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Dina Lohan

Lindsay NEEDS Protection

Order Against Her Dad

10/15/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1014_lohans_tmzLindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan are squaring off again -- this time because Lindsay's mom is pressuring her to get a permanent order of protection against Michael Lohan.

Sources close to the Lohans tell TMZ Dina's taking her war with Michael to the next level -- urging Lindsay to ask a judge for the protection order to stop her father from having any contact with her whatsoever ... including phone calls, texts, and emails.

Dina's push to legally freeze out Michael comes on the heels of Lindsay's tearful statement -- on TMZ Live -- that she is "done" with her father.

But according to our sources ... LiLo's not down with Dina's plan because she thinks the protection order is too extreme -- and she ain't exactly keen on the idea of marching into a courtroom.  Understandable.

We're told Dina has approached her other children as well (Cody, Ali, and Michael Jr.) ... but it's unclear if they were receptive to the idea.

We called Michael for comment, and ... predictably ... he thinks Dina is the danger to the Lohan kids -- telling us, "I suppose Dina got wind that I want the court and Child Protective Services to investigate her!"


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Lindsay needs an order of protection guarding her from BOTH parents. Dina Lohan is not very bright, nor is she a good parent.

684 days ago


can't we all just get an order of protection against them?

684 days ago

raiders 42    

dina and michael should both be drug tested by the state if they want to be parents to the other children.lindsay is already tested by the state.

684 days ago

Help This Young Woman    

Alert! Alert! Alter! Lindsay Lohan just blew her nose and pooped at the same time! It was right down on Santa Monica Boulevard, you know the stretch. Well, when her nose started running, she had to wipe it before a Pap took her picture and when she blew her nose, she blew it with such gusto that she literally pooped herself. It was disgusting, let me tell ya, it was running down her leg, and a stray dog was licking it off her leg and, well, ya all got the picture. Disgusting.

Go to the bathroom, Lindsay, before you go out in public and for gawd sakes blow your nose in private

684 days ago


Did anyone ever think that Dina is the one who has the problems? She could have driven Michael to alcohol and drugs. I have always thought that Dina was the biggest problem Lindsay has. Any man would be driven to drink with a woman like Dina. If the other children aren't receptive to the idea of a protection order against their father, that may speaks volumes of how much Dina has turned her children against their father. Something to think about!!!

684 days ago


Dina is being a selfish, evil bitch to try and convince her kids to cut all tides with their birth father! She is a coke head and a greedy witch to do such a
thing! God is watching her closely, and hedoes not reward evil deeds. She is going to reap what she sowed! He was a great man and dad when they were struggling, now that her daughter has money to burn, he's a horrible parent! phony ass drug addict mother and great role model?...yeah, right!

684 days ago


Really, are these folks even parents?!?!?! It sounds like Lindsey and the other Lohan kids need to get protective orders against both of their parents.

684 days ago


LindSick LowHand is going to have to get Protection the same way MeaT RomNerd will have to get Protection against this AVENGER...

684 days ago


Everyone who reads this should let TMZ know that from now on whenever there is a Lohan story in TMZ, we will leave the website and surf somewhere else. The Lohans are just a bunch on lowlifes. I watched paint dry the other day and it was more exciting than anything the Lohans have ever done in their miserable life. The next time TMZ does a Lohan story, I'll watch the grass grow.

684 days ago


Oh look, I have my own personal hate checker. I'm honored, thank you. Keep up the good work. Now, let's get real here. Do you REALLY think it bothers me? Do you think that it breaks my little heart? If so, you will be sorely disappointed. Matters not to me if I get one or 20 black checks. Doesn't matter if I get red checks. But like I said, keep up the good work. I actually ENJOY black checks. Means I pissed somebody off and that makes me laugh. LOL

684 days ago

jealous of kate    

I hate I am doing this... commenting on ANYTHING LOHAN........... i AM BEGGING YOU TMZ ... STOP STOP STOP STOP PRINTING THESE STORIES!!! TMZ-how many other child actresses (not the lindsay is one anymore) had parents with this much press exposure??? You had a FEW with some, a little and almost all of them were sick people with addictions or were living through their kids... but NONE had BOTH PARENTS!!!!! an adult, at least AGE WISE, not mature wise ... and certainly NOT A GREAT, NOR GOOD ACTRESS.. but everyone has her, her family in the news...

