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Ex-Hotel Worker

I Was Fired for

PRAISING Jennifer Aniston

10/13/2012 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


An ex-employee of a New Mexico hotel claims he was FIRED for talking about Jennifer Aniston to hotel guests while she was staying on the property ... even though all he said was that she's "very sweet."

A man named Terry Siegler says he worked at the Encantado Resort in Santa Fe as a shuttle bus driver -- but as of Monday, he was no longer employed ... because he allegedly violated the hotel's confidentiality policy regarding famous people.

Terry tells us, the alleged violation occurred last week when he was shuttling random hotel guests who had just seen Jennifer Aniston in the hotel spa.

Terry says the guests asked if he had seen Aniston, and he replied yes, telling them Aniston is "very sweet and much more petite than I thought."

According to Terry, the guests then went back to the hotel where they openly yakked about their discussion with him -- and a member of Jen's camp overheard them, believing Terry was divulging information about Aniston to guests.

We're told Aniston's pal reported the incident to hotel management -- which then fired Terry this week, citing the celebrity policy violation.

Terry says it's part of his job to engage guests and be friendly -- claiming, "They brought [Jennifer] up first ... Was I supposed to deny it?"

Terry says he's crushed after losing his $30,000-a-year job, but he's still unsure if he'll sue for wrongful termination.

The GM of the resort tells TMZ, "I cannot confirm anything about our employees but I will say that we have a very strict confidentiality policy and we do enforce those policies."


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Throwback kid    

Give the guy his job back, it's rough out there and he has bills to pay. I know people who worked at hotels and the celebrity's get annoyed if you don't recognize them, it's a blow to their overinflated egos because they are used to being treated different than the rest of us. Jennifer Aniston just makes one crap movie after another, she should stop wasting the studios money, she is DOA at the box office

703 days ago

Throwback kid    

There was a classic episode of Seinfeld where Jerry had a date with an attractive blonde who had Man Hands. Did they use Jennifer Aniston's hands for that scene? Now it looks like Jen has Granny hands. I just remember the terrified look Jerry had on his face as Man Hands ripped apart her lobster

703 days ago


Seems like there could have been a host of disciplinary measures short of firing this guy. But, welcome to America, where the uber-rich can do whatever they want without consequences and the average working person loses his job for a mistake (that didn't hurt anyone).

703 days ago


I don't understand why the guy didn't just say "Sorry, I've never met her before so I can't tell you anything." That way he's not confirming that she's a guest and he's not divulging anything about her. They don't know that he actually did meet her....

703 days ago


I hate aniston, always have, but this guy signed a confidentiality agreement when he was hired and he broke that, so he should have been fired. He has no case for wrongful termination.

703 days ago


Hopefully Jen will intervine...

703 days ago

go home!    

I think that celebrities "people" do more damage to them than good. I bet if JA hears that this man was fired, she would be furious. Hopefully she will and call the hotel bigwigs personally to ask that they rehire this guy. The people that work for celebs try to gain power by doing crap like this, publicists for example & the celebs have no idea. Don't blame Jennifer.

703 days ago

go home!    

OH and the funniest thing about this whole thing is that usually it is the celebs "people" (their publicists, hair stylists, makeup artists) that do the most talking to people about their clients in an effort to make themselves look important. That is really how the real gossip spreads around town folks.

703 days ago


Her agency is World Entertainment Agency in L.A. call them and tell them it's B.S. if she is so sweet... she wouldn't want a guy fired for saying that she's nice.
After all they were fellow guests If she want's to be on a secret vacation then rent a house somewhere where there aren't any people...

703 days ago


I had lunch at the Encantado Resort last year, and recognized a famous film director lunching with people who looked like film crew. I asked our waiter whether he knew anything about what film they might be working on. He got a "oh oh" look on his face and said he "really can't say anything" about anyone at the resort. Then he smiled and explained that if someone asked about me, wondering about what I'd ordered for lunch, for instance, he'd have to be just as close mouthed. "We respect everyone's privacy, as policy," he said.

So, this employee broke a hard and fast rule and was fired for it. I can't have much sympathy.

703 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Sounds like the guests at the resort got him fired just from mentioning her name. Sounds like Secret Service. Maybe she should rent a house next time.

703 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

There was that issue a couple years ago I think where some guy was going on about Jen getting him fired from his job as an extra or something. Then there was her old roomy, the comedienne who said she had landed a recurring guest role on Friends and before shooting had begun, Jen had her fired. So I definately think Jen was behind this, regardless of who in her camp went to hotel staff about this issue. She really should try and make this right. The funny thing is she didn't mind posing for paps to show off her ugly ring right when Brad's Chanel ads were being promoted.

703 days ago


It doesn't matter. He still could have been very friendly with the hotel guests and there would have been no need to deny he knew Jennifer. He could have just smiled, easily deflected the question and that's it.. He should have known better. Sorry, but he broke the hotel's policy and he deserved to be terminated.

703 days ago


Jennifer Aniston is overrated. She isn't even pretty.

703 days ago


Po Po Jen how many ppl is this now that she had fired without a second thought. Her first flop film after Friends she had the lighting guy fired.. The so called friend that roomed with Aniston before she was hired for "Friends' got a part on the show and BAM she was fired. The writer on 'Friends" was fired b/c Aniston had a better way of getting the good lines. A journalist asked her what charitable organizations she was involved with seeing that was the conversation at hand and he was fired....And the list goes on. Now this guy and they are the few that slipped out of the bag b/c Aniston pays to keep this stuff quiet b/c she wants to appear as the sweet nice Jen.
Money talks DOESN"T IT JEN!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Aniston is a lousy actress with a miserable chip on her shoulder. I wouldn't pay to watch any of her flop films.
Don't think for a min. Aniston didn't have anything to do with getting this man fired. She forgot she flipped burgers before her father got her the job on 'Friends'...Bitch!

703 days ago
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