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Dina Lohan

Lindsay NEEDS Protection

Order Against Her Dad

10/15/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1014_lohans_tmzLindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan are squaring off again -- this time because Lindsay's mom is pressuring her to get a permanent order of protection against Michael Lohan.

Sources close to the Lohans tell TMZ Dina's taking her war with Michael to the next level -- urging Lindsay to ask a judge for the protection order to stop her father from having any contact with her whatsoever ... including phone calls, texts, and emails.

Dina's push to legally freeze out Michael comes on the heels of Lindsay's tearful statement -- on TMZ Live -- that she is "done" with her father.

But according to our sources ... LiLo's not down with Dina's plan because she thinks the protection order is too extreme -- and she ain't exactly keen on the idea of marching into a courtroom.  Understandable.

We're told Dina has approached her other children as well (Cody, Ali, and Michael Jr.) ... but it's unclear if they were receptive to the idea.

We called Michael for comment, and ... predictably ... he thinks Dina is the danger to the Lohan kids -- telling us, "I suppose Dina got wind that I want the court and Child Protective Services to investigate her!"


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Big shoutout to Red Cloud, for yet again putting a Black Jinx on Lindsay Lohan on the Barbara Walters interview.

May the Black Jinx, Red Cloud has set upon Lindsay Lohan end up like Dina on Dr.Phil.

735 days ago


New "Carrie" Teaser Trailer Hits the Internet

Suck on that Lying Lohan. A role you couldn't get.
You only get low budget, Lifetime and porn

735 days ago


Hope Red Cloud realizes that after Liz and Dick airs, and its a total bomb. That was Lindsays last chance.

Bye, bye !!!

735 days ago


Lindsay reminds me of my chinese friend... Ug Lee

735 days ago


Horse face? Yeah, but that elongated jaw and chin has a purpose. DUIna's "family first' comes into play there. She taught Linds the family BJ trade.

735 days ago


Obama and Mitt Romney will be at Hosftra college today. Its two towns over from here. The traffic is already insane.

Dina probably thinks Romney is in town for Lindsay..Bwahhaaha!

735 days ago


Check out the facebook site and interesting photos.....
One cadid from the Mr Pink drink thingie ...with her two arabs and brother Mike and they all look lit to the gills.... and two interesting ones from her pubicity walk around....One visiting Supposedly "Liz favorite Gay Bar" with a raggedly ass shirt on and those scretch monstsity of blact tights and a hat....with flowere girl in tow not looking very happy....and another with this tore up looking black outfit and same black hat covering the dirty hair....with the megawatt smile glued to her face....
Why is it in every photo of her she looks "dirty" not morally will yes that too . but phyically dirty...Like she hasn't bath in a while ...that if you got to close you would get a good nose full of dirty puttie tang and underarms ...and her face needs a good steam cleaning...that is what happens when you don't wash your face and just reapply your makeup over the old stuff......and that hat hitting her dirty real hair with the fake synthic hair glowing red mess hanging down....and NO Lindsay it is Nowhere near your real hair color....which is brown with a reddish tint...

735 days ago


They had a pic to the right yesterday of Scarlett Johansson in her goth make-up, she was absolutely gorgeous. Too bad coke-bloat Linds can't say the same.

735 days ago


Wow, looks like I missed a slumber (!) party here....

735 days ago


It would be interesting to see how much it is costing to push this slut down the public throat for that Liz and Dick Movie....I know one thing is has already cost more for those 12 poster in Hollywood then the whole dam movie cost....ant that alone must burn Thomspons ass off......If they had used that money to acutally make this movie it might be half way descent but instead it is being used to push Lindsay Lohan .....which is a big Red Light the the movie is not important really its just a tool Lohan Inc can use to promote their own product Lindsay.....and the fact that they owe 25 percent of the movie from having to buy the part for her.....
And this Barbara Wallters interview is a bought and payef for by Whom ever to promote her ...
How long do they thing they can push this comeback scenio for her ....shes been "Coming Back for fore 3 years now...and its old and tired and used she is.....
Even if and its a big if .......she suddenly got her reputation wiped clean she would not be a A lister ....She can't Act....and her Looks are gone...she is not a sweet young thing .any longer..the parts she would get would be for 40yr olds supporting parts ..never a lead...and never a oscar winning part.....
But the most important part of that is she will have to give up completely her lifestyle...the partying , the hotels , the sugardaddies, ...and I do not believe she will ever do that....its too important to her....its her life....

735 days ago


So not buying that Lindsay was at Liz's favorite bar on Sunday.
All PR BS!!

First off there are NO pictures. (they picture on Just Jared is a old pic)

AND this.

Lindsay Lohan Visits Elizabeth Taylor’s Favorite Gay Bar

Posted on October 15th, 2012 at 4:00 pm


Lindsay Lohan, who plays the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, went to Dame Elizabeth’s favorite bar Sunday night, RumorFix has confirmed.

Lilo arrived at West Hollywood’s The Abbey, billed as “The World’s Best Gay Bar,” at about 8 p.m. and left two hours later.

PICTURES: Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor

The gay bar has a lasting tribute to Taylor — with a portrait of the movie star in the area she loved to hold court.

Sources tell us, “Lindsay and her friends sat at a table on the dance floor surrounded by security, but insisted on being moved to a private area, where people couldn’t see her. She, her sister Ali, another girl and a gay man were with her until they left around 10 p.m.”

The attention whore doesn't want to be seen....LMFAO
If this was true story, Lying Lindsay would of made sure the world saw her.
Building her up o be Liz, is so laughable!!
Turning into a EIC fail for her PR team

735 days ago


I really can't understand these people I really can't ...but then I tend to stay away from evil people...Not that I don't know how to deal with them..Hell with my background I've had to deal with all kinds.. and they can Con...Lie ...and Put on a front all they want but these are not Good people......
These are people who will do , or say ANYTHING to get what they want...MONEY...and the LIMELIGHT....they care for NO one but themselves and what they can grift...con ... or trick out of thers..without having to Work for anything...IT ME>>ME>>>ME>>>>
To believe anyting that comes from these peoples mouths is a huge mistake...
And I truly believe that they are using all the past deeds of people they had used and are now blackmailing to get the money and pubicity they need....these is what they do...Why would just certain TV shows and gossip site keep pushing her comeback against all evidence of her nasty partyying, and breaking laws... all owned by the same Corp group....somebody in in a postion to that group is calling the shots and anytime someone steps out of line and tells the true or critizes her the next day they are retracking or covering their error...I seen this time and again.......Some of you think I crazy ...but I'm not just observant.....and we will see..She's about done anyway.....Wonder what they will do when shes gone...which kid will be next...Oh well just comments from the mountain granny.......

735 days ago


Get iinto rehab and then get a fixing real job instead of living off of all your kids! When was the last x you held down a job? A job not pertaining to your kids, wat can you put on your resumed? Your a money ducker honey! Be s mother and give too ur kids instead of taking from them.

735 days ago


Will Lying Lindsay remember all her lines, for the BW interview or will there be cue cards on set for her???

735 days ago

LA Native    

here is where Linds wasn't last night

735 days ago
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