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Octomom's Current Nanny

Allegations of Abuse Are


10/13/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1013_octo_nanny_video_tmzOne of Octomom's current nannies is standing by her employer ... calling the allegations two former nannies made against Nadya Suleman "ridiculous" and "BS."

Two of Octo's previous nannies went to Child Protective Services last month, alleging that Nadya would barricade her kids in their room so she could take a nap and that there was sexual abuse among the children.

But TMZ spoke with Terry, who has been working for Octo for about a month now (since Octo moved to her new home in Palmdale). Terry says she's never seen anything like what the former nannies alleged to police, telling TMZ, "As far as I see, she's a good mom. She's got more patience than anyone I know."

TMZ has also obtained photos inside Octo's new home ... which she says show her home is nothing like what her prior nannies claimed it was like.

As TMZ first reported, Octo vehemently denies the allegations of abuse against her and her children and the Orange County D.A.'s Office rejected the case, citing a lack of evidence.



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Wow, wish I could afford that HUGE flat screen t.v. she has. I'm still convinced after seeing these pictures that half those kids are still sleeping on the floor.

717 days ago


Octomom has claimed for over a year now that she does it all by herself without help - now she has nannies talking about other nannies. Guess she is a liar after all.

717 days ago


I do not like Octomom. However, the complaint does seem bogus. Why are the former nannies complaining that the kids were regularly locked in their room? As nannies, wasn't it their job to be watching and taking care of the kids? If there is an investigation of abuse, they need to focus on the former nannies.

717 days ago



717 days ago


Tut. Tut we now that Suleman has not been telling the truth about 'doing it all herself', in terms of the children. Hmmm... A text from Suleman negotiating and/or establishing a a "private' arrangement for the sharing of the care of her children...a 50/50 split, give or favor of Suleman's personal needs, that is to say, her schedule Someone else has been caring for Madame's children...whilst Madame has been 'doing it all herself'. Bloody miracle. And Madame was apparently satisfied with the arrangement.... well enough for 'Let's make a private deal'

And now, presenting ,yet another adjunctive 'caretaker', this time blatantingly declaring her a 'nanny'.
I doubt that Suleman has ever done it 'all by herself', in terms of the ongoing care of children and by the way, my doubt would also include self-sufficiency devoid of Government Social Welfare. Ah yes, she may use sleight of mouth to gloss over actual fact...the word 'friend',or a'family' being the hallmark of her Sulemantics.
So now, there is a Nanny who is a virginal as Suleman's new home....figuratively speaking. Absolutely not my taste, but she looks newly 'turned out' and primped. No doubt for the Camera's. Cha ching!
An interview. That begs the question: '" How much cha-ching... for the nanny? How crass of me. Perhaps I meant to inquire as the the perks that she was offered in lieu of....well, her position as a nanny.
Somewhat like a premature ejaculation, this nanny has jumped the gun, in terms of her assessment.
It is a sad reflection that a mother, would state on camera that she is will 'laugh all day', about the allegations. This is an innapropriate response from a mother. Perhaps the DA has chosen not to act on them at this time, but this is now on record for future reference. The allegations have not been negated. As well the world is privy to the allegations, and the 'private deal' text from Suleman.
It is my contention that this stinkhole of a controversy will adhere permanently to Madame like a putrid stench. Paddle for all your paltry worth, Suleman.

My advice to GR Management...Bale, while you are still afloat.

717 days ago


I like that line, "TMZ has obtained photos of Octo's new home that shows its nothing like what the nannies "CLAIMED" of the last home". WTF are you talking about TMZ, you are the ones that obtained photos of the inside and outside of Octo's last house that proved she was a pig, plain and simple. After you posted all those pictures Dr. Phil's clean up crew showed up and washed, patched and painted and you were given EXCLUSIVE photos to prove it was all pretty now. It's only been a month, we also didn't see three other bedrooms, the kitchen and outside her home in the backyard. You guys really IRK me sometimes with your reporting.

717 days ago


Old Wrinkly McMeth-head obviously hasn't worked for Miss Piggy for very long. We'll see if she's singing her praises in a few months.

717 days ago


This new nanny has only worked with Octo for TWO WEEKS?! Nadya has only been in Palmdale two weeks. I trust the nanny that was interviewed on tv who watched the octuplets all summer long & who has text messages from Nadya asking her to share custody of the kids because she is like an Aunt to them. Now Octo has turned on this nanny because she went to the police?! Shame on Nadya. Nadya is mad because the summer babysitter told the truth & admitted all Nadya talks about is wanting a tv show.

717 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Poor thing. She has that "rode hard and put away wet" look about her.

717 days ago


TMZ - you should disclose to your readers that Nadya Suleman's manager has a son that works for you.

717 days ago


In a market where it's still tough finding a job, should it surprise anyone that she'd say whatever she needs to to keep her job? There are PICTURE TO PROVE IT with Nadya. Kids eating drywall, kids being forced to go potty outside, kids locked in a room (she claimed Elijah put a chair under a door nob during a week Elijah was gone on a school trip). There are videos sanctioned by the "queen" herself showing ht babies in cages as she tosses them their breakfast (bottles of plain cold milk) and runs out. Nadya isn't this great patient mother.

717 days ago


Just keep one thing in mind. Everything you read from NadaySuleman/Gina Rodriguez, every single word, is now geared to marketing her as a celebrity rehab candidate. Since no one will give her a Family of Multiples reality setting, she is determined to do the damaged celebrity thing.
She can now add all this latest filth to her story of things "Drugs and alcohol made me do and nobody understands teh wonderfulness of me,me,me.
As far as a "haters" site go, just remember that Nadya Suleman's definition of a hater is anyone who would rather be concerned about her children than pay any attention to her.
You remember that line from Fatal attraction-- I Will NOT be Ignored? That is her motto. No matter how many kids she has had to hurt to live it.
Waht is really weird is that she somehow finds other bottom-feeders to go along with it? Why? You couldn't pick a more doomed proposition as a money-maker.

717 days ago


Where did she find this so called "nanny", under a freeway overpass? Clearly homeless and paid to say whatever she was told to

717 days ago


It seems that Nadia is damned if she does & damned if she doesn't. It appears she is trying to do right by her children & not be on the government dime. We do not know what really happens in the home & to judge without knowledge is simply wrong.

717 days ago


It has been abuse since the day they were born! You don't have a million kids and not be able to provide for them... These children didn't ask for this!

717 days ago
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