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Anthony Bourdain

RIPPED By Guy Fieri ...

How Bout Those Drugs?

10/13/2012 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Bourdain
got his ass served to him Thursday night -- when celebrity chef Guy Fieri exacted his revenge on the "No Reservations" host by taking shots at his druggie past ... AND he did it all for charity.

Guy unleashed his insults at the NYC Wine & Food Festival during a charity roast of Bourdain -- who is notorious for his incessant bashing of Food Network chefs.

Guy quipped, "Anthony ... I hear you’re the only one in [culinary] class who did most of his cooking with a spoon and a Bic lighter" ... referring to Bourdain's self-confessed past drug use.

The jab must have been a sweet moment for Guy -- who has endured years of Bourdain's verbal attacks. Like the time Bourdain called Guy's newest 600-seat NYC restaurant a "terror-dome" ... that serves crappy food.

So we gotta ask ...


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What Guy doesn't know is that Tony is completely open to his drug past in his show,and in his book.....

743 days ago

Truffles are Yummy    

Funny, I know for a fact that Guy partied with coca among other things in his younger days in Santa Rosa, so WTF is he talking about? TEAM BOURDAIN, Guy is a dick. Trust me.

743 days ago


Love Tony. Hate Guy. Guy is an absurd buffoon with his sunglasses growing out of his neck and all his hideous Ed Hardy outta date douchey clothes and jewelry that is more suitable for a 14 yr. old skateboarder. As for his food, if you like burgers and tacos, he's your guy. If you like someone witty who knows food, Tony is your guy.

743 days ago

how lame    

Guy is so annoying but bourdain talks too much crap about every chef... can he even cook anymore? So team guy on this one.

743 days ago


The thing about Bourdain which makes him great is he doesn't give a F. He says what he thinks, never apologizes, and his books and TV shows prosper. We all wish we could get paid to live like that.

743 days ago

I like Guy's concept of his show alot better than watching Bourdains show. That is just my opinion. I just wish Guy wasn't so obnoxious....Guy's show would be alot better if he would just take it down a couple notches. Sometimes watching him interact with other people can be very uncomfortable to watch.

743 days ago


Im sure whatever critisism Bourdain gives is strictly food and restaurant related. Guys "joke" was completely below the belt and a personal attack. Lost any respect I had for the guy. ( And really, how much respect can you have for a guy who wears his sunglasses on the back of his head?)

743 days ago


Oh please, I'm sure Tony was cracking up when he heard it. He doesn't care.

But seriously, Tony should shut his trap once in a while.

742 days ago


Guy Fieri was the final nail in the coffin that rendered the food network dead to me.

742 days ago


I know how Tony's attitude, appearance and cooking is going to be in 20 years, its going to be about how it is today. With Guy, his attitude, well his attitude is whole other conversation, his appearance in 20 years might be so out of date skateboarder dude that its embarassing, and his cooking will be pretty much like his local restarurant, ordinary fare cooked like an ordinary cook would do it. So all in all, while both have huge egos, which by the way so do I, suspect in 20 years Tony will be the senior executive chef and Guy will be senior "grit eating fool".

742 days ago


I'm originally from the same town as Guy Fieri (a mid sized town in northern California). He has two restaurants there. I know multiple people that got sick after eating at one of them and the other one got closed down by the board of health because of a RAT INFESTATION. He's a joke.

742 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Pretty sure he surpassed a spoon and went onto a Ladle and a Bic Torch.

742 days ago


I can't stand either of these two self-absorbed ****s. Like many pseudo celebs, they make controversial comments for publicity & ratings. I don't know about Fieri but Bourdain used to be a chain smoker and thus, he has no business being a chef or a food critic as he can't have a proper sense of taste or smell. Sadly, people buy into his schtick because he's blunt, arrogant and swears. Like that substitutes for entertainment now.

742 days ago

some guy    

The only thing these two know about food is how to eat it. Slap an apron and back in the kitchen with these two. Bitches.

742 days ago


Anthony always comes off as an arrogant prick. Probably why he lost TMZ's vote.

742 days ago
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