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Ex-Hotel Worker

I Was Fired for

PRAISING Jennifer Aniston

10/13/2012 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


An ex-employee of a New Mexico hotel claims he was FIRED for talking about Jennifer Aniston to hotel guests while she was staying on the property ... even though all he said was that she's "very sweet."

A man named Terry Siegler says he worked at the Encantado Resort in Santa Fe as a shuttle bus driver -- but as of Monday, he was no longer employed ... because he allegedly violated the hotel's confidentiality policy regarding famous people.

Terry tells us, the alleged violation occurred last week when he was shuttling random hotel guests who had just seen Jennifer Aniston in the hotel spa.

Terry says the guests asked if he had seen Aniston, and he replied yes, telling them Aniston is "very sweet and much more petite than I thought."

According to Terry, the guests then went back to the hotel where they openly yakked about their discussion with him -- and a member of Jen's camp overheard them, believing Terry was divulging information about Aniston to guests.

We're told Aniston's pal reported the incident to hotel management -- which then fired Terry this week, citing the celebrity policy violation.

Terry says it's part of his job to engage guests and be friendly -- claiming, "They brought [Jennifer] up first ... Was I supposed to deny it?"

Terry says he's crushed after losing his $30,000-a-year job, but he's still unsure if he'll sue for wrongful termination.

The GM of the resort tells TMZ, "I cannot confirm anything about our employees but I will say that we have a very strict confidentiality policy and we do enforce those policies."


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Don't forget Jen was subjected to the attentions of a stalker a while back. He was found outside her house with weapons and duct tape, and stratched stuff into her car. The man knew the rules, I am sorry he has lost his job, but he cannot say he did not know what the rules were.

743 days ago


Seriously Jennifer? Fire a dude for saying you are sweet and petite. I guess he should have said you are a F##$ing c#$nt if the insult is the same as a compliment.

743 days ago


Jennifer Aniston did not get this man fired. His action got himself fired. I am sure he was aware of his employers views and policies on clinet confidentiality, which would include no discussing any guests with another. When the other guests asked him about seeing Jennifer Aniston, it was his job to say "I'm sorry, I am unable to talk about guests staying at our hotel." This man had to realise he was walking on thin ice when he spoke about another guest.

743 days ago


Hey, we all know how much Hollyweed cares about the lower income people. Look how hard they are fighting to get Obama in! Hypocrites!

743 days ago


Multi Millionaire Jennifer needs to fix this, the guy wasn't telling secrets about her. Multi Millionaire Jennifer putting a man that only makes $30k out of work over BS.

743 days ago


Little Miss Sweetheart needs to come forward and make things right.

743 days ago


Hollywood needs to fire her no talent ass for the string of really bad moivies. I will NEVER understand the fascination with her, and neither did Brad. That's why he kept it moving. The bitch did a bate and switch.

743 days ago


i cant believe they fire him for jenifer, all these celebrities have is lots of money and not even happy anyway.

743 days ago


He broke the rules--glad he was fired.

743 days ago


This old bitch is so full of herself. He is paid to be pleasant and only said she is petite. I hope he sues all of them, the hotel itself, the parent corporation and Hasbeen Aniston.

743 days ago


what is the matter is lil wayne, having all these kids for lots of women, he's going to end up like all those past famous singers who you see crying on tv, because the IRS foreclose on their homes, and they have no place to live

743 days ago


he should've said no he didnt see her, why loose your job because of a famous woman who cant make good movies anyway, same thing with these famous singers they going to end up broke in a few years. Look at all those singers from the 80's and 90's, they end up broke with no place to live.

743 days ago


oh come on ppl she didn't do anything WRONG!! she is a super cool person and beautiful!!!!websites are full of it!! they HAVE to make everything into DRAMA!! SMH:(

743 days ago


I like her..but if she had part in getting him fired I will totally change my mind about her!! She has millions!! and she got a 30k worker fired?? Ugh sometimes I hate this world.

743 days ago


It wasn't even Jennifer though..It was the bitch who works for her that ratted the guy out! He didn't even say anything wrong..Obviously the guests knew that Aniston was staying there, otherwise they wouldn't have been asking him questions! I love how these douchebags that work for celebrities think they walk on water because of what they do! In reality, they're nothing but servants! So this bitch that works for her needs to get her head out of her ass!!

743 days ago
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