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Octomom's Current Nanny

Allegations of Abuse Are


10/13/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1013_octo_nanny_video_tmzOne of Octomom's current nannies is standing by her employer ... calling the allegations two former nannies made against Nadya Suleman "ridiculous" and "BS."

Two of Octo's previous nannies went to Child Protective Services last month, alleging that Nadya would barricade her kids in their room so she could take a nap and that there was sexual abuse among the children.

But TMZ spoke with Terry, who has been working for Octo for about a month now (since Octo moved to her new home in Palmdale). Terry says she's never seen anything like what the former nannies alleged to police, telling TMZ, "As far as I see, she's a good mom. She's got more patience than anyone I know."

TMZ has also obtained photos inside Octo's new home ... which she says show her home is nothing like what her prior nannies claimed it was like.

As TMZ first reported, Octo vehemently denies the allegations of abuse against her and her children and the Orange County D.A.'s Office rejected the case, citing a lack of evidence.



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How expensive is a bed? Anybody? To sleep on just a mattress and a boxspring? How expensive is a legit bed?

741 days ago


So now she has Tanning Mom watching her kids ?

741 days ago


This nanny looks like a tweeker.

741 days ago


It is just a matter of time now. The woman in the video seemed very honest. Probabaly Octo found her when scooping out the churches for free baby sitters who were guilable enough to think they could make a difference.

All these people coming forward can't be lying. What seems to be the problem is the laws. That is how Octo is getting away with it.
Now, no one is going to voluteer to help this monster. The rope is getting tighter.

I hate to say it, but one of the kids...WILL...get killed. That is when CPS will act. That is what it is going to take.

I do think the attention she craves will be her downfall. It is what will trap her. Too many people know who and what she is. She won't be able to hide the next incident and the next.
Oddly enough, the fame and book that makes a million dollars will come from the nannies. I would buy it. They will walk off with the fame and glory she craves. I guess they will have the last laugh.

741 days ago


Nadya can't get a regular 9-6 job waiting every 2 weeks for a minimum wage paycheck, she need money and lots of it, FAST! So any legal/legitmate or what we believe are rotten embarrassing job offers her agent can get for her she has to accept or lose money. With 14 kids to provide for and money being tight. I certainly can't blame her. As for the abuse and neglect of her children. So many rumors, he says, she says crap out there it's hard to believe anything and since I can't see for myself what goes on behind closed door, I can't call whether the accusations against Nadya and her childrens are true or not. The house she used to live in was trashed, however most proverty, ghettos and project homes with childrens living in them are a lot worse--(by way of drugs, crackheads, hookers and sellers with guns on the streets). Nadya kids appear to look just perfectly fine health wise. I agree with CPS and DA office, as long as there is heat, water, electric and food, as long as there is no signs of abandonment, neglect or abuse there's just not enough cir***stantial, hard proven evidence to remove the kids from Nadya's care or the kids away from each other based on empty hearsay, hate or even spiteful jealousy of another. These days, audiovideo is far more reliable then deceiving pictures.

741 days ago


When the truth came out...SHE HASN'T BEEN KEEPING HER OWN KIDS. She has been looking for nice pigeons to farm them out to for WEEKS at a time! WOW what a liarer she is!
After this, and the way she has talked about those good women that kept her kids for free...NO ONE IS GOING TO DONATE THEIR TIME.
After this, I doubt she can even get a job stipping. Even stripping, people have to WANT to see you.
No one wants this trash for anything.

Social Services...where are you? Don't you care that one of these kills will be hurt?

741 days ago


Just saw the disgusting pics and video from her XL Drag Queen show. As always she dragged her kids into her nasty mess. She has her boobs out and is nursing 2 plastic dolls and then feeding one of them vodka. Way to go Octoslore.

Just like her nasty stripper stint, she's sucking on a big baby bottle and using a big baby rattle. Bring your children into your slutty lifestyle.

Her porn video was playing while she was doing her drag queen slut show and of course she has to have baby clothes as a backdrop to her porn. As if promoting it on daytime tv so the whole world knows she is a porn performer. Nice way to add humiliation and shame to the burden of chaos and poverty your kids already endure. They'll never get over having you for a mother.

