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The Lohans

You Be the Judge

10/13/2012 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_michael_lohan_lindsay_lohan_dina_lohan_poll_article_tmz_gettyLindsay Lohan's nuclear fight with her mom this week -- with Lindsay alleging Dina was on coke and then recanting it -- proves this is one screwed up family.  So we gotta ask ...


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Gavin Doyle ‏@SaveTheSociety
JFK >>> LAX so Gavin is with her..
He woulnt miss a chance and Lielo getting the good Coke

680 days ago

tired of hearing about them    

For the love of God just make them all go away!

680 days ago


Who are these people and where have they been the last decade who think if Blohan dumps her parents from her life, she'll be all sunshine and roses and oh happy day? She doesn't LIVE with her family. She isn't 'controlled' by either of them, manipulated at times, maybe but lets be quite clear, Blohan is steering her own ship, no one else. EVER! This SLAG has been IN CHARGE of her life and lived 3,000 miles away from her parents for 10 years. ALL her arrests and VOP'S have occurred with her parents no where in the vicinity. She isn't going to seek help, she's not going back to school, she's not going to 'go away', she's not going to quit partying, she's not going stop being a self entitled, narcissistic, selfish, little cnut, parents or no parents!

680 days ago

janet true. wait till the money runs out. And the lawsuites start coming in. Lohan is not out of the woods. Nothing has been dismissed or dropped as of yet.

Wouldn't surprise me if she ends up moving in with daddy. I don't think she has anywhere to go. Hotel to hotel and use anyone she can to pay for it.

Hey, instead of Dina and Lindsay nightclubbing and partying getting drunk and coked out of their minds together. They can file bankrupsy together instead. But bankrupsy doesn't cover lawsuites.

680 days ago


Lindsay needs to some associating with her parents and she knows it. She was told the very first time she went to rehab that she needed to rid herself of all things toxic (which was probably almost 10 years ago now, as I believe her first stint was at the age of 17)
At this point, after seeing how she bounced from one parents to the other, I am starting to lose sympathy for her. Your mom pissed you off so you ran to your father for help. Then your dad pissed you off and in turn, you forgave your mother and are now siding with her again. That's a pretty piss poor way of dealing with your parents. On top of that her mother is a f'ckin piece of work. She allows her child to throw herself under a bus and take blame for lying about something that she probably wasn't lying about. Because Dina is such a self-absorbed whack-job that she cares more about her horrible reputation becoming more horrible, rather than whether her child looks bad by having to go public and say she lied about something. A better mother would say no, I won't make you take the blame, it was true, I was on coke and I need help. Don't throw yourself under a bus like that. But that's to be expected. Dina has always cared about Dina more than anyone. If she cared about Lindsay she wouldn't have turned out this way. But that's besides the point. If Lindsay isn't smart enough to get away from her parents after ALL these years then f'ck her. As she said in the tapes ' you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink'. Well Lindsay, that goes for you too. People have shown you the way to a better life many times, and you've chose to ignore it every time. I won't feel sorry for someone who continues to do it to themselves. After hearing those tapes I can't bring myself to feel any more compassion for her situation.

680 days ago


RED CLOUD....Nooooooo! Please come back. Oh wait you'll be busy trying to skew this poll but it's negative any way you vote. Only these loser Lohans could pull that off. I was one of the 50 percent who said she will never pull it together. Seriously, how will she? As anyone seen the way she lives and acts? Oh poor Lindsay she had a poor upbringing. She's had her MANY chances. Any one of those rehabs had the therapy for her but she just wanted the hell out.

680 days ago


My God, HELP is back with the long-winded boring assed posts that I don't bother to read. FFS.

680 days ago


Funny poll, TMZ......fifty percent think that Lindsay can be saved. MiLO gets the award for ugliest!!!

680 days ago


Lindsay been on her own since she was 16 and mommie planted her ass at the Chateau Marmont and went back to NYC....and thats because Lindsay ordered her to.....She Lindsay Lohan has been giving the orders in that family since she learned to talk.......
She is about as fragile as a piece of steel.....and just a cold and hard....
NO ONE but Lindsay Lohan is to blame for Lindsay Lohan....She LIKEs her life, She likes the attention ! LIkes the nastiness because she is nasty,.....and has been all her life....she was a nasty little brat....a nasty mean girl ...a trashy teenager who turned into a nasty whore.....
And That Nastiness that shes been wallowing in all her life is finely catching up to her....
She is the very meaning of the word VILE !!!
Feel sorry for her HELL NO !!!

. She as used up and turned down every iota of help that has every been given to her and perverted it into something nasty and she is....She wants.....thats the key...SHE WANTS !!! that all she cares about....

680 days ago


Whats next... Lindsay Lohan caught muleing drugs outside of the Chateau Marmont.

They aren't mine. Mommy and Daddy made me do it. Because of them I'm on skid row.

No way she is going to give up partying drinking and drugging, I'm Lindsay Lohan superstar. She's no superstar in LA and certinly not in NYC. Not anywhere.

680 days ago


Please stop fueling this family. Let them just go away.

679 days ago


Does anyone really ****in care about lindsay lohan anymore

679 days ago


You are beating this story to death MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!

679 days ago


Haha. This voting poll is obviously skewed, with rapid repeat votes from MIKEY, and with the use of one of his numerous computer tech apps/programs. Maybe 'the Feds' should check out all his 'SPY GEAR' that he allegedly uses to tap phones, track locations via (GPS), and video/audio his chosen Targets. It's criminal what he did (tape recording) of private conversations, exacerbated by his then release of (invasion of privacy) to the public. His motives were malicious, and to cause harm and/or personal profit.
Dina should retain an attorney, and ML's probation should be reviewed for violations.

679 days ago


There is a Liz and Dick poster on the bus stop down the block from me. Is there going to be a LA viewing party? TMZ should throw a party for all the HaTeRs to watch Lindsay......

679 days ago
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