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Kanye West


Over Reggie Bush Questions

10/15/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kanye West got mad ... real mad (Joe Jackson) ... at a paparazzi in Miami last night ... after the snapper fired off some questions about Kim's ex-BF Reggie Bush.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian were leaving a dinner date in Miami Beach, when the photog -- NOT OURS -- shouted, "Kim did you know Reggie is here [in Miami] having dinner?"

The pap continued, "Did you wanna go congratulate him on his pregnancy?"

That's when Kanye snapped -- angrily rushing after the female pap after grasping for her camera -- but never actually striking the woman.  Kim was smiling during the entire confrontation.

K&K then got into a waiting Rolls Royce Phantom and left the scene.

Afterward, the pap told other photogs, "Kanye West just tried to beat me up."

It definitely ain't the first time Kanye's gone crazy on a snapper -- trust us, we know ... 'cause he SMASHED THE HELL out of a TMZ camera at LAX back in 2008. 


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No Avatar


Kim is starting to look like shes black lol. Shes the same color as Beyonce!

706 days ago

Throwback kid    

Kanye picks his spots because he is a small weak coward. He bullied Taylor Swift, and this Pap was a woman. I would like to see Kanye go after a guy 6'2 220 but that will never happen, he will have to pay his bodyguard to do that, Kanye is only tough with girls

706 days ago

Throwback kid    

Kanye is smaller than an 8th grader, he can't beat eggs! I would love to see Kanye and Ray J fight, it would be like watching a girl fight Ha Ha Ha!!!! Why do guys get so worked up over this worthless, talentless skank Kim Kardashian?

706 days ago


Kanye West is jealous of Reggie Bush. This reminds me of the time Martin Lawrence went nuts because his wife or girlfriend or whoever was banging Emmitt Smith. Martin tried to keep up with Emmitt by putting on some sort of space suit and running in 100 degree heat. As a result he started shouting at traffic kind of like the KONY guy.

706 days ago


Kim just doesn't have a brain of her own. She's a chameleon, dressing up or down depending on the quality of person she dates. What a needy woman.
At least her sisters don't transform themselves whenever they start dating someone.
How long until she goes the way of Paris Hilton and bores the camera kids so we don't have to see her on every blog?

706 days ago

Joan K    

Let us know when this POS lets the other POS have it. Now that would be exciting news. As far as West, he has to be so jealous of Reggie. Reggie lucked out when he didn't take the scank back after she begged him.

706 days ago


Here's the video. It wasnt kanye's fault AT ALL


706 days ago


Kanye is a piece of **** and Kim is a whore. Freakin' s***bags!!

706 days ago


I've said it before.....Kim would leave ANY man if she could get Reggie back. And Kanye obviously knows it.

706 days ago


I wonder how many diseases they have between the two of them. The no talent and no morals couple.

706 days ago


Kanye you are a ****ing fool getting yourself angry over that disgusting, plastic, whore. Nearly every man has slept with this slut your GF is a prostitute. She loves the drama because shes a pathetic attention seeker and publicity whore. Its sad that you think shes with you because she loves you shes using your ass and when the publicity over this 'relationship' finishes which it is she will be gone and find another fool to use and be with.

706 days ago


That loser is an accident waiting to happen. Pap is lucky he did not pull a gun or knife. Of course, the stupid Ho Kim Kardashian is enjoying all of this drama. Sick people.

706 days ago


When he took the mic away from Taylor Swift at the VMAs that showed his lack of character. He and KTrash are perfect together.

706 days ago


Kim great way to start your marriage with kayne good luck for it to last longer than 72 days!!!!!!!!

706 days ago


Since I know it, Kanye must know, that Kim tried to get back with Reggie Bush after her split from Kris Humphries. That would make Kanye second choice. Kim has always loved Reggie Bush, and she always will. Deal with it Kanye. You are second choice. She will always pine for Reggie.

706 days ago
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