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The Lohans

You Be the Judge

10/13/2012 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_michael_lohan_lindsay_lohan_dina_lohan_poll_article_tmz_gettyLindsay Lohan's nuclear fight with her mom this week -- with Lindsay alleging Dina was on coke and then recanting it -- proves this is one screwed up family.  So we gotta ask ...


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Nothing good happens at 4AM.
Second: Mother daughter out at club till then?
Drop them in a hole, please.

741 days ago


...and she's a Republican. Figures.

741 days ago

janet surprise there. Not to worry it will all catch up with her.

You can burn only so many bridges and end up with no where to go. Christ knows she's working on that.

741 days ago


Wait, people think Lindsay is ever not wasted?? That is some serious delusional thinking there,

741 days ago

how lame    

All three suck.

741 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I think Lindsay's new assistant, "that madonna girl" is going to start getting jobs instead of Lindsay. She is prettier and does not have issues. Hanging around with Lindsay is great exposure and she will get discovered while Lindsay gets loaded.

741 days ago


One good thing is it lets me know when to put my guard up around people ....have a person walk up to you and you see a grey or brown or dark aura about them best believe I am on alert....comes in handy.....and your right about the eyes....
That old saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul is right in lots of ways...and most of those people you see in that crowd she hangs with have dead eyes /aka no souls ...don't believe me go look at Terry Richardsons diary site ...look at all those youngun's eyes dead all of them they have sold their sould to the devil already for hollywood lifestyle.....
Lindsays eyes are dead because she sold her soul to the devil a long long time ago...and he 's about to collect hers.......

741 days ago

Poopey Poopstein    

Harvey and the TMZ crew need rehab for continuing to cover this toilet bowl of a family.

741 days ago

LA Native    

Flower girl was tweeting jibber jabber all night long, wonder where Linds is?

741 days ago

LA Native    

This chick has been telling Linds how it is....LOL

741 days ago


These Aliens are the biggest JOKE ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!! WHAT A BUNCH OF TOOLS!!!!!

741 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Good Afternoon everyone, don't know if you saw Lying Lindsays photo op from last night. ( haven't read any pages yet)
Someone must teach this retard how to apply self tanners. Look at her neck..Bwahaha! her legs are all blotchie and pale as hell.
Can't believe no one tells her how hiseous she looks.

Lindsay Lohan's Friday Night at Giorgio Baldi - The Gossip Girls

741 days ago


I have been seeing people on here saying Linds is fragile. The only FRAGILE thing about her is the stubble left on her head.

741 days ago


It looks like the only poll Green Cloud has going for him is can Lindsay be saved, which is still an amazing 50/50. I wish I could afford to go to rehab, I wouldnt need to go 5 times either I would hope. I remember about this time last year I gave up drinking for almost three months before I fell off the wagon around my birthday in mid Janruary, and have not been able to get back on. Like Lindsay I am a mean drunk as some of you may know, and I can get mad at just about anything. It is a real problem, and I like Lindsay probably wont be able to quit, so I dont think she can be saved.
I remeber seeing a movie a few months ago called "Days of Wine and Roses" starring Jack Lemon. It was pretty depressing. One of the last lines in the movie is a lady who kind of reminds me of Lindsay saying " I cant imagine spending the rest of my life sober" Im sure Lindsay cant imagine spending the rest of her life sober either, Sobriety is pretty boring.

741 days ago


it is kind of messed up that you have a poll asking if she can be saved.. you think if it was like 98 percent said no she couldnt and she saw that it wouldnt effect her? You guys are kind of idiots and if/when she dies of some overdose or something stupid you should be partially blamed.

741 days ago
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