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Paul Ryan

Shameless Soup Kitchen

Photo Op

10/16/2012 6:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Ryan washing dishes at a soup kitchen
Veep wannabee Paul Ryan pulled a fast one at an empty soup kitchen, pretending to pitch in and wash dishes that were already clean ... this according to the President of the charity.

Brian J. Antal says Ryan and his wife showed up at the kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio, AFTER all of the food had been served and the patrons had left ... and the dishes, pots and pans were already washed.

Antal says he was not at the kitchen at the time of Ryan's visit -- but says if he was, Ryan would not have been allowed inside because the soup kitchen has a strict apolitical stance. Antal says Ryan's team convinced one of the kitchen volunteers to open the doors.

Antal says Ryan was there 15 minutes and it was just a shameless photo op, adding, "He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall."

We tried getting a comment from Ryan's camp, to no avail.


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You'd have to be seriously naive to believe that "photo ops" aren't the name of the game...celebrities are the worst offenders, politicians are second on the list. ALL politicians! Don't get it twisted, peeps.

705 days ago


Odd how TMZ never reports on Obama's hundreds of photo ops and TV appearances...
Well, I guess it isn't odd afte all, as this site is so obviously biased...

705 days ago


Hey TMZ ,
GET out of obamas ass and quit drinking the kool-aid. Because of that turd our economy sucks wake up Harvey your the 1 %. At least he is at the soup kitchen instead of hanging out with Jay-z where it was 280,000 a plate and being on the view with those hags. Yeah buddy Obama really idenifies with the average American. My ass. He is a socialist coward who is responsible for 4 Americans dying, nobody wants to talk about that. really this is why I no longer am going to support your stupid website, have fun if Obama gets reelected waiting in a bread line because that is what his socialist policies will bring.

705 days ago


Really TMZ? If you would get your lips out of Obama's ass long enough you would find at least Ryan is there. Where is Obama? Rubbing shoulders with Jay-z at 280,000 a plate yeah that relating to Americans. Obama is a socialist coward who is responsible for 4 Americans being murdered and this is what you talk about. I will no longer support you and your rag of a web site. Harvey your part of the problem you dont care because your the 1% you have plenty of money like Obama so why worry right? Get ready for the soup kitchen if Obama is relected because that what socialism does. Obama sucks and so do you.

705 days ago


Again I ask you ,when is the gay sex tape going to see the light of day?

705 days ago

Don Martin    

Typical TMZ bias. Some thug gets headlines and cudos and Ryan is shameless. I guess Obama walking through a disaster area is heroic huh? No objectivity at TMZ - for sure.

705 days ago


If he was working hard on dishes, i think his sleeves would be rolled up a little more. ACTUAL actions you do when no one is looking is what defines true character.

705 days ago


I will be completely honest about this whole thing...

I have no idea what B.F.D or S.O.P stands for.
Tried so hard, but it is what it is.

705 days ago


I will be completely honest about this whole thing...

I have no idea what B.F.D or S.O.P stands for.
Tried so hard, but it is what it is.

705 days ago


Let's be honest..............they all are fake and will do anything for a vote!

705 days ago


So what, Obama just did the pretty much the same thing at one of his campaign offices.. showed up with a bunch of pizza's and a bunch of photographers to capture it.

705 days ago


Kissing babies, washing clean dishes..same sh!t
it's been going on since someone wanted a vote

705 days ago


I am SO sick of liberal media painting cons. as monsters. Obama is nothing more than a lying socialist who is going to take this country and throw it in the crapper then leave in 4 years while someone else cleans up his mess! Just like Clinton!

705 days ago


Of CORSE a Closed soup kitchen. You wouldn't want to accidentally run into one of those gross 47 percenters. ewwww as if

705 days ago


There's no one to trust anymore. They are all liars.

705 days ago
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