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Paul Ryan

Shameless Soup Kitchen

Photo Op

10/16/2012 6:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Ryan washing dishes at a soup kitchen
Veep wannabee Paul Ryan pulled a fast one at an empty soup kitchen, pretending to pitch in and wash dishes that were already clean ... this according to the President of the charity.

Brian J. Antal says Ryan and his wife showed up at the kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio, AFTER all of the food had been served and the patrons had left ... and the dishes, pots and pans were already washed.

Antal says he was not at the kitchen at the time of Ryan's visit -- but says if he was, Ryan would not have been allowed inside because the soup kitchen has a strict apolitical stance. Antal says Ryan's team convinced one of the kitchen volunteers to open the doors.

Antal says Ryan was there 15 minutes and it was just a shameless photo op, adding, "He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall."

We tried getting a comment from Ryan's camp, to no avail.


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Bitch please    

TMZ are you that retarded, yes you are. Politicans all do it. Even your beloved liar Obama Its relatively obvious that youre far up Obamas a§§. How does it smell TMZ. Like §hit right?! The §hit Obama promises but doesnt deliver.

705 days ago


We have enough ****ing actors, what this Country needs is some who can actually help, not ACT like they help.

705 days ago


The president of Mahoning County's St. Vincent De Paul Society [Brian Antel] is "shocked" and "angry" that Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan used the soup kitchen for a "publicity stunt…"

The event "was a photo op," [Juanita Sherba, St. Vincent's Saturday coordinator for the dinning hall] said. "It was the phoniest piece of baloney I've ever been associated with. In hindsight, I would have never let him in the door."

705 days ago


I stopped going to Perez Hilton's page about 3 years ago because he constantly pushed his political agenda. I know I'm just another "nobody" who comes to check out the page but, must you constantly push your liberal agenda, too?

705 days ago


I am going to level the playing field and say, many politicians look for the perfect photo op, but what makes this so ridiculous is that he was naive enough to take the photo in a closed kitchen, with no one there to serve and not expect anyone to put him on blast. He's simply not smart enough to be a heart beat away from the presidency. He did in OHIO of all places the place where Romney said let the auto industry die... Romney/Ryan are CLOWNS!!!

705 days ago


and the story here is?? Obama is still behind in the

705 days ago


I wonder how the righties are gonna spin this shameless BS??

The republicans couldnt give one crap about the poor and working class.

Typical republican mindset: As long as I get mine F everyone else!

705 days ago


Quoting another - "Paul Ryan washing dishes that are already clean is at least consistent with his policy of giving money to people who are already rich. "

705 days ago


Because obama bring pizza to his volunteers is genuine right? Only Republican politicians look for a photo op.....More libby BS from TMZ.

705 days ago


So, how much did the Kardashians pay TMZ to run a political ad? We don't give a crap about your opinion of what the man is doing. Would you rather see him taking a pic of his bragiole?

705 days ago


Wow, some of the Romney supporters hypocrisy is showing. You are saying "Hey this is what politicians do". But on the story about Obama giving an opinion about American Idol, you were so upset. Isn't going on a show and answering a question about pop culture also something that politicians do????

705 days ago


maybe our ignorant POTUS that walks past uniformed marines saluting him while exiting a plane could put down his damn cell phone for the guys who would take a bullet for him and die for him picture should be here....ans besides, the soup kitchin is full because of our POTUS....

705 days ago


I'd rather be in a soup chicken then talking about Nikki Minaj on the campaign trail. Your delivery of news and the verbage you use MUST improve. Your liberal biases are EXTREMELY obvious and offensive to those that want to look at the fun stuff every now and again without knowing how the writers FEEL about this every step of the way. That's what your PERSONAL friends and family are for so stick to your actual job more often. Which by the way, is pretty low brow as it is.

705 days ago


You are so right. This is shamless. Unlike Obama, who goes on the view every other day, breaks up the fight between Mariah and Nicki...Yup, Paul Ryan and family are horrible for this photo...

705 days ago


So tired of TMZ and the media bashing Republicans!

705 days ago
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