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Bank Media Honcho

Snag in Brutality Lawsuit

He's a Bath Salts Addict

10/15/2012 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


The Deutsche Bank honcho who claims LAPD officers beat the holy hell out of him back in May contacted police 2 days before the alleged beating and confessed he was addicted to bath salts. 

TMZ obtained audio ... recorded moments after Brian Mulligan flagged down a Glendale police officer on May 13th -- claiming a helicopter was following him.

FYI -- Mulligan is the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media and Telecommunications for the bank.

In the audio -- released by the LAPD -- the officer can be heard explaining to Mulligan that there were NO helicopters, and Mulligan was just imagining them.

Mulligan then admits he had recently taken a hallucinogen called "White Lightning" -- a commercial name for "bath salts" -- and appeared to be under the effects of the drug.

When pressed, Mulligan says the last time he took the drug was "two weeks ago" ... but admitted he'd used the drug 20 times since purchasing the stuff at a head shop.  He said the first time he experimented he felt like his face was melting off.

Eventually, Mulligan calmed down ... and the cop let him go. 

As we reported, Mulligan claims LAPD officers beat him to a bloody pulp on May 15th -- just two days after the helicopter conversation -- and filed a $50 million claim against the City of L.A.  The bath salts revelation could torpedo his case because a jury could well believe Mulligan was out of control and LAPD used reasonable force to subdue him.

So far, no lawsuit has been filed, and we're told both of Mulligan's lawyers -- Valerie Wass and J. Michael Flanagan -- have since dropped him as a client.


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Fail TMZ..

The bath salts part means crap because they clearly covered up the fact they beat him etc.. if he was wild to the point of that then they needed to beat him because of bath salts then they had no excuse to cover it up...

people doing the right thing have no reason to lie..

706 days ago


Holy F*K! What are people doing to themselves using sh*t like this?

706 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

So here's this guy .. with a job most people would kill for .. especially in this economy .. can probably get any ho gold digger he wants and even some really nice women too. But he doesn't want that .. he wants some new thrills .. he takes bath salts. And .. he tries to get $50 million from the city of LA in the process. SOCIOPATH is what he is. Classic, classic white collar SOCIOPATH.

706 days ago


Well Somebody needed to beat some sense into him. He should be thanking whoever did.

706 days ago


Why are all bankers such dirtbags these days? Especially every one of the Real Estate Morons!!!???
They used to be held in such high esteem.
I guess thats where all the used car salesman low lifes went.

706 days ago


Its no wonder the banking system's are f@#ked up !

706 days ago


I know who can play this guy in a tv movie martin short

706 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

That's really bizarre.

706 days ago


I am so suprised that a "White Collar" fake pos didn't get caught (about the dope) sooner. You know that people close to him suspected he was doing something, come on now really?! THANK YOU helicopter Angel! or karmara what ever you prefer.

705 days ago


Proof positive kids that most businessmen and their companies have committed crimes to get the success that they have. He's on the pauzze drug at your safety and expense. Eff banks.

705 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Great chracter reference for Deutsche Bank. I hope for their sake they fire his ass. He probably has a secuities license and drug use is a moral turpitude violation so why are they being silenty about this. Also, how come main street media has not picked up on this. He is a senior executive with the Bank. Come on guys get real, he is as much an addict as the normal coke head rappers TMZ favors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

705 days ago

David does this affect the lawsuit? If I was on the jury, it wouldn't affect my decision to award a huge compensation to this guy.

705 days ago


His a multi-millionaire greed-head banker who's robbed the American middle-class blind who now wants to take more from the taxpayers of California because he's such an A-Hole to be running around on Bath Salts. This Jack-azz should be shot immediately.

705 days ago

Spicy mag    

since he was on drugs. Now they can say somebody other than the police beat his ass, he was in no state to identify them. He can't win.

705 days ago


What in god's name possesses a man in his position to ingest some unknown substance purchased at a head shop? And the fact his lawyers dropped him says tons about the guy...lawyers basically never drop a client unless the client is an absolute loser. And this guy certainly does seem a likely candidate for that label. So sad, and he'll probably lose his well-paying job, too.

705 days ago
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