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Paul Ryan

Shameless Soup Kitchen

Photo Op

10/16/2012 6:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Ryan washing dishes at a soup kitchen
Veep wannabee Paul Ryan pulled a fast one at an empty soup kitchen, pretending to pitch in and wash dishes that were already clean ... this according to the President of the charity.

Brian J. Antal says Ryan and his wife showed up at the kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio, AFTER all of the food had been served and the patrons had left ... and the dishes, pots and pans were already washed.

Antal says he was not at the kitchen at the time of Ryan's visit -- but says if he was, Ryan would not have been allowed inside because the soup kitchen has a strict apolitical stance. Antal says Ryan's team convinced one of the kitchen volunteers to open the doors.

Antal says Ryan was there 15 minutes and it was just a shameless photo op, adding, "He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall."

We tried getting a comment from Ryan's camp, to no avail.


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if he wasn't there how does he know they were clean? i believe there is more to this and he dosnt sound apolitical-

739 days ago


Nice clean apron and bare hands, yep, he was workin' hard!

739 days ago


If he wasn't there, he has no first hand knowledge.

739 days ago


Antal is aN Obama supporter. He didn't want Ryan there.

739 days ago


Well, it may be true that all politicians show up places like soup kitchens to "help" because it makes them look good and is a great photo opp. BUT, this crosses the line for me for him to have showed up after the work was all done, the people gone, and just used the soup kitchen as scenery for his pretend charity work. That is beyond disgusting. That's lying.

739 days ago


TMZ Obama is a thousand times worse with the photo ops. Paul Ryans a good guy. Much better than a group of grown adults, and an old lawyer who sit around and bully celebrities behind their back, and then act sweet to them on TMZ live.

739 days ago


Are we going to have the opportunity to slam Obama too? Or are you just one-sided in your politics?

739 days ago


Didn't know soup kitchens were political...must have been the Republican soup kitchen. Remind me to check before I donate any money to soup kitchens.

739 days ago


For the first time since I have been old enought to vote. I have voted. I was seriously thinking of skipping this election year, but after seeing this disgusting display of phoniness, I decided that I will vote, after all. Thanks Paul Ryan for sending my vote to Obama.

739 days ago


So wait, all these people can faint at Obama's speeches and he's heroic because he calls for 'someone needs help out there." Odd it happens all the time and only at his speeches. So compared to Ryan actually doing physical labor - I know who I admire the most.

739 days ago



739 days ago


Where's the photo op of our dictator in Vegas right after our American people get assassinated at our American Embassy because his administration didn't provide the protection they requested repeatedly....where is that video/photo? Please stop the liberal propoganda machine. I guarantee you that Ryan and Romney have much more character and compassion. GO ROMNEY!!!!2012

739 days ago


Romney supporters fail to notice that the picture is displaying PAUL RYAN! What does Obama have to do with it??? Speak of your opinion on the action being portrayed...or lack of it and NOT of Obama. Two wrongs don't make it right. By displaying this picture and telling the story, TMZ is not saying that Obama is squeaky clean. They are just highlighting the fact that Paul Ryan is a poser!

739 days ago


How obvious TMZ who's camp your pulling for...if you were anywhere near credible you would report BOTH sides.

739 days ago


Typical of TMZ to bash Ryan for doing something good (EVEN THOUGH THEY DON'T TELL THE FULL STORY!!!!) when all they f*#king do is glorify the trainwrecks of hollywood!!!

739 days ago
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