina was using cocaine, she swore her dad was now dead to her.  Lindsay sounded enraged that Michael recorded their phone conversation -- which ended up on TMZ.

Michael is adamant ... Dina is pulling the strings, claiming, "This is just another manipulation by Dina to control Lindsay.  Dina is just using Lindsay to cover her tracks."

Michael thinks it's ridiculous Lindsay is now covering for Dina even claiming her mom was fine when she appeared on "Dr. Phil" and the good doc was "vile and disgusting," accusing him of manipulating and berating Dina during the interview.

Michael says, "Why is it that every time someone nails Dina doing something wrong, either on camera or on tape, they are always lying."

As for Lindsay's vow to never talk to Michael again, he says, "I know Lindsay loves me and I love her very much."


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i really feel for Lindsay. its sad that her family problems are being used by media outlets like this. the media does it cuz it sells and most ppl read it cuz they find it all entertaining. but i dont. her "father" is a terrible excuse for a dad. terrible. he shouldnt be recording phone calls w/ his daughter to sell to the media. what kinda father does that?! if anyone wonders why this poor girl has had so many problems over the year, i say, point the finger at Michael. Dina may not be perfect, but at least she was always an active parent. u cant say that about this guy. he only cares about Lindsay when it gets his name in the headlines. shes his cash cow. nothing more. so anything this POS says, i take w/ a grain of salt. ppl need to leave Lindsay alone. shes been trying so hard lately and i think shes been doing pretty good considering all the BS shes made to endure on a regular basis.

742 days ago

It's Dave    

' "Michael says, "Why is it that every time someone nails Dina doing something wrong, either on camera or on tape, they are always lying." '

Seriously? Dude, that's the official Lohan M.O.! You, Dina and Lindsay always claim the other party is lying (because they're jealous) whenever one of your clan is busted lying through your rotting teeth.

742 days ago


Michael and Dina, are the two main screw ups who have consecutively screwed up their kids.

742 days ago


This is one family that even shame won't help... They are beyond repair... RIP

742 days ago

Suzy Q     

Typical borderline behavior.
I love you, you're perfect.
I hate you, you're garbage.
I love you, you're perfect.
I hate you.....well, you get the picture.

742 days ago


Classic minimizing , gotta stop the yeah buts

742 days ago


Another vote for the murder-suicide solution. They're a stain on society that should be eradicated.

741 days ago


How could Lindsay not be nut's. All she has in this world is a drug addict mother who wouldn't be a drug addict without Lindsay's money. cocaine isn't free. Mom is going to beg Lindsay to love her before her next fix is due. Her mother's kisses her A-- for a price and her father betray's her for a price. What a life

741 days ago


Can HOLLYWOOD stop supporting LOOSERS!!! I just got finished watching TMZ live and she did nothing but LIE, LIE, AND LIE SOME MORE!!! If she can give her mother 40k, then I hope she can pay her taxes cause the 47% that Romey is talking about is HER and the rest of HOLLYWOOD!! LOOSERS!!!! And can somebody stop lending her cars.
I know someone who was drunk, hit someone and killed them and they were DEPORTED. Can you deport her ass please!!!!

741 days ago


Michael Lohan, you dirty rotten skumbag. You are a real piece of shyt that you would record a private conversation with your daughter, and then throw it out for public consumption behind her back. Azzhole. If you can't see how wrong it was to do that, then you are just empty inside.

741 days ago


Lindsey, take a permanent vacation from your parents. They own you more than they cherish you. You are old enough now to see the reality. Use your head and stop being affected and manipulated by their addictions.

741 days ago


Yes, what Michael Lohan did by recording his daughter without her knowledge and then circulating it publicly, that is greasy and low down. But, Dina is manipulating Lindsey for money, and a mother should not put her children in that position either. Let her get a freakin job. It is slimey to live off your adult children.

741 days ago

Aaron Saltzer    

I really think both Dina and Lindsay were drinking that night. That family is soo dysfunctional. More than mine, I might add.

741 days ago


I'm now thinking that Lindsay did tell her father to tape the conversation. She craves attention. She continues to go between the both of her parents; claiming to hate one and love the other. She continuously attempts to make her father look horrible ( which he is, dont get me wrong). The entire situation is simply weird. The whole family is weird.

741 days ago


I feel sorry for Lindsay & her siblings growing up with two Fu*(k up parents!!!! No wonder she is so damaged !!!

740 days ago
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