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Allegations of Sexual

Abuse In the Home

10/12/2012 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

7:00 AM PT -- Octomom has just responded to the allegations of sexual abuse -- telling TMZ, they are "BLATANT LIES" concocted by bitter ex-nannies.

Two of Octomom's former nannies have told officials ... Nadya Suleman allowed one of her children to sexually abuse another child inside the home ... this according to reports.

According to CBS2 in L.A., the 2 nannies have been in contact with Child Protective Services ... and told officials they personally witnessed the abuse.

The nannies do not say Octo personally sexually abused the children -- but according to one of the nannies who spoke with CBS, "(One of the boys) would take (his sibling) away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her."

"She never did (anything). ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ That was her attitude." the woman continued.

According to the report, the nannies also claim they witnessed Nadya tie her eight newborns to their bed with cheese cloths around their waists to keep them from getting out of their cribs ... and also blocked the door to the kids' bedroom with a chair from the outside so she could nap peacefully.


TMZ had obtained photos of a chair blocking the door several months back -- Octo said the kids had an exit and were never in danger.

La Habra police have investigated the allegations and sent the case to the Orange County D.A., which will determine if Octo should be charged with a crime.


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none of this alleged behavior is ok, but let's look at this from her point of view- she is trying, in her own way, to deal with all her kids, some of she acknowledges have behavior issues- she has not sold herself out like Jon and Kate, or the Duggers- she is doing the best she can- she clearly needs help- the sort of help that will not sell their story to make a quick buck- everyone would have flipped out if she had given up the kids for adoption and said how horrible she is- so cut her some slack- get that horrid DR who did the procedure to cough up the dough to provide her with the support she needs- single mother, true single mother, all those kids to feed, and cloth, and educate- so she wanted a nap and wanted to make sure they were safe- why did the nanny notice this but not offer to help- what was the nanny doing?

743 days ago


she's very self absorbed and oblivious to many things & that's nothing new. hope she grows some smarts but that seems unlikely just now since she's been so busy spiraling down into poverty land & becoming a sextress

743 days ago


I'm kinda pissed. I have some questions. 10 Why did they take so long to report this to pollice? Why wasn't this brought up when CPS was there last? and how long was that little girl being assualted before the nannies were fed up?????????

743 days ago


For those asking why the nannies are just NOW coming forward- they didn't wait. They have been in contact with CPS for sometime. The OC CPS has been sitting on this because they are lazy aholes. These nannies (as well as some family friends) have gone to the police and CPS on multiple occasions, the most recent time was last month.

743 days ago

People Annoy Me    

Stop it. Just stop now. Take the kids away, she's clearly unfit and always has been. I don't care what you plan with her, but for the love of god TAKE THE CHILDREN AWAY! Maybe allow her to visit them, but that's it!

743 days ago


This is total BS....If the nannies seen it happan why did they not stop it...Leave the Mom alone...Move on people..!!! BTW, why is this just now coming out about the cheese cloth being used to tie her NEWBORNS..?? Last I remember newborns don't "get out" of a crib..LOL..Jeeez people, at least come up with a half way believeable story,,!!!

743 days ago


Nadya had all her nannies sign non-disclosure agreements. Their voices were disguised on the news because they are still afraid Octomom will sue them for spilling her secrets. Shame on Octomom!

743 days ago


& chair on the door?? - i was a single mom in a one bedroom and occasionally when i had company, i had a latch lock on the outside of my daughters door, that i used, so she didn't walk in on anything she shouldn't be. Or when i wanted her to take time out, it kept her in her room & out of the line of fire

743 days ago


Not only should the children be taken away, she should be charged with neglect and child endangerment.

743 days ago


This headline is a total lie. But I guess no one would read the headline "Nannies accuse 4 year-old of sexual abuse".

743 days ago


Why didn't the nannies do something then? If its true they should be charged as well. You don't wait until you are no longer employed and then tell, YOU TELL AS SOON AS YOU KNOW IT'S HAPPENING!!! What they have to say may not be worth a damn considering they waited until they were unemployed and the attorney may see it as a stunt for money. WTG stupid ass nannies.

743 days ago

BB not bb    

The nannies are there to help take care of the kids, not stand around and complain that they aren't being taken care of. Where were they when the kids were tied down and barricaded in, just taking notes? Why weren't they staying with the kids so that Nadya could take a nap? Why didn't they tell the little boy not to touch the girl and keep them apart? They should be doing more and talking less.

743 days ago


When is enough going to be enough? This woman has been accused of some pretty horrible things having to do with her children. What I would like to know is what makes her so special? A normal person, not in the public eye, would have lost their children by now. I personally think the system is failing those children and more needs to be done to punish this baby factory named Nadya.

743 days ago


Watch the news report.

743 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

This is the kind if thing that makes me wonder if Nadya supporters ever hear themselves.

743 days ago
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