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Octomom's Current Nanny

Allegations of Abuse Are


10/13/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1013_octo_nanny_video_tmzOne of Octomom's current nannies is standing by her employer ... calling the allegations two former nannies made against Nadya Suleman "ridiculous" and "BS."

Two of Octo's previous nannies went to Child Protective Services last month, alleging that Nadya would barricade her kids in their room so she could take a nap and that there was sexual abuse among the children.

But TMZ spoke with Terry, who has been working for Octo for about a month now (since Octo moved to her new home in Palmdale). Terry says she's never seen anything like what the former nannies alleged to police, telling TMZ, "As far as I see, she's a good mom. She's got more patience than anyone I know."

TMZ has also obtained photos inside Octo's new home ... which she says show her home is nothing like what her prior nannies claimed it was like.

As TMZ first reported, Octo vehemently denies the allegations of abuse against her and her children and the Orange County D.A.'s Office rejected the case, citing a lack of evidence.



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And the new nanny would NEVER lie to protect her new employment, right? I'm just glad that disgusting tribe doesn't live in my neighborhood.

740 days ago


But, but, but ... I thought Octomoron says she's had NO PAID HELP in years. Yet here she is trotting out ONE of her current nannies to refute allegations of neglect and abuse. I think Octomoron is a compulsive liar who lies about almost every detail of her life no matter how small. Check out past interviews and videos and see how often her statements/actions contradict other things she's said or done. Not sure why TMZ believes anything that Octomoron or her associates say - it's just lots of CYA for the craptastic life she leads.

740 days ago


Yeah she was hired just this morning.

740 days ago


the nanny looks like does meth. I would not want her watching my kids...

740 days ago

Loretta Love    

D#MB A$$ PR STUNT~ almost as bad as the fake

740 days ago


Actually, legitimate sources have always said she's good with the kids and everything we've seen in public is consistent with that. People have remarked before about her gentleness with children and she's always seemed to have a good sense of humor about it all. She's been struggling financially, but that's because 8 at once would strain anybody's finances and she hasn't had the kind of community support that other parents of multiples have had. In the past, the few hateful people who spit at parents of multiples had to do it privately by snailmail (a parent of septuplets estimated 10% of their mail was hate mail just like we see in anti-Nadya posts on the net). Today, hatred spreads via the net so fast, with the flames fanned by the likes of TMZ, that it just seems as though it's a bigger percentage when it really isn't naturally. I've seen baseless speculation by some blogger turned into "gospel truth" as it spreads, and people forget that it was speculation with no evidence. There's now a lot of money to be made in trashing her because of tabloid interest, and I think that's what's been happening. She's not an ogre like Kate Gosselin, she just doesn't have Kate's TLC money.
It also didn't help that she had a cold fish of a mom who never wanted children herself (and let her daughter know it; her dad, like Nadya, always wanted a big family) and was quite willing to toss her daughter under the bus to media. Grandma busily tried to scare the older kids into thinking their mom wouldn't love and care for them anymore when she was in charge of them for the two months Nadya had to be in the hospital, trying to keep the octuplets inside her as long as possible to give them a fighting chance. Stupid reporters quoted the kids saying such stuff that had to come straight from grandma. What kind of a grandmother does that?!? Nadya's big mistake was letting grandma anywhere near her kids.
If she had only the expected one child instead of 8 (and think a bit before you irrationally assume she planned on octuplets...) and had been able to finish the master's degree she was working on and then got a job in line with that - she would have been able to support her family on her own without any fuss. Check out the numbers (potential income vs realistic expenses for a large family) for yourself. Single mothers do manage all the time.

740 days ago


So now she's paying homeless people to talk to the media for her?

740 days ago


I love how people with no job (casey anthony) or no money (octopu$$y)...have nannies...........wtff?

740 days ago


Leave her alone. You know she is living in hell and Yes she asked for all this, but leave her alone I now, feel sorry for her.She is damn if she does damn if she don't. Do you want your life or her's Get real. She is trying and I couldn't imagine everyday waking up to that life. Back off. Its really very sad. But am glad to read others too get it and feel for her also. WOW just WOW on some of you think You're so funny !!! Her ife will always be hell so Hope that makes you feel better !!!!

740 days ago


Suleman must be in ecstasies again since she is getting so much attention again !!!

740 days ago


A couple weeks ago, Octomom was seen (and tweeted) buying milk and vodka at rite aid. And she paid for the milk with an EBT card.

Am I the only one that is bothered by this?

740 days ago


Last time I saw the nanny was in Texas holding a chainsaw.

740 days ago


Octoslut is using society and its dumb people to her advantage. Look how big her place is. And she doesn't even have a job. We have afforded this low life s***bag the opportunity to live off welfare, etc. so that she can have all the children she wants and never know what it's like to go to work each day. We support her with our taxes and she is laughing all the way to the bank.

740 days ago


I have an overwhelming urge to send Elijah a ace of spray paint as a housewarming present ;)

740 days ago



740 days ago
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