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Dina Lohan

Lindsay NEEDS Protection

Order Against Her Dad

10/15/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1014_lohans_tmzLindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan are squaring off again -- this time because Lindsay's mom is pressuring her to get a permanent order of protection against Michael Lohan.

Sources close to the Lohans tell TMZ Dina's taking her war with Michael to the next level -- urging Lindsay to ask a judge for the protection order to stop her father from having any contact with her whatsoever ... including phone calls, texts, and emails.

Dina's push to legally freeze out Michael comes on the heels of Lindsay's tearful statement -- on TMZ Live -- that she is "done" with her father.

But according to our sources ... LiLo's not down with Dina's plan because she thinks the protection order is too extreme -- and she ain't exactly keen on the idea of marching into a courtroom.  Understandable.

We're told Dina has approached her other children as well (Cody, Ali, and Michael Jr.) ... but it's unclear if they were receptive to the idea.

We called Michael for comment, and ... predictably ... he thinks Dina is the danger to the Lohan kids -- telling us, "I suppose Dina got wind that I want the court and Child Protective Services to investigate her!"


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Red Cloud    

Good ol' BW will help Lindsay up that comeback ladder with a prime time interview on November 16. Excellent strategy!!! Haters should try really hard to understand that large numbers of people are rooting for and supporting Lindsay and DO NOT see her through your lens of silly delusion. Most human beings are smart and understand that a controversial celebrity like Lindsay is often in situations where a limited amount of facts are available to the media and public and THEREFORE, a solid, reasoned judgement is not possible. You, hater, do not know she is guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, of everything you strongly wish to believe she is guilty of perpetrating. This is why she has so much support. Most people are not you, hater. BW and Greta and Harvey and Meryl and Jay L and many, many, many, many others on this planet want to see Lindsay rise from the ashes because she does not belong in the ashes.

And Nikki, her movies are constantly on many different stations because people cannot get enough of Lindsay. Even week movies like Cahpter 27 or IKWKM and others are on frequently. Any human who thinks humans will not tune in to L&D is a delusional fool!!!!
Get a glimpse of Lindsay's non-stop 90% Love rating each day.

706 days ago


WOW, that is so weird, a huge blank spot on my screen. Hmmmmmm

706 days ago


Anybody else got that big blank spot on their screen? Between FU's Blind item and my post? That is just ODD. Oh well....

706 days ago


Hey, where's JC, haven't seen her today?

706 days ago


this family is a MESS & in need of serious counseling

706 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Well, at least RC has the cajones to show his misguided face here.......**Team Delusional**

706 days ago


Off to play my games. Goodnight all!

706 days ago


Lindsanity and Duina both need rehab.

706 days ago


I wonder how long ago the picture on the right (under the title 'Photos') of Dina and Lindsay was taken. Lindsay looks pretty there. Her lips look normal, and her face isn't bloated. That's the Lindsay I'd like to see resurface someday.

706 days ago


GC, you were right. YEP, there IT is!!!

706 days ago


We hope that Lindsay may continue moving toward the light. Whatever differences she may have with her dad can surely be remedied. Sometimes, in the heat of an argument the wrong message may be delivered. It is better to grow with each other, especially the family, rather than to seperate oneself.
Irrespective of this, Lindsay is beginning to glow. we like Lindsay.

706 days ago


Boy, the Lohan bullsh*t crew is really working overtime to try to drum up some sympathy for Blohan in front of her Lifetime crap movie. No matter how much of a fool any of these people make of themselves, they crawl right back out from under that rock to lie up a storm, as usual. That is Blohan's real career, grasping for attention anyway she can. And she's not going to really cut off anyone she can use in the future, including her repulsive "dad."
They're just a bunch of c o c k roaches, storming out when it's dark to harvest whatever they can.

706 days ago


† Why are there so many jealous people whom dislike Lindsay. Is any without sin here, or are there any whom place themselves in a position of righteousness? Why do each of you choose to devour one that has caused you no harm? The harvest comes at any time, never knowing the day, time, nor hour.

706 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    


I like waking up with Andy and Zephyr, makes my day brighter!
***** BOING!!!! *****

LMFAO Uppy!!! Yet another case of: open mouth, insert foot...

long. :-O~

And we all know you meant it just as it sounded!! ;-)

Slag!!! ;-)

706 days ago


Ewwwwww! Check out this pic of Lying Lindsay. If you thought she looked old, huh! This one really shows it.

706 days ago
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