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Paris Jackson

'80s Supermodel?

10/14/2012 3:35 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

1012_paris_carolHere's Michael Jackson's 14-year-old daughter Paris Jackson at an event in L.A. on Thursday (left) -- and '80s supermodel and former "Celebrity Apprentice" star Carol Alt, 51, in NYC on Thursday (right).

Pretty young things.

We're just sayin'.


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Sociopaths are Sad    

Paris Jackson doesn't look 14. She looks to be in her 30s. She's wearing a FULL FACE of makeup. And for those saying she's a natural beauty .. ho hum .. she looks good now. At 14 going on 33. But you can tell she's going to bulk up when she hits 18, 19. She's got the linebacker body type just like Debbie Rowe. Nice facial structure except for the low hanging nose tip. Her nose tip bothers me. Gorgeous eyes. But her metabolism and body type will ruin it for her soon. Looks wise, she won't have a career in Hollywood unless she develops an eating disorder b/c she has Debbie Rowe's body type, clearly. I hope she gets an education b/c I don't see her making a career in entertainment. She also most likely has no acting or musical talent. She needs to take a step back and keep it real. She's turning into a faker.

677 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Pretty creepy how MJ's fans always comment on "her beauty" and "how mature" she is. Really people, I know that you may have worshiped the person she knew as her father, but it's really quite creepy. You should be outraged about how "his kids" a paraded out for publicity.

677 days ago


Paris eyes, as said a million times, are gorgeous but the way she uses her eye makeup like the black eyeliner are so very unflattering. I wish she would learn how to accentuate her natural beauty. But hey she's 14~15....she'll learn I hope.

677 days ago

Don Martin    

Too bad she had such a s***bag for a father

677 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

She looks a lot more like a present day Cindy Brady than Carol Alt.

677 days ago


Clearly,there is no black in Paris or the older brother.Clearly, MJ did not want black off spring.
When will the biological father be revealed?

677 days ago


The youngest one needs a normal name and a good haircut. He always looks angry. He knows that he is "different",from the other two.

677 days ago

BB not bb    

Paris is pretty and carries herself very well. Maybe that is what is making Janet feel so competitive with her. The evil in Janet's heart is destroying whatever attractiveness she had. I think Latoya looks better than Janet now also.

I like Paris better without all of the funky make-up on. I don't think you have to be super thin even if you have a bulky body type. I think whatever type body you have, if you are fit, you look great.

I think Paris's parents are Debbie Rowe and some doctor with red hair who is very large. Blanket is probably half Debbie and half Michael, and the older boy is probably the same lineage as Paris. The kids are all related which is probably why they are so close to each other.

I don't see anything wrong with Paris's nose or anything else, and I hope she doens't get that awful plastic surgery like the rest of the Jacksons.

677 days ago


when you turns 18 she will be huge as a model and actress..................we hope!

677 days ago


what's with carol alt's throat? either she has an adam's apple or she swollowed something that got lodged in there. judging by the outline you can guess what it looks like.

677 days ago


Paris wears WWWAAAYYY too much makeup for a 14-year old girl...eyes rimmed completely in black eyeliner not necessary...she's much prettier without it, and less skanky looking

677 days ago


Paris is stunning. I hope that she has some guidance and supervision. I would hate to see her end up a drug addicted mess like most celebrity children.

677 days ago


Carol looks like she has a giant goiter on her neck! Paris -airbrushed, Carol-not.
Why would you compare a 14 year old to a 51 year old?? Bizarre-

677 days ago


How awkward ,for both sides! White children in a black family?

677 days ago
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