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Michael Lohan


With Lindsay's Head

10/12/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan has played mind games on her daughter to cover her own misdeeds ... this according to Michael Lohan.

TMZ had Lindsay Lohan on TMZ Live Thursday for 18 minutes.  During the interview, in addition to saying she lied to Michael when she said Dina was using cocaine, she swore her dad was now dead to her.  Lindsay sounded enraged that Michael recorded their phone conversation -- which ended up on TMZ.

Michael is adamant ... Dina is pulling the strings, claiming, "This is just another manipulation by Dina to control Lindsay.  Dina is just using Lindsay to cover her tracks."

Michael thinks it's ridiculous Lindsay is now covering for Dina even claiming her mom was fine when she appeared on "Dr. Phil" and the good doc was "vile and disgusting," accusing him of manipulating and berating Dina during the interview.

Michael says, "Why is it that every time someone nails Dina doing something wrong, either on camera or on tape, they are always lying."

As for Lindsay's vow to never talk to Michael again, he says, "I know Lindsay loves me and I love her very much."


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I am sure Lindsay thinks she straightened it all out by doing the 18 minute interview with Harvey. She is that delusional. To think her mother is not screwed up after watching Dina's interview with Dr Phil makes one wonder exactly what drugs Lindsay is on herself.

All this mixed up girl wants to do is "be on the set" really proves that the down hill roller coaster is not going to end until it crashes head on into a brick wall.

Nothing is ever Lindsay's responsibility ... She just wants a free ticket to ride then wonders why so many people literally hates her.

One year in rehab for entire clan but why bother even saying it anymore? No one is listening because the lights are all out at the Lohan house with no one searching for the light switch yet alone the Light.

When nothing changes? Nothing changes.

The saga continues.

709 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

709 days ago

balo balito    

TMZ- the website for smut peddlers. Air (buy?) an audio tape.. play it ... then put the daughter on later in the day to recant her recording. The perfect marriage between celebrity and media. TMZ makes pornography appear wholesome.

709 days ago


Look how horrible Lying Lindsay looks, from last night

709 days ago


Well, I do think he's right about this one. As repugnant as Lindsay is, I do think it's Dina who has Lindsay wrapped around her little finger rather than the other way around. Lindsay is a weak person who has no idea who she really is and for a person of her age who had the means to cut ties with Dina years ago I do think Dina must be taking advantage of this. Dina probably knows all about how to put the frightners of Lindsay to try to keep her in her clutches, and how to press her buttons to get her to give her what she wants. I can't stand Lilo, not a big fan of Milo, but it's Dilo who creeps me right out. I think she might be truly evil.

709 days ago

Peter Sc    

No wonder she turned out the way she did with these two parents doing their job in such an odd way.

709 days ago


Liz Taylor is dead to me...oh wait!

709 days ago


Why do these vile Blohan's always have to involve the media in their dysfunction? What a pathetic bunch of losers!

709 days ago


You can only hide the truth for so long Lindsay. Anyone that has seen the Dr.Phil show could see with there own eyes that Dina was on something. She's a million dollars in debt...the house will be going soon.

709 days ago


The news was just talking about Lindsay calling in to TMZ saying her mother didn't do coke and it was a normal mother daughter fight...They all started laughing at her

709 days ago


The problem is that DUIna LowHand does NOT want to Work but she wants to Own Houses and everything and Abuses LindSick LowHand to get money from her because she knows LindSick is the only one in the family making money....................Get a JOB DUIna!

709 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Milo, why is it that your family drama plays out in the media? I would not be surprised to find out that your drama is every bit as phony as the Kardashians.

709 days ago


Maybe Linsay should try to get publicity by acting. If she still can. This "problem of the day" routine is boring.
F**k both her parents, they made a mess of their daughter.

709 days ago

News Flash     

Michael is creepy to record their conversation. What an idiot and shame on TMZ for holding for buying info from him.

709 days ago


Join me and laugh along. God she looks horrible. Interview on carpet.

709 days ago
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