Taryn Manning's Victim We Made Up We Love Each Other

10/12/2012 11:49 AM PDT

Taryn Manning's Victim -- We Made Up ... We Love Each Other

Exclusive Details

The woman Taryn Manning allegedly beat to a pulp wants to drop all charges against her ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... Taryn and Holly Hartman have been very close for 5 years. In addition to working as Taryn's makeup artist, Holly and her 2 dogs live with Taryn and the two women even vacation together.

We're told last night they were partying late, and came back to the Dream hotel -- where Lindsay allegedly hit the guy while driving -- and they were "very drunk."

The two started arguing and we're told at around 2 AM it started getting physical, when Taryn allegedly struck Holly in the face with a closed fist, kicked her in the face and torso (Taryn is into karate, so that's gotta hurt) and slammed her head against the floor and wall.

Taryn was in court today on criminal charges of assault and obstruction of breathing or blood circulation.

But Taryn's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, tells TMZ that he spoke with Holly, who indicated she did not want to press charges ... and he told the judge this as well. Tacopina says Holly told him she and Taryn love each other very much and she wants this whole thing to just go away.

It's unclear what the D.A. will do.

By the way ... Taryn had a big role on "Sons of Anarchy," playing Cherry, the girlfriend of the character played by Johnny Lewis. You'll recall, Lewis died last month, after brutally killing his landlady and her cat.