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Rob & Kristen

Reunite Before 'Twilight'


10/15/2012 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were at an L.A. restaurant last night, exactly 1 month to the day before "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" premieres ... and it's feeling like a total set-up.

The two had drinks at Ye Rustic Inn in a hipster area of Los Feliz. There was enough of a crowd to ensure someone was going to notice.

So here's the question. Did they honestly repair their relationship and the timing is purely coincidental? Are they really NOT together but doing it for the movie? Or were they always together and the "split" was all PR BS?

So we gotta ask ...


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I believe they are broken up. Rob was recently photographed cozying up to a hot blonde in a bar for hours. You don't do that if you are in a relationship. They are faking being back together for the sake of the movie's fans and they will probably announce they are broken up sometime after the movie comes out.

740 days ago


I think it's weird the gossip media is claiming this was all done for PR...if anything Rob and Kristen need LESS PR. Twilight is not in need of it because there's a major fan base so enough with the "it's all PR" crap. Now if you were taking abt a Kardashian...that would be a whole new ball game.

740 days ago


TMZ, who are you to call someone out on a "set-up"? Methinks you are bitter b/c you did not get the EXCLUSIVE pics! Sorry, not all celebs have you on speed-dail like the Lo(life)hans so!

740 days ago


Both ****ty actors that did all this dumb sh*t for publicity for their piece of sh*t of a movie. F*cking hate fake @ss Hollywwood.

740 days ago

Joyce Delgado    

I did not reply to any one here because are wrong. If you will go to Google. Type in these words. Kristen Stewart cheating photos fake. You will see and be shown that was all one big lie. So stop calling names or making comment on some thing that some one want to made money off.

739 days ago


Kristen slut and whore

739 days ago


oh for you delutional Kristen fans her career is ending

739 days ago


Now the whole world knows that KStew is beyond non-respectable, her actions are treated as slut’s escapades no matter what she really does

739 days ago


Kristen is bad in bed ,

739 days ago


Kristen is bad in bed ,you see any of her kisses she cannot even open her mouth for a kiss . IN BD1 honeymoon scene just watch Kristen scratching Robs neck while love making she doesnt even know how to hold a man in a sensual manner .
look at her pictures with Rupert …she is just sitting there and letting him do everything to her . that is all she knows poor girl she does not know how to respond in bed or out of it .
she is pathetic and trashy . Rob is so well rid of this slut

739 days ago


I have been hoping, no, praying, that Rob and Kristen would get back together. These past few months have been really sad for me because I believe in the power of REAL love, which I truly believe these two people have for each other. I hope they have found their way back to each other and will have their "forever". Love you, Rob and Kris, and hope you find your way back into each other's hearts.

739 days ago


He's an idiot !!! She's a whore you can't make a hoe a housewive !!!!

739 days ago

The very naughty Ms Twist    

This is all just tragic and actually insulting to their fandom. They are trying to sell a reconciliation yet they both look miserable (like the robsten of old) He clearly can't stand her, she looks like she's been on the crack pipe all night and looks like she is about to burst into tears...If they are a advertisment for EPIC LOVE then I feel sorry for Love...Sorry S***mit but all I can say about your lame attempts at selling the public this travesty is EPIC Fail...If your team had half a braincell you would have given up selling the conciliation and tried to rebrand them as Friends...

739 days ago


are you just stupid or is that just your ugly self, pathetic how idiots like you can come up with nothing intelligent to say. So what if he would be gay,

734 days ago


More then likely they staged this because of all those mental case fans.... The ones that cried and bitched over their break-up. As if it effects them any. -_- Or maybe to keep their names in the papers. After all, whos going to hire a twitchy fake actress.... Or a man dumb enough to date the likes of her.

700 days ago
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