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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Sitting Down

with Barbara Walters

10/14/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will continue her chatty streak (following her appearance on TMZ Live this week) and will sit down for a one-on-one interview with the legendary Barbara Walters ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she has been close to Walters for years and that Barbara reached out to her about doing an interview when it was announced she'd be playing Liz Taylor in the upcoming "Liz & Dick" biopic.

We're told LiLo has been hesitant about sit-down interviews because she fears being asked questions she's not prepared for. But our sources say Lindsay trusts Barbara not to take things too far.

According to our sources, Lindsay and Barbara will sit down sometime in the next few weeks. We're told the interview will focus on the parallels between the lives of Lindsay and Liz Taylor -- things like child stardom, a rough childhood, living life in the public, and also dealing with addiction.

Our sources say the plan is for the interview to air next month to coincide with the premiere of "Liz & Dick."


No Avatar


Will Barbara ask her about being a "HOMLESS HOTEL HOKKER!" I wonder?

706 days ago


Fabienne- remember she also interviewed the shady Kardashian family.The family that got in the business via pornography. Perhaps she is seeking sensationalism for her sagging ratings. She hasn't interviewed any true personalities in some time.Perhaps people don't want to be interviewed by her any longer and she is desperate.

706 days ago


SH!T, that calls for a CRACKtini!

706 days ago


Baba: So lindsay is your mother still drinking?
Lielo: lies...lies lies.

Baba: That's great! So your mother never was on cocaine?
Lielo: lies,lies *cough* lies.
Baba: That's great!

706 days ago


Barbra go back to do your oscar special that is all you are good for.

706 days ago


Another question to ask Blo:
"What's up with posing for pics with a gun aimed at your head?"

And my fav:
"Why are you homeless?"

706 days ago


Old Babs should retire...she is tired of her....and also tired of Lindsay

706 days ago


Baba: Wow Windsay! How was filming Wiz an Dick?

Lielo: lies,lies,lies *snort* lie.

706 days ago


We'll hear nothing new, so this is already a waste of time. She truthfully has nothing to say that won't sound like the blame game. She's a dirty little liar and so are her parents. They've perfected their lie so much they believe them.

706 days ago


I havn't wished her dead.....No sir reee.......but I have been blessed with the ability of see people auras most of the time and I can see hers as clear as day....and hers is black and almost opaque which is a very bad in fact worse kind of aura (inner light) you can not seen unless the person is near dead or very very sick to the point of no you can laugh all you want but its true and its let me know several times when to be on alert or alarmed...
I don't have to wish anything on her she is doing it to herself without anyones help........
I fact she could take it as a warning and do somethng about it to change.......but she won't....

706 days ago


Look Barbra...we're here to talk about Liz and Dick.

Ok Lindsay...if Liz's mother was on cocaine would she try to get help for her?

I'm leaving!

706 days ago


So Lindsay wants to set the record straight, does she? And Walters is giving her the forum to do it. Just another interview of LIES that will gain her nothing but more ridicule. How about the truth for effing once? How about a child raised with unbridled freedom to do as she pleased in return for a paycheck. And that same child being told time and time again how special and talented she is and anybody that didn't think so was just jealous. NO ONE said "NO" to her and she grew up believing she is better than everyone else. Becoming Lindsay who she is today is wrapped up in those 2 POS who raised her. She is the poster child of a dual diagnosis of drug addiction and a personality d/o. Thanks to BOTH of her parents. So now she will go on national T.V. and claim that she's fine...But look at her(I double dog dare you) does she look fine? She doesn't even look like Lindsay anymore. Her face and lips are plumped up beyond recognition. Her application of cosmetics makes her look like a clown most of the time. She still gets into physical fights with people(Whether it's her Mother or just a hapless cell phone owner) in the wee hours of the morning after an all nighter at a club. Just because she hasn't been arrested for anything(oh yeah-she has been-Iforgot-but nothing will come of it) doesn't mean she has cleaned up and is now fine. No one that is fine/sober goes out in public with their face looking like hers. Mentally healthy/sober people don't get into frequent altercations with people. No one with EYES can deny this. So she tell Walters her lies and everyone will laugh. Ratings will be high and Walters will make bank on a mentally unhealthy woman. TMZ will post another story and Harvey will make bank. Lindsay will get the attention she craves that feeds her mental illness. A win win situation for all. Reality T.V. at its finest. If Lindsay were smart though-she could profit by airing her own reality show and cut out LEECHES like Harvey and Walters. Sad to say I would so watch it. Is Hollywood listening?

706 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey, I just got here.......isn't today HATE DAY?

706 days ago


We're told LiLo has been hesitant about sit-down interviews because she fears being asked questions she's not prepared for.

in other words.she likes to prepare a lie before hand.not so good with lying on the fly

706 days ago


Babz and Linz look about the same age now. But Babz has better hair.

706 days ago
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