and TMZ , WHY THIS STORY????? after the last bullsh*t story.... Dina comes out with this... but, are YOU FORGETTING SOMETHING???? If you are gonna print this $@#@ which is not even good enough to wipe ones BUTT WITH! remind the drug ridden idiot known as Dinah that her skank of a daughter CONTACTED her father, not the other way around... and that most of her other talentless children are agewise the age of maturity.. and can just BLOCK HIS CALLS. instead of going to court and going to YOU AND THE PRESS...

oh, well, had to vent... not gonna work, is it>

684 days ago



Lindsay Lohan: It Was Hard For My Mom To Watch 'The Canyons'


October 12, 2012 by: MADISON VANDERBERG




Fresh off Lindsay Lohan’s mother-daughter screaming match, Lindsay emerged to face her public at the launch of the Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel last night AND to debut her brand new red hair.

Apparently all is well with LiLo and mom now, Lindsay reportedly said that “Daughters have fights with their moms. It happens a lot. It’s normal” and the two were photographed hugging the next morning.

However, one area that’s still weird for the mother-daughter duo is the subject of Lindsay’s racy new movie, The Canyons which features Lindsay starring opposite a real-life porn star James Deen and finds herself in some compromising sexy-scenarios of her own.

Lindsay’s already seen the movies (says it’s “great”) but not for her mom...

“It’s great, I saw it with my mom,” Lindsay told Hollyscoop exclusively, “It was hard for my mom to watch but it was really good. [Director] Paul Schrader did a great job.”

Lindsay is currently working on her biggest role yet, her comeback, telling us, “I’m working and being happy and just living my life the way I want to live it, which is working.”

Her first release will be the Lifetime flick, “Liz & Dick” which Lindsay says she was “honored” to be cast in as the late-great Liz Taylor.

Other items on Lindsay’s horizon? Charity work.

Lindsay told us that walking the carpet for Mr. Pinks’ energy drink inspired her to give back.

“I really appreciate what Mr. Pink’s doing…I work with a lot of kids and he wants to get into charity work and that’s something that I inspire to do.”

Lindsay to become the next Angelina Jolie? Maybe.

684 days ago


A week from tomorrow is her first(?) New York 'concrete' carpet walk. Can't wait!

684 days ago


The best part is, that Lindsay Lohan will not benefit from this BS interview in anyway whatsoever other then what she is getting paid for the waste of time. That's it. Nothing more.

On the other hand, Walters and ABC will should they get ratings from people watching Lohan make another fool out of herself will benefit.

Lohan pulled the same self-hype, self-promo, did all the talk shows, patting herself on the back how she alone sealed the deal with "her good long time friend Lorne Michaels" to host SNL. This was her big comeback hows she's changed bla, bla, bla. She said herself she is "fair game" only not. Lohan pulls her typical, no show crap, her lawyers approved her skits. So much for fair game. The cast, crew and writers were pissed.

Lorne Michaels, never the fool, he knows from her history and with all of her over self-hyping herself her big comeback. Ok. When Lohan started pulling her usual no show BS for readings, rehearsals, fittings OH NO. Not going to pull this crap on me.

Lorne Michaels simply let Lohan hang herself on Live TV and boy did she ever. She bombed so bad. So much for her big comeback and how's she's changed.

First thing Lohan does is speed dial TMZ "I didn't bomb" Hell yes you did. ON LIVE TV.

The posts start pouring in on how bad she bombed and tanked. Lohan then starts blaming everyone, anyone and anything she could. She blamed the camera guys, she blamed the writers (her lawyers approved skits) the cue cards. Whatever.

When all that backfired on her Lohan than pulls because of me SNL got their biggest ratings ever. No.

Lorne Michaels knew with all of Lohans boasting and bragging yeah there could be ratings. They got ratings waching Lohan making a complete fool of herself.

684 days ago


Charity work? Working with kids? SHE HATES KIDS. Are these kids runaways or orphans because what parent in their right mind would let their kid anywhere near this skank "role model." She's grasping at everything and this is just a prelude to the sickening Q & A session you'll get from that old bat Barbara Walters.

684 days ago
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