I think after the allegations of sexual abuse in her unsupervised home, she is not going to be wanted for anything but the lowest of the low rent venues. Just where she belongs, dive bars, hustling for a dollar to make her holler.

I don't think this abuse and neglect thing is going to just go away. She better watch her step. Palmdale is keeping up with her every move, right down to using her EBT card to buy groceries 2 weeks ago and her almost daily trips to Target. When she makes her vodka runs, it will be tweeted to the world.

741 days ago


There is video graphic evidence of her being drunk off her azz and not even aware she hasn't seen the kids for more than 2 weeks at a time. Since the DA and CPS don't seem to care, I think it's about time the people who have it start releasing the videos to the media."

I think you need to do that for the kids. It seems the only way the CPS guys are gonna be forced to do something

741 days ago

BB not bb    

This lady seems honest and experienced. People do use baby gates and play pens to control the chaos. People do just serve one meal and let the kids deal with it. Nadya needs tips like these from someone who knows their job, not people looking to cash in on the let's pick on Nadya trend.

I think Nadya is like a superhero dealing with all of these kids. One baby for a single parent can be too much, she has a whole classromm full of kids to deal with alone. If she could just get her priorities right, she could do alot better with it all.

She really seems dedicated to dealing with a nightmare situation. I hope she meets more nice people and stays away from the evil and accusatory people who want to see her fail.

I'd say give them a pot of oatmeal with a piece of fruit for breakfast, a pot of rice and beans for lunch, and a pot of spaghetti and vegetables with a salad for dinner. Cutting crusts off bread is getting crazy. Kids will eat decent food before they starve.

They should keep the kids out in the yard all day until they are too tired too go berzerk in the house. Let them play sports or even tag in the yard. Kids love that stuff.

741 days ago


would barricade her kids in their room so she could take a nap That I can 100000000% believe. With that many kids? Cripes two around the same age can cause enough troubles. As for SEXUAL abuse - no way. Now if they were 13 and girls and there was a step dad -- as Margie Palin would say you betcha.

741 days ago


nanny needs to leave the gpc 100's alone

741 days ago

judge judy    

A nanny who has been there for less than a month while Nadya knows she's under investigation doesn't know what went on. Also, they've just moved in, so the home being in good shape now doesn't mean that's its usual state, either.

We have here an entitled, scammy, unbalanced woman who should never have been allowed to get expensive procedures to have 14 children on misappropriated taxpayer money.

That's way too many kids for even most sane, stable couples who can afford them, especially all so close in age and some disabled.

The public sex acts for pay that make reference to her children are disgusting. No, she doesn't have to do it. She doesn't actually need to live so much higher than people who pay their own way in life with their clothes on.

But, we all know there's nothing good about that situation or likely to come from it. I wouldn't be surprised if the children are eventually taken into care and/or Nadya imprisoned for welfare fraud.

740 days ago


That Terry woman on the video is on the comments page of the photos above trying to make Octotrash sound like Mother of the Year. What a joke. She needs to be told what's what.

740 days ago

Ginger Pail    

Her house doesn't look like the dump the old place was? Well, it's only been a few weeks and she left what, 20 dumpsters of stuff behind at the other place?

738 days ago

Terry Johnson     

To all you ******* haters who have nothing better to do than talk crap about people you don't know,or never will know, all I have to say is you must have eaten alot of **** because clearly that is what is coming out of all your mouths. Take a good look in the mirror and at your life and then rethink what your saying before you speak! Your parents raised you well didn't they? NOT !!!! what your doing is bullying and that is wrong. I am sure your 100% perfect, looks, personality, etc. I doubt it 101% How would you like people to start rumors true or false about you or your loved ones when they know nothing about you other than what someone else spreads or that you read? You wouldn't would you? So don't judge a book by it's cover let God do the judging that's his job you should worry about your family and leave her family alone! Better yet most of you need to finish school or go back to school because your spelling SUCKS and so do you!!! Have a wonderful life

737 days ago